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Jan 24, 2012

I saw it on Pinterest. Someone please tell me where I can find it. When I click on the link it takes me nowhere. I really want this dress for the Summer!

I love this wallpaper, like alot. I would love do a silver or gold one in our next nursery (nope not pregnant so don’t read into it). This wallpaper comes in 22 different colors that are oh so pretty.

Yep it’s official I am hooked on this superfood. Here are three of my current favorite ways to enjoy it.
{Fresh Pressed Green Juice, Kale Chips, Kale and Lentil Salad}

I love these chairs in a big way. I am asking for two of the light blue one’s for Sterling’s birthday gift. I think they will be adorable at his little white table where he sits and colors.

I love the detail on this necklace. I feel like it could be worn everyday dressed up or down! My girl Tory never disappoints!

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  1. I will own a ghost chair soon. Even if its the pint sized one for my kids. I'll still sit in them šŸ™‚

    Sorry I'm no help on that rockin dress. I actually thought I'd pinned it too, but can't find it.

  2. Cheryl E. says:

    Oh my gosh that dress is gorgeous! You must find it!! And I have been eyeing that necklaces for sometime now. Maybe ill pull the trigger if it goes on sale.

  3. The dress is Tibi but it still hasn't come out or is SUPER old because I've been looking for quite a while. I have a feeling it is going to be Spring 2012 because they are starting to release a lot of pastels. Fingers crossed!

  4. I think that is Tibi – and it's amaze! Did u ever check out her store in ssi? Love that necklace -TB can do no wrong! Loved your last post about your weekend – little man is so cute!

  5. I think that is Tibi – and it's amaze! Did u ever check out her store in ssi? Love that necklace -TB can do no wrong! Loved your last post about your weekend – little man is so cute!

  6. Jessie says:

    I have been searching everywhere for that dress. I think it is actually a maxi skirt and top and will be out for summer.

  7. Kyle says:

    The dress is AMAZING!!! I have a wedding this summer and it would be perfect. ABC Carpet and Home in NYC sells the Kartell ghost chairs in the mini size. They are adorable.

  8. I have been looking at ghost chairs for my bathroom vanity! I may have to copy you and get a couple of the children's chairs for Jonah and Meredith! šŸ™‚ Love them!! Wish I could help on the dress bc it is fabulous! Let me know if you find out who makes it!! Great summer dress. I pinned several Kale recipes..there are several you would probably like šŸ™‚

  9. Sara Mueller says:

    let me know if you find the source for the dress. it is amazing!

  10. Nat says:

    I'm pretty sure the dress is Tibi but I'm not sure if it's old or new- I'm hoping new and I can still find it somewhere!
    Love the louis ghost chairs- my friend has one and I'm jealous every time I visit!

  11. Amy says:

    I know the dress is Tibi. That's about all the help I can offer! šŸ™‚ let us know if you find it!

  12. Taylor says:

    The dresses Tibi – I'm almost positive that it hasn't come out yet so you should be able to find it soon! Love it too – so gorgeous. Obsessed with that necklace as well!

  13. Love that tory burch neklace!!! I wish I hadnt seen it so I dont have to want it so badly! šŸ™‚

    So when you say youre addicted to kale, does that mean you crave the taste of it yet? I so badly want to eat kale for my body, but maybe I havent found the right texture yet.


  14. IF you find the dress, you must share! I too have been noticing it! So so pretty!

  15. megan says:

    The dress is Tibi and I'm pretty sure it's from the Spring 2012 line! I, too, am obsessed with it. The metallic grasscloth wallpaper is gorgeous! I wish I could figure out a place I could put it in my house!

  16. Wow – you eat so healthy! šŸ˜‰

  17. Val says:

    Loving those chairs….I love your style.

  18. OMG, that dress is stunning!!! If you find out where it's from (and it's less then $250) please pass the info along! šŸ˜‰


  19. sampenner says:

    Omg that dress!!!! Fabulous! Now I'm obsessed.



  20. I love that wallpaper and can't believe it comes in 22 different color options!

  21. I know I know, I saw that dress too. It kinda reminds me of my Tucker dress I wore to fashion week last year (but I like this Tibi one better). But it's the same colors.

  22. Hannah says:

    I think I saw your pin and liked it. You've got to let me know if you find out where to get the dress. And that TB necklace would be perfect with so many things.

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    I have just discovered your blog and am now following.
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  24. Alexa says:

    Ah that dress is super cute. Don't know where it's from though!

  25. Jill says:

    when you find out who makes that dress let me know!!

    I think you have the breville juicer, what do you think of it? do you like it? I want a juicer/smoothie maker

  26. Megan says:

    i've been super into kale lately too… i'll share a recipe next week with my favorite way to eat it. i think you've definitely convinced me that i need to get a juicer though too!!

  27. emily says:

    That dress is fabulous! And that necklace is a great find too!

  28. KelliA says:

    Ghost furniture is the greatest idea ever. I am eyeing an acrylic coffee table and a pair of ghost bar stools. And of course, everything Tory Burch makes is amazing! Love everything by her.