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These are My Confessions…..

Oct 18, 2012

Lets play a fun game today.  Want to get to know me even better?  Here are a few confessions.  Since I shared mine its only fair you share one of yours!

*When someone introduces themselves to me I almost always blank out and forget their name.  It is like my mind does something weird and I can never remember names the first time I meet someone.  So sorry if you recently met me, please reintroduce yourself!

* I have been dying my hair since I was 13 and I am bit of a blonderexic.  I never feel like my hair is blonde enough- its a real sickness people! 

* Speaking of hair sometimes I only wash it twice a week.  I usually just pull it back in a hair clip if it is not washed.   This makes Sterling mad.  Everyday he says “mama hair down please.”  True story today at Starbucks the woman working there told me my hair looked nice (she sees me regularly) and I told her it was because I had actually washed and styled it that day.

* If I am drinking I prefer wine or straight liquor.  I hate sugary mixers. I like my tequila straight and my vodka mixed with only fresh lemon juice. 

* I am a major hypochondriac, like seriously.  I google every little pain I have and then convince myself I am dying. 

* Ever since having Sterling I have major anxiety driving on the highway.  I am always so worried something will happen while I am driving and his life is in my hands. I’m crazy I know.  I have even more anxiety when someone else is driving, I would rather be in control.

* I am sick of hearing about the election.  People need to keep their mouths shut and quietly vote for who they want to instead of judging everyone else about their choices.  Matt this means you- stop your posts on FB its annoying!!

* I have a slight obsession with gay men.  Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Nate Berkus,  and Neil Patrick Harris are my gay dream team.  I need a night out with them!  Really I just need a gay bestie.

* Sometimes (ok alot of times) I just throw away plastic grocery bags instead of saving and recycling them.  I get sick of seeing the used ones pile up.

* I am a neat freak but not a clean freak.  I like no clutter out and about in my house, so I am always picking up things so it looks and appears clean, but I never do a deep clean.  The last time my parents stayed here to babysit Sterling my dad mopped all my floors to show me the proper way to clean- that’s how bad it was.

* I hate to fly,  it gives me anxiety thinking about.  In order to fly I need several alcoholic beverages to calm myself down, then I am a decent flier.  Everyone in my family argues over who has to sit with me when we fly because when I get nervous I turn into Chatty Cathy.  I think talking alot is my coping mechanism to forget I am on a plane.  Matt hates to fly too so God Bless Sterling I pray he doesn’t get that gene.  I will put on a strong face for him when we do a family flight. (Unlike Aviva I do not expect a welcome party when I get on plane and fly somewhere).

* I never take pills.  I never did any drugs in college and I still rarely even take medicine.  I have to be really, really sick to result to medicine.  I mean I never even take Tylenol.  Alcohol is my only indulgence. 

* I majored in journalism at UNC and always had big dreams of working at a fashion magazine (Vogue or Instyle) in NYC after college. That obviously never happened but sometimes I still dream about that life.

* I am a total book worm I love reading.  There is no set genre I prefer to read,  I love to read anything and everything that moves me.  Matt often makes fun of me for getting so engrossed in a book.

* When I first found out I was having a boy I was a touch sad.  I had always envisioned myself with a girl, in fact I was convinced I was having a girl.  My mom, my sister and I have such a tight relationship I just always envisioned myself with a girl.    Of course after actually birthing and having a baby you realize any healthy baby is such a blessing.  Now I adore having a boy, Sterling is such a Mama’s boy, and the light of my life!  I would be happy with a house full of boys!   My one concern is when I am older,  boys always take off with their wives and start a new life, and girls usually take care of their parents and stay in touch more.  I fear Sterling will never call or visit me when he is older.

* During the day all I drink is water or unsweet green tea.  I never have juice (only my green juice I make) or soft drinks.

* Halloween is my least favorite holiday and of course it is Sterling’s favorite.  I am so not into decorating with ghosts, witches, and vampires but he loves it so I do it (Dollar Store Style of course, I am not spending lots of money on goblins etc).

* I am addicted to Reality TV, really nowadays it is the only TV I care to watch.  There are so many negative things going on in the world I like to zone out and watch mindless TV- where the peeps are crazier than me!

* I have a closet filled with only dresses and purses.  I have taken over two of the biggest closets in our house.  My other closet is filled with blouses and jackets.  Poor Matt and Sterling!

* I am terrified of sharks and only ever get in the water up to my knees.  Matt finds this hilarious since he is a surfer and always out deep. 

* One of my favorite places to shop is TJMaxx and Marshalls.  I love the thrill of finding a good bargain.  I don’t understand people who never shop there! You have to put in a little time looking but some great deals can be found there.  I stop in ours about once a week.

* My favorite type of food is Mexican.  I could eat it everyday.

Ok, so I have been brutally honest and now you probably think I am crazy but I promise I am not.  We all have our issues!   Please dish some secrets to make me feel better:)

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  1. I loved this post and was laughing the entire time I was reading it. I was laughing, not at you, but because it's like you got into my head and were telling my confessions! It was a bit too close to home! šŸ˜‰ My confession (in addition to all of yours except for the Halloween one) is that I love to sleep. If I could stay in bed and sleep all day, I would be ecstatic! I even take a 20-30 min nap every day while Ivey is napping. Maybe I have narcolepsy (yep, I'm a hypochondriac too).

  2. Lala says:

    So funny, when you make confessions, you realize lots of other people feel the same way. I agree 100% on the presidential election, I just wish it was over already. My mom and I were so determined I was having a bgirl and slightly disappointed about the boy. I wouldn't change a thing! I now have both and boys are so much sweeter. I don't like decorating for any holiday, I know that's weird. I do it for my kids though.

  3. Annie says:

    I love this and I just told my husband I think we are twins separated at birth. I am a neat freak (but hate to do a deep clean), secretly I am scared of having a boy (but I know I will love him if and when the time comes), I hate flying, I love reading, dislike Halloween, and I love a good bargain! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I absolutely loved getting to you know you through this post. I don't think you are crazy at all, you are a real person!!

  5. This is awesome! I have been blonderexic forever and never blonde enough! I could eat Mexican all day everyday!

  6. Julie says:

    I loved this post!

    Secret: I hate the word "moist". It makes me gag every time I hear it.

  7. Ok so is it weird that most of these tendencies are my tendencies??? I throw plastic bags away. Wasteful. I hate Halloween. I prefer reality tv any day. We are twins!

  8. Marina says:

    You are not alone!! I think I said, "me too!" the whole time reading this..except I am a brunette:) I am a neat freak but HATE cleaning…floors especially. Luckily, my hubby knows this and cleans them weekly for me:) I love Marshalls..am there weekly myself..along with Target, which is my own worst enemy! I have a shopping addiction..and not just for me..for my 2 little girls. I always feel like they don't have enough, when they have everything! I love wine, but am not a wine snob…can care less how to drink it, where it comes from, etc…just love to consume it! This was a great post..thanks for sharing:)

  9. Christina says:

    Oh, I never remember people's names when they're introducing themselves. I think I'm too focused on what I'm about to say and don't listen to anything coming out of their mouth during the handshake. It's bad. I'm the same way w/ alcohol. I love straight tequila – no chasers. People think this is gross, but I love it. Tequila makes me a really nice person too, ha. I never, ever take pills. I took tylenol 2 yrs ago bc I was so hungover I thought I was dying…other than that, nothing in years. Yes, alcohol cures everything.

  10. tpatters5 says:

    You are refreshingly honest and a major reason why your blog is so much fun to read! I have absolutely no idea what my real hair color is. The blonder the better!!

  11. Georgine says:

    I cried this morning in the car- sometimes I just need to get it out alone and have a pity party- and then put on concelear, feel so much better, and SMILE šŸ™‚ XOXO

  12. OK so I'm glad you confess all this and still consider yourself sane, because that means that if I do half of what you do then you can't call me crazy right? šŸ˜‰
    I do the same with names and people I just meet, terrified of flying (I'm going to Alt in late January and all I can think about is how the hell am I going to fly, alone, without my guys!), I also google every pain and think I have a terrible disease, and I thought the same when I found out I was having a boy, yet I feel the same you do now šŸ˜‰

  13. Love a good juicy post! Its keeping me occupied in the hospital while my sweet little Tagg is sleeping.

  14. Stephy H says:

    Can I just say I LOVE reading your blog?! I dont remember how i originally came accross it but Ive added it to my morning routine AND it inspired me to start a blog of my own! My confession … Also blonderexic, and (gasp) I dye my hair from a box. Clairol Nice & Easy #098. I love it because I can dye it every 2-3 weeks and it's so cheap. (I pop into a salon every few weeks for highlights and use a blue shampoo once a week to take out brassy-ness). xo!

  15. kate says:

    Lady, you crack me up!! I am the same way with my little guy. Boys are so fun and I could have 5 more! Then I get sad when I think of his future wife taking over all the holidays. So I'm trying to brainwash him now and tell him Mama's his only girl šŸ™‚

  16. I LOVE this!! I, too, completely blank out when I meet someone. I really think I need strategies to work on that. AND, I am a neat freak/but not a clean freak. I'd never thought of it that way…. but it is so true! I love to organize but can't remember the last time I mopped our hardwoods!!

  17. I have so many of the same thoughts – scared driving, scared flying, over the political rants, not so much a good deep cleaner … Love you Nat. Love your face so much.

  18. Nikki Poole says:

    Love your blog, especially today's post. I can so related to all of these. I too got very fed up with the plastic bags in my cupboards piling up. I got one of these – it's great! Just a tip. šŸ™‚


  19. Renee says:

    Hi Natalie! I'm a first-time poster and have been reading your blog for just a few months now, but I love it. We have a lot in common! My secret is that I wanted so so bad to have a BOY and I was a touch sad when the ultrasound person told us it was a girl. I was convinced it was a boy and couldn't even fatham how I would decorate for a girl. Of course I got excited and absolutely LOVE my little girl (who is now 16 months old). I couldn't imagine it any other way! I'm just scared of the junior high years… Keep up the great blog!

  20. Morgan S. says:

    Great post idea! And you're not cray-cray…we share a few of these: the having boys and thought I'd have a girl thing, the driving thing…lol. I think I'm going to create a post like this (and mention you since you gave me the idea!) xoxo http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  21. Sarah says:

    This was great!

    2 secrets:

    I get terribly irriated when people chew with their mouths open.. or when they talk with a full mouth.. just gross.

    I have a shopping problem.. I order things online.. have them delivered to work instead of home.. and I hide things because I feel bad.. but I love clothes and shopping… true confessions of a shopoholic! šŸ™‚

  22. I know I've said it before…but I wish we lived closer b/c we really would be besties! We have so much in common…and I love hearing about how much you love being a mama to a boy. AND we are getting a TJMaxx in Tahoe next month {BIG deal around here} and I am SO excited to have one nearby!! I mean…we don't even have a Target in town. Le sigh…

    Hope you have a great Thursday N! xx

  23. Liz says:

    Awesome post Natalie! Here are some of mine:

    My hair is going through an identity crisis; I hate roots and hate maintaining my hair, but feel more myself as a blonde.

    I am scared to death to have a little girl for fear she will have the same attitude I did when I was younger. I dreamed of having a boy but have the same fear of losing him to his wife and her family. The saying "you have your son until he's married, but you have your daughter for life," scares the $hit out of me.

  24. Love your secrets. I hate to really clean too but I do it once a week. I hate mopping floors! I do that once every 2 months. Disgusting!!

    I like my booze straight up too – a dirty martini is my favorite (even though it has olive juice).

    You are not crazy – you are normal.

    BTW – I am a Halloween fanatic. It's my favorite holiday for some reason! I love all that "fake" scary stuff because "real life" is plenty scary enough. šŸ™‚

  25. Kimberly says:

    First I have to say, I love your blog! I can relate to many of your confessions. I have anxiety when flying, too. I just moved back to the U.S. after living in Japan for 3 years and I HATED flying back and forth. The 11 hour, then a 2.5 hour and lastly a 1.5 hour flights just sucked (especially traveling with a 3 year old and a 9 year old). Thanks so much for sharing!! =)

  26. Candice says:

    I loved this so much! I've read your blog ever since I found it during middle of the night feedings with our second boy, and since I too went to UNC, live in the South (Raleigh), and have (2) boys and a design and shopping focus/obsession, I can relate! I have about half of your same confessions, especially the neat freak but not clean freak one. A few others (since I don't have my own blog to get these out, ha ha): I hoard gift cards and cash so that I can go have a huge shopping blowout without it showing up on our Amex; our UPS man knows my name and will say hello to me out in public because I order so much online; I can't stand it when people say "Barnes and Nobles", and "Nordstroms" (there is no "s" people!), and I can no longer watch or read any movie/show/book where a child dies, and haven't been able to since my oldest son was born…this is also the same time I stopped reading and watching the news. Its too sad – I want butterflies and champagne and puppies all day, ever day.

  27. Kelly Graf says:

    Girlllll, so glad I'm not alone šŸ™‚ I have some of the same "secrets", I knew their were more reality watching, alcohol drinking SAHM's out there who love to look good šŸ™‚

  28. Love this post! I can relate to so many of these… Anxiety driving on the highway, I can only imagine how it will be when I have a little one. I used to be SO blonderexic, then I had to make it almost natural to try and ween myself away from the blonde! Slowly but surely, it's getting just as blonde again. (I have to be a super blonde bride). And I so agree about the name problem. I know people's names, but often won't call them by their name just in case I'm wrong -but deep down, I KNOW their name. It's a weird issue I have. And mexican… all of my cooking pins are mexican or chocolate related. Happy almost weekend!

  29. Mel G says:

    I loved this post Nat! I totally agree with ALL of these except for reading šŸ™‚ I watch too much reality tv to read!

  30. caycee says:

    And this my friend is why you are my bestie šŸ˜‰

    Secret: I hate talking on the phone,the only people I talk to on the phone are Todd, my mama, and YOU of course. (and for the record i like talking on the phone with yall)

    Secret 2: I am slowly but surely becoming a fast food addict!

    Secret 3: I only wash my face like twice a week, gross i know, but it works!

  31. ok, we have way too much in common!!! Sharks are my biggest fear, even in lakes! lol Hate flying, need to drink to do it too, LOVE no CRAVE reality TV, love reading, only wash my hair 2 times a week, too many clothes as I have gone from my closet and added 2 wardrobe racks, hate driving with my kids in the car, fear that my kids won't help when I'm older….this was like reading about myslef! I knew I liked you for a reason!! thanks for sharing šŸ˜‰ xo

  32. Meg says:

    Fun stuff! Man I wish I could get away with 2x/week wash. You must have a lot of hair – those are the ones who can get away with the "no 'poo" method.
    Very healthy for your tresses.

  33. Meg says:

    Fun stuff! Man I wish I could get away with 2x/week wash. You must have a lot of hair – those are the ones who can get away with the "no 'poo" method.
    Very healthy for your tresses.

  34. I love your blog and this post! I work downtown in my city and have a realy good TJ Maxx and Home Goods store within 2 blocks of my office, and I'm almost embarrassed by the fact that the cahsiers there know me :-)…I find such great shoes there and throw pillows and rugs. I live for queso, so I can understand the Mexican Food addiction as well!


  35. Ashley says:

    I feel like I said "me too!!" multiple times through this post! I love google, but can be the same way about symptoms.. hello anxiety! Ha thanks for sharing!

  36. Leigh says:

    You just described me almost to a T!!!! The difference is I have to wash my blonde hair every day or else I look like a poured grease on my head.
    My confession: some days I all want to do is stay home in my PJ's. Recently, that's more often than I'd like to admit. Also, I am a total beauty product junkie, but I almost always run of time in the mornings and leave home with a naked face. I always choose spending the extra few minutes with my little man instead of make-up. I know that means I should get up a little earlier, but I like my sleep!

  37. Bethany says:

    AMEN about the damn election! How can people hate the fact that people are voting for someone else? That's what America is- we don't all have to agree! Hence, the point of electing someone.

    So funny about your cleaning tendencies- I'm the opposite, I will spend $100 in one trip to Wal Mart just on cleaning supplies and scrub my house down, but let toys and laundry pile everywhere. Not good because it ends up looking like a wreck!

    Love this "open" post!

  38. Unknown says:

    I loved this! I don't think any of the things you do are crazy. I don't understand when people don't take the time to go to TJ Maxx or Marshall's or turn their nose up.

    My confession–I eat healthy, juice, take vitamins, but I went to the SC State Fair and ate everything. And I loved it.

  39. Ashley says:

    I love this post! I am the same way with names, it is AWFUL and I always feel so bad about it! I swear I have to meet someone five times before I remember their name. I refuse to buy any clothes/shoes/bags full price unless I absolutely have to. My husband calls me his "little bargain shopper." Embarrassing but true! šŸ™‚

  40. Viviana says:

    Loved learning more about you! I also HATE flying and turn into Chatty Cathy when on board – ugh!

  41. kiki says:

    I'm a new reader and loveee the blog & this post – you are so cute! xo

  42. Beach Momma says:

    Oh my gosh LOVE what you said about Aviva! That was so annoying!!

  43. I love this! It's my first time posting but I have been reading for a couple of months now – it was great to learn more about you. I also went to UNC (Go Heels!!) so that was super exciting to see =) I totally have the same issue remembering people's names the very first time we meet (which is really hard in my job where I am meeting and counseling students – inevitably it takes seeing them 2 or 3 times before I remember their names, awful)!

  44. Natalie says:

    I have the SAME fear about driving on the highway! And I don't even have a baby — but I've often thought it'll ten thousand times worse when that happens. AND, SO with you about TJ Maxx, the election and reality TV.

  45. Natalie says:

    Oh and Anderson Cooper. Rawr.

  46. betsysc says:

    First time commenting, I LOVE our blog- it's the first one I read after a long day of work & then tucking in my 2 yo daughter. Love that it is light hearted & refreshing! I share many of your confessions from TJMaxxMarshalls to planes to being sick of the election (debates give me anxiety- I absolutely never watch!). I worry about ailments & aches terribly- that's a new one since my pea pies's arrival. My confession would be that I slept in socks my entire life until this summer! Finally made myself quit. I do still sleep w a lot of blankets & covers tho, even w how hot CHS is (I live here too!). It's all about the snuggliecozy factor, I guess! Have a great day & thanks for writing such an entertaining cool girl & momma blog!! šŸ™‚

  47. I have the EXACT same fear of driving on the highway- and it has been intensely magnified since having my son 6 months ago. It doesn't help that we live in Atlanta and the highways here are super intense and 5 lanes wide. I nearly had an actual panic attack after dropping off my husband at the airport and driving back home, via the interstate, to our home with my son in the car. I so want to get over this fear…but I don't know how.

  48. You crack me up and definitely ARE NOT crazy!!! Loved reading about all your quirks…and I have a lot of the same!! And I can't be friends with people who don't go to TjMaxx/Marshalls! haha

  49. Cannon says:

    LOVE THIS!! I felt like I was reading all of my confessions! I only wash my hair twice a week bc it takes forever to blow dry and if I washed it every day it would be huge & frizzy! I am not a fan of Halloween and honestly get sad when Fall arrives bc I love Summer!! I hate to be cold and I actually sleep with a heating pad every night throughout the year! Random I know!! I LOVE me some Real Housewives. After every episode I find myself wanting to get Botox and bigger boobs!!! I really love to shop for jewelry and dresses but hate putting outfits together. I always second guess what I am wearing. I am obsessed with having a organized house and I write a To Do list every day!!! I could eat Mexican for every meal. REALLY!!! In fact we go to Cabo every year and my first meal back is always Mexican food:-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  50. Love love love

    I want to do this

  51. Jill says:

    I love reading this about you!! I swear some of my answers would be identical to yours, I mean the plaztic bags..get rid of them and all this talk about the election. My answer is always" listen at the end of the day, your opinion is no more or no less important than mine, we each get only 1 vote so choose wisely"

  52. Kyle says:

    Loved this! Can relate to a bunch of things that you shared. I check the stove a bizillion times before I leave the house. Once my mom left our burner on all night and there was paper on the island next to it, so I am paranoid about it. Also, I secretly wanted another girl when I was last pregnant and was nervous whe the u/s tech said, "boy". If we ever have another, I would be so excited for a boy again! I can't believe I ever felt that way, because boys are the BEST!

  53. megan says:

    I totally meant to comment on this post yesterday…your comment about Matt and posting things regarding the election reminded me of my dad..I had to tell him to stay off of FB during the debates. I HATE washing my hair. Dry shampoo is my saviour. And I totally drive Cameron crazy with my grocery bags. I store them under the sink until I recycle them…which only happens about twice a year. haha I always forget!

  54. Diane says:

    I loved your post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  55. Diane says:

    I loved your post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  56. Great post! I can relate to several of your confessions. A few of mine – I am OCD when it comes to my house being clean and clutter free. I bite my nails which I think is the worst habit ever bc I love pretty nails and sometimes I go to bed without washing my face. Eek! It's something I dread doing when I'm really tired! Have a great weekend!!

  57. Misty says:

    Love you blog, I read daily. I am beyone obesessed with Andy Cohen, I can't get enough of him. And I love Jeff Lewis too! I'm a Bravo maniac

  58. Katie says:

    OMG! We have so much in common it's scary! I also hate flying, want a gay bestie, obsessed with finding the perfect shade of blonde, hypochondriac, love wine, HATE driving on highway, neat freak, horrible with names and love Mexican food…

    We seriously need to get together if you ever visit Boston, I know we'd be pals!


  59. Taylor says:

    love this post so much! I never remember anyones name because for some reason I always focus on saying mine? (as if I dont know my own name?) You know I love my TV gays just like you too! dont think your crazy at all – great post!


  60. Kristin says:

    LOVE your blog! I couldn't believe how much we have in common! I'm a total neat freak and am obsessed with organization- I could organize things all day- but I hate actual cleaning.. Lucky for me, my husband is a yellow gloves, bucket of suds, on your knees cleaner! I refuse to take meds unless absolutely necessary. I'm secretly freaked out about becoming immune to antibiotics. I'm an eternal optimist, totally and admittedly naive and scared of everything to do with aliens. Thanks for your honesty! So fun to read your confessions and others.

  61. yep — we'd totally be in-real-life friends. aside from the flying and straight liquor, we're practically the same person.

  62. Waseem says:

    like the design..and all the info..thanks you share it as i need it when design for Plastic cards.

  63. Bud and Leo says:

    ok are we the same person?? Not even kidding I think we are. I love how real you are- makes us think we are all normal even though no one really is! I am so lucky that I work in fashion so I actually get to have a gay bestie at work šŸ™‚ hate to fly, eat all-natural, can't stand peeps talking about politics (try living in DC!), etc. etc. etc. Oh you know what you should try? The San Pellegrino sparkling orange (or any flavor) drink w/ vodka. it's simply sparkling water with orange juice- so freaking good and good for you! xoxoxo Lisa

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