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Thoughts For Friday

Mar 16, 2012

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend. We have so many fun parties to attend which is very welcome after two low key weekends. I am ready to get dressed up and get my party on!

I went out to dinner Monday night with two of my favorite ladies Chassity and Caycee to celebrate Chassity’s birthday. We dined at The Macintosh and it was amazing. Loved everything we ate. If you dine there I highly recommend the truffled fries and Lavender Martini- out of this world! Here is my Outfit (Dress is Generra from Hampden Clothing a few years ago)

How cute does Kristen Cavelleri look preggo in her one-piece. I mean I seriously want that bathing suit pregnant or not it is so chic. Anyone know who makes this swimsuit?

I am thinking about picking up these rubber Tory Burch flipflops. Anyone own a pair? I am looking for a casual pair of flipflops to wear with shorts and dresses this summer. I am digging the black and tan. They seem like the perfect summer sandal for a fraction of the cost of her other shoes.

I rue the day Matt ever brought home this new Fruity Pebbles cereal. You see I have a weakness for cereal. I can’t buy the sweet kind because I will eat a whole box in a day. The Marshmallow Pebbles is ridiculously good, you should buy some. But be warned, its like crack I can’t stop eating it.

I was browsing through Oprah’s magazine (which surprisingly was a pretty good read) while I got my nails done last week and came across a new juice recipe from Dr. Oz. He said it was his go-to detox juice recipe. I made it this week and really liked it. For those of you with juicers you should totally try this recipe out.

I am not a huge St. Patrick’s Day partier. Although I will say I went through a stage in college where I loved Guinness and it was all I wanted to drink (so random, right?? But I found since it was less carbonated I could drink more without feeling so full. Priorities in college. Plus it does have less calories than most beers.) Now I never really drink beer but I am thinking I want to make these festive “Pot of Gold” cocktails featured on the Glitter Guide yesterday. They have fresh pear juice and champagne in them and sound divine.

My birthday is a week from Saturday and I am actually excited about it this year. My family gets in town Thursday and I am hoping to hit up the Rooftop Bar or somewhere with fabulous outdoor seating since the weather has been so nice. For my local readers what are your favorite outdoor spots to enjoy drinks in Charleston?
If money were no object this is what I would like to wear for my Birthday night out.
Tibi Draped Shift Dress

and I would pair it with these DVF Sinead Twist Sandals

Here’s to hoping the weather this weekend is as amazing as it has been all week. We have been loving our park playdates! Gotta love that my little man insists on wearing his rainboots with every outfit!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Don't feel guilty about the cereal – it even says "Vitamin D" on the front!! Hahaha! Love Monday night's dress!

  2. Summer says:

    I've never worn the Tory Burch flip flops, but some equally cute & super comfy ones are the Havianas! They sell them at Nordstroms & I have a few pairs. Love them!

  3. I'm thinking about picking up those flops for summer. They seem like the perfect pair for the pool. I'm sad I missed y'alls little girls night out. Seriously, need a Charleston fix asap!

  4. My mom just sent me those Tory flip flops in the mail and I love them!! You have to get – they are a little more "dainty and understated" then the usual patterned ones she has sold the last few summers, but I'm really diggin them so far.

  5. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I love those TB flops!! Hasn't the weather been perfect? I love it!! Have a fab weekend! Xo!

  6. That Tibi dress is so gorgeous, the perfect color!! And love the dress you wore to Chassity's dinner, jealous you girls are friends in real life!!

  7. Jessie says:

    The Tory flip flops got me through my pregnancy a couple of summers ago when my feet swelled and I couldn't squeeze them in anything else. Comfortable and durable. A must-have.

  8. I think you need that Tibi dress! It's so cute. I have the tory burch flip flops and I love them.

  9. I have a few pairs of the Tory flip flops and love them! Cute and comfy. Love your dress!

  10. That Tibi dress is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!!



  11. Taylor says:

    haha hilarious that you were a guiness girl in college! I couldn't believe it when I found out it was less calories and more alcohol – for some reason it looks so heavy and tastes heavy to me but it's not?! love the TB rubber flip flops as well šŸ™‚ and I don't let myself buy cereal at all for the exact same reason!! happy weekend šŸ™‚


  12. I love the dress you wore to dinner! I would love to get some of the tory burch flip flops – so cute! Have fun at your parties this weekend!

  13. Christina says:

    Back up. Kristen is pregnant?!

  14. I have Tory B flip flops. They actually give me blisters. šŸ™

    I love Oprah Mag too!

  15. I love all your choices in dresses! You need to get that Tibi dress for your birthday! Sterling is such a cutie pie!

  16. I ADORE the dress you wore…totally want it…why does it have to be old?? And Kristen looks super cute!

  17. I love those flip flops…I may have to go find some : ) I've been letting my kids eat the "sugar cereals" this week since it's Spring Break and man alive they can eat that stuff quick! Have a good weekend : )

  18. LOVE your dress! happy early b-day and OMG, your little man is getting so big! love his hair longer like that! xo


  19. Mrs. R says:

    I have the TB flip flops in black and LOVE them. Good for the beach but cute enough to throw on to run errands, etc. Great pick!

  20. Val says:

    TGIF….I love high sugar cereals. "a total weakness" for me too.
    I want those sandals! I love the Dr. Oz juice. I hope you have a fun weekend.

  21. Love your post today! That Champy drink looks divine!!!! Fun seeing you and Caycee today at Novel.!!! Thanks for stopping by and lets get together soon with the boys!!!

  22. Molly says:

    I have the TB flip flops and LOVE them! You really can't go wrong with black or tan.

    Glad to know the Macintosh didn't disappoint- we've been meaning to try it and have heard lots of great things!

  23. J Ryan says:

    I have the tan/nude Tory flip flops and I LOVE them! You can wear them with EVERYTHING… Such a great neutral color! šŸ™‚

  24. Sara Mueller says:

    You looked great! my friend has Tory Burch rubber flats and she absolutely loves them. I have been thinking of getting a pair for me too.

  25. Jill says:

    I think you should treat yourself to that Tibi dress for your b-day!!

    I love my TB flip flop, I think I have about 4 pairs. I actually like the flats better than the wedges.

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you, enjoy!!

  26. Let me know if you like the flip flops, I've been eyeing a pair, too! Here's to fab weather and fun this weekend…AND buying those fabulous DVF shoes. GAH. So amazing.

  27. Dana says:

    Love,love, love your dress from HC. You look great in it! I have the Tory Burch wedge flip flops (normally I DESPISE wedge flip flops), and they are uber comfortable! And so cheap! Can't beat that! Buy them! Now!

  28. Kristen looks so cute! I must be living under a rock, I had no idea she was pregnant. Would also love that one piece!

  29. Bud and Leo says:

    yeah K-Cav looks ridic! I want to try that juice recipe! I am obsessed w/ juices!

  30. giftedstyle says:

    Not quite the same as your birthday dress but Lulus has a similar one I picked up this week. Might be a good option!


  31. Megan says:

    Hope you're having a great weekend! I'm excited to try that new juice recipe, the pineapple sounds great!!

  32. Oh dear me, your son is absolutely precious!! I'm sure he gets away with everything because I don't know how you could ever be mad at that angel! Too cute. Can't wait to try to kale and pineapple juice!

  33. I love your dress in the first picture! I've thought about getting a pair of those TB flip flops to wear for casual outings myself and the pool!