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Friday Musings

Aug 19, 2011

Thank you so much for all your recommendations last week. I picked up a sample of the Bobbi Brown eye cream that most of all ya’ll recommended and so far I am loving it. I am also considering their eye gel. The make-up artist at the counter told me it was great for de-puffing eyes as it is made with pure cucumber.

I just started reading Sarah’s Key and so far I love it. Ya’ll gave me so many great book recommendations I can’t wait to read them all.

You might remember a few weeks ago I blogged about a blouse I tried on at Marshalls in Charlotte and wish I bought. Well when I was home my mom and I actually found it again. What are the odds?? She is proudly hanging in my closet now! If you live in Charlotte you should definitely check out the Msrshalls at Cotswold they had some great clothes!

While I was home my mom and I tried a new restaurant called Luna’s Living Kitchen, it is located in Atherton Mills. It is a vegan restaurant but it was amazing! We spilt a veggie burger and a wrap. They were both wrapped in collard green leaves instead of using bread and they both were so good. Their homemade hummus trio was also delish. You must try this place if you live in Charlotte.

I am so ready for Fall, especially Fall temperatures! These boots are top on my list of fall items I want to add to my wardrobe. I love them, the price tag not so much but maybe they will go on sale.

I am thinking about making this Taco Pizza or Mexican Lasagna this weekend. Has anyone made either? They both look so good, but I dolove me some Mexican food.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!



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  1. Alicia xoxxo says:

    i might have to try the depuff gel from b brown! love your new blouse! now you have me wanting to go to marshalls! i can not wait for fall! my fav time of year! that taco pizza looks delish! you know i love me some mexican food!

  2. So you glad you like the BB eye cream. We recently made a taco pizza but I just winged it, that recipe looks great.

  3. Love your new shirt! And definitely need to give that eye cream a try!

  4. Laur says:

    1. I just brought La Mer eye concentrate this week. Its so darn expensive. Let me know if you like the BB cream as much!

    2. I just started Sarah's Key too after finishing the Help. Just want to see the movie now.

    3. Those boots are on my Wish List…ahhh…so beautiful!

    4. I want to try that mexican lasagna! Yummm!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Christina says:

    love the new blouse. i might have to check out that eye cream bc puffy eyes are a problem for me!

  6. so glad your mom found that blouse! i remember seeing that post a while ago and loved it! also, i want those boots too. they would go with so many outfits! justifications 🙂

  7. Finally, my work computer will let me comment on your blog!

    Those TB boots are at the top of my list, too. They are perfect! I just can't bring myself to shelling out the full price amount, so I too will wait.

    I love BB eye cream, but am currently using Clinique's "All About Eyes Rich" and love it.

    Have a great Friday! XO

  8. I really like the BB eye cream as well. I'm also a fan of Obagi's eye cream, but the price tag is a bit steeper. Love, love, love those TB boots (hope they go on sale too!). Have a great weekend!

  9. Lisa Fergus says:

    ummmm, I want everything from the boots to the mexican food! lol Love that top!! and that veggie burger looked amazing!! I wish I lived closer! 😉


  10. Dina says:

    I am drooling over your post-the recipes, the boots, all of it. Those boots are on my list too, spotted them this past week! Sarah's Key is really good and I noticed it's a movie now too.

  11. That top is so cute and I'm dying over those same boots!! Gorgeous.

  12. Can't stop dreaming about those boots! Really hoping they go on sale eventually, although I doubt they will!

  13. Ooo good musings! Glad you like the eye cream…and that blouse is perfect! 🙂

  14. Mommy, Esq. says:

    Sarah's Key is an amazing story. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. So disturbing, but so good.

  15. The Hawkins says:

    I'm about to start reading Sarah's Key for book club. Glad to hear it is good.

  16. Glad you like the eye cream! I have been using it for years! That blouse is hot!

  17. Giordana says:

    Luna's is the best! Love their juices! The farmers market next door is fantastic too!

  18. I am seriously impressed with your luck on that blouse, what a great momma you have to track it down! And those boots, oh those BOOTS! They are going to haunt my dreams until they are MINE. All mine. My hubby is going to have a heart attack when I tell him how much they are…Christmas?? (c:

  19. hey i call it mexican lasagna too!!

  20. Val says:

    I need the taco pizza in my life and those boots would make me SUPER happy!!

  21. yum yum, and I think I need those boots as well!! How about we split them? You can wear them for one week and then ship them to me to wear one week… And so on..!

  22. 1. How amazing is Sarah's Key?! It is one of my absolute favorite books! I hope you enjoy it.
    2. I wanttt those Tory Burch boots. Maybe Santa will bring them…

  23. Jennifer says:

    I am dying for those Tory boots! Hopefully my husband will not miss groceries or eating the rest of the month!hahaha
    And Luna's is delish! Espically love the soups in the winter. Sarah's Key was one of the few books that I had not read. Keep us posted if you like it. Heard great things about it.

  24. Dina says:

    I'm searching your blog for some new recipes, you always have the best ones! Do you have the recipes for these 2? Thanks!