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Jun 12, 2012


I love this bag for the summer.  Straw + bright stripes is such a good combo! 


Two of my friends were wearing these adorable sandals at playgroup last week and now I want them.  They looked like $100+ shoes but they are $16.99!


Ever since I bought my cute pink shift dress at Ann Taylor, I have warmed up to the idea of shopping there.  I once thought it was just a store for older women but now I am singing a different tune.  They have some really cute stuff in there.  This is my latest find.  How cute is this top?  I plan to wear it with my white Rag and Bone jeans.  Excuse the poor picture of me in it, but wanted to show how it fits.


I love Kate Upton’s hair in this picture.  I have such thin hair so I feel like I can never get my hair to look good in the top bun.  Any tips?


Meet the newest addition to the Mason household.  I found this beauty at a Consignment store in Mt Pleasant.  It is going to look perfect in Sterling’s big room and he already loves his new chair!  Everyday he wants to sit in it and watch “his toons.”

These are a few of my inspiration pictures.  But how can you go wrong with a sleek Eames rocker?  I love the idea of it covered with a sheepskin throw like in the last picture.

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  1. DaniMarie says:

    I also have thin hair. To create a top knot like Kate's, I use a hair donut that I bought at Ulta. I put my hair in a high pony, put the donut around my pony, and then waterfall my hair around the donut and then pin it. I think it works pretty well.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hey Natalie! To get your bun to look fuller, tease the poo out of it after you gather your hair in a high ponytail. You can't tease it enough! I have fine hair too and learned that trick from the hairstylists I work with.

  3. holy eames chair!!! That is quite possibly the find of the century! So perfect for our little Sterling! And of course love all your other finds. So happy to report I scored the Gap dress yesterday in the navy and white stripe. Still on the lookout for target sandals. Mine is always sold out!

  4. The top is gorgeous, love the print, and I love the rocker, you'll have that forever!

  5. 17 Perth says:

    You found that at a thrift store!? I am super jealous over here. šŸ˜‰ Love the chair!!! And yes–that bag is adorable too!

  6. Oh my gosh I can't believe you found that rocker in a consignment store?! I'm so jealous! How is Sterling to take shopping? That's one thing I've yet to tackle with Henry. I can only imagine the mayhem he would cause!

  7. Love that rocking chair! I know W and E would be fighting over it, so two might have to work here. THanks again for the tip on the Gap dress yesterday. Got two colors. There weren't many left!!

  8. You definitely dont need thick hair for the bun! DaniMarie's advice is perfect.

  9. Love the Gap bag and dresses…good staples for summer! Gotta stock up in every color if you find something you really like.

  10. Love the sandals from target!! Love the rocker as well

  11. Viviana says:

    That chair is an amazing find! And I totally love that he wants to watch his toons sitting on it, ha! What a cutie.

  12. DaniMarie says:

    I also wanted to second the "teasing comment" as well. I always give my hair a little tease before I waterfall it around the donut. The donuts come in brunette and blond colors, but my Ulta only sells the brunette ones. Amazon sells all colors.

  13. Love the gap tote and that Ann Taylor top, so cute! Score on the eames chair, what a great find!! I have fine hair and agree, not sure mine will ever look as cute as that in a bun!

  14. That blue and white blouse looks so great on you! I also love your new white chair – so sleek!

  15. My envy for the rocker is oozing through the computer. Do you feel it? So awesome!!!!

  16. Ashley says:

    Love the rocker! Lucky find!

  17. Alright, I'm going to place you in shopping rehab soon….

    And I love that chair!! See you tonight.

  18. I love your dressing room photos with Sterling in there. Too funny and cute!! I'm totally going to Ann Taylor during my lunch hour today.

  19. Love the new rocker and that S loves it! šŸ™‚ The top knot is super cute too…you should totally rock it!

  20. Jill says:

    seriously great obsessions today!! You scored big time with that rocker

  21. CLP says:

    Love the rocking chair!

    To get a great, full looking top bun try a sock bun. My friend did a sock bun last weekend when we all went out and everyone was complimenting her on it and asking her how to do it.

    She just googled sock bun and watched a couple of you tube videos on how to do it, practiced a couple of times and voila! The best part is you don't need to buy anything, just use a (clean) dress sock you already have.

  22. Heidi says:

    The sock bun works wonders! I just looked up videos on youtube on how to do it and after a few tries i got the hang of it. Makes it look like you have so much hair!

  23. Bud and Leo says:

    Once again great find at GAP! Seriously what?? And I agree Ann Taylor is like a totally different store, I love it now! And I hope that's not just because I'm getting older šŸ™‚

  24. Sarah says:

    You gotta tease tease tease your hair and you will have a rockin' top knot!!

  25. You are GAPing out lately. I am loving it! Those sandals are too much to handle especially for $16.99. Hold me back!

  26. Amanda says:

    The target sandals are too cute. I need to see if my store has them. And I feel the same about Ann Taylor. I got a super cute shift from there recently.

  27. Taylor says:

    I always love your obsessions! love the bag and shoes, but especially love that top. I still can't believe how Ann Taylor has turned it around. And I have attempted the bun, the sock bun, the teased bun – and I always look bald and pulled tight like a freak. If you find a great tip – please let us know šŸ™‚


  28. I need to get those Target sandals!

  29. I have super fine hair too, so this is great to read the tips on how to help get this look! Oh that chair is awesome – that last inspiration picture is so cute!

  30. Angie says:

    Just recently found your blog!!! LOVE šŸ™‚

  31. Kimberly says:

    I do a top not by making two ponytails. I pull half of my hair up with one elastic. And then I do the rest, wrapping the second elastic around the first. It creates a fairly full look.