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Thoughts For Friday

May 4, 2012

I am so glad it is finally Friday.  Our weekend plans include grilling out at the Yacht Club tonight, Farmers Market and a Derby Party tomorrow!

Has anyone watched The Conversation yet with Amanda DeCadenet?  It comes on Lifetime and it is awesome.  She interviews celebrities but it is in such a casual way, almost as if girlfriends are chatting.  Amanda is hilarious and she has had some great celebrities on so far.  It is super interesting.  My girl Gwennie was on the premiere episode last week and it just made me love her even more!  She talked about motherhood and her father’s death and seems so strong and wise beyond her years.

I am loving this Chambray shirt from JCrew.  Pretty sure she will look perfect with my new white jeans! 

Can we talk about how excited I am about the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook?  Deb puts together the most amazing recipes and her photography skills are off the charts.  I can’t tell you how many of her recipes I have made and loved!  The book will be released in October.  I already pre-ordered my copy on Amazon:)

Wednesday night we made our own taco seasoning.  Lately the packet kind has tasted so processed to me.  It leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth and the sodium in it makes me super thirsty.   I am not sure why I waited so long to make mine own, it was fabulous.  It was the perfect combo of spices and heat.   Here is the RECIPE I used.  I highly recommend it.  It will be all I use from now on.

I saw these shoes on Pinterest and thought these should be mine. So I clicked on the site only to learn these babies are $805-WTH?? Why do they have to be so darn expensive!!  I guess I will admire them from afar because I will never pay that for shoes but how sick are they with the hot pink and patterns?

Jessica Simpson finally had her baby.  I feel like she was pregnant forever.  I mean she looked ready pop after New Years.  I was starting to think there were twins in there.  Her baby weighed 9lbs, 13 oz which is actually a pretty big baby in my opinion.  I actually don’t hate the name Maxwell Drew that she choose for her baby girl. But I see the baby being nicknamed Maxi for sure.  I can’t wait to get a peek of the baby.

Speaking of babies my friend Caycee is having her baby girl this morning!  Send some prayers her way that everything goes smoothly.  I can’t wait to meet baby girl Taylor!  I know she will be beautiful just like her Momma!

Have a wonderful Derby/Cinco De Mayo Weekend!  Check back tomorrow I have a great cocktail for Cinco De Mayo!

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  1. Okay, definitely going to try that taco seasoning. I completely agree about the packets. Mexican food is Matt's favorite and too easy not to make often. I'm so excited for Caycee today! Can't wait to see pictures! Have fun at all your festivities. I really like that chambray shirt. A friend was wearing a chambray button down yesterday and I loved it. I like that this one could be dressy too.

  2. Love the thoughts. I am going to have to order this cookbook as well. I need a new one in my arsenal. Waiting for this drink recipe!

  3. Jill says:

    I will be back tomorrow, I am thirsty!!

    saw Gwynnies interview too, love her

  4. I haven't seen that show yet but I've heard about it and can't wait to check it out. I'd love for you to stop by and check out my post today on corona cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo!

  5. Val says:

    I want that cookbook. I can't wait to try that taco seasoning. Mexican food is my weakness.

  6. LOVE the idea of making my own taco seasoning! And I want the cookbook too! Happy Weekend! xo

  7. Nat says:

    I'm definitely going to try that taco seasoning- we have them at least once a week at our house, not sure why I haven't thought of making my own before! Have a great weekend!

  8. I can't believe I've never tried to make my own taco seasoning! It's pretty much my favorite meal in the whole world (mostly because it's so EASY) and I would love it to have a little more kick to it! And yes, those shoes are S-I-C-K…and it makes me sick that they are $805!!! Son of a…(c:

  9. Great idea on the taco seasoning, definitely will need to try that next time. I saw the preview for The Conversation and have been meaning to record it. Excited to see it now that I hear it is so good! Have a fun weekend!

  10. Taylor says:

    oh my gosh I haven't heard about the lifetime show! I need to set my DVR immediately!!