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Thoughts For Friday

Nov 30, 2012

TGIF friends.  Why is the week after a Holiday always the longest week ever??

Last night I helped to host a Girls night out event at Cynthia Rowley and it was so much fun!  I loved meeting so many new faces!!
Here we are the hostesses with the mostess (Chassity, Amy, Caycee, Me)

Had to show one picture of my dress because it was such a score.  Forever 21 ladies, $25!! Thanks Anna for the idea:)

I have found the perfect pair of jeans.  You might remember how much I love my Rag and Bone Midnight Legging Jeans?  They are my all time favorite.   Well Santa (thanks Mom) just picked up a pair of the Rag and Bone Skinny Jeans for me in Kensington Wash and I am in love.  Ladies these jeans are miracle workers.  They sit higher up on your waist and suck in all the flab.  Most flattering jeans ever.  I promise.

{Rag and Bone Skinny Jeans: Kensington}

Hard to tell from this picture but I promise they fit like a glove!!

I think I may be the only person but I am so over seeing where everyone puts their Elf on the shelf.  I get it you have the Elf too, everyone does lets move on.  I guess the people that created that little elf are rolling in the dough.

Can ya’ll believe Jessica Simpson is pregnant again (reportedly).  I mean dang that was quick.  She must have gotten knocked up when Maxwell was 3 months old.  Crazy.  Especially after she just lost 60 lbs.

What are ya’lls thoughts about this Serena and Lily pillow?  I am in the market for two for our couch and I am thinking I want some navy in them to blend in with our new rug (pictured below).  Any other thoughts on where to find affordable pillows to go with my rug?  Email me ideas I am clueless with this kind of stuff!!

I tried a new restaurant on King Street for lunch this week- Fire Street Food and it was awesome.  It was primarily food with an Asian twist.  The menu was great with lots of different options.  I had a salad with Shrimp Skewers and it was delicious.  I can’t wait to go back here again!  Highly recommend!

Don’t forget to enter the Social Dress Shop Giveaway you have til Midnight on Sunday to enter!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Brooke says:

    Can't believe Jessica is preggo again!

    What is up with The Elf On The Shelf!? What is that? I am seeing it everywhere!



  2. Melissa W. says:

    So great to finally meet you in person!! You are just as beautiful, witty, and smart in person as you are on your blog! Looking forward to meeting again! My husband said to tell the "lady with dirty diapers to stop making the UPS man come to our house!" Ha!!


  3. melinda says:

    Love your style and your blog !! Go to Woody Liana on Etsy great pillows !! Blogs, Classic Casual Home and My Sweet Savannah have posts on pillows from Etsy.

  4. I had a great time last night! You're such a skinny minny in that dress and I look preggo in the pics. Lovely. There are a ton of Etsy shops that make gorgeous, handmade pillows! Actually, a few blogs were discussing that very thing yesterday.

  5. Just ordered a swatch of that S&L fabric. Really beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  6. megan says:

    Cameron may kill me, but I just added those jeans to my cart. Pretty sure they will be purchased before I leave work today. Glad yall had a good time last night!

  7. So glad you drunk dialed the jeans! They look amazing on you and I swear they are the BEST JEANS EVER!!! I say no on the pillow. I like it but don't love it. You need something with a white backgrounder. That cream just feels blah. This is my new mission for you!

  8. Happy to hear that your event went well. Love your new rug! Have you looked on Etsy for pillows? So many have a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

  9. Jill says:

    You girls all look so pretty at your event!! I love that pillow, go for it!!

  10. Heading to their blogs now! Always love finding new bloggers- especially Charleston ones. I love that rug!! Amazing.

    And the elf on the shelf is perfect.



  11. 17 Perth says:

    Love that dress! Love the price even better! Hope you ladies had a great time!

  12. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I am going to have to try those jeans! I am so sick of the Elf on the Shelf I could scream. For realz people. Get a life. And Jessica preggos? Good thing she has the $ for the help. That would be a lot to handle. Have a fab weekend Natalie!

  13. Dina says:

    Ten June posted yesterday about a good pillow site on Etsy, can't remember the name…

  14. Kristina says:

    I love higher jeans that suck in the tummy, but are still skinny in the legs. I recently bought Joes Jeans, "The High Water" on sale at Anthro. They are amazing too!

  15. The Now says:

    Looks like y'all had so much fun. Jessica Simpson is a medical marvel. Can't believe she is preggers again!!


  16. No Way J Simp is preggers again?!! That is insane!! And those jeans look awesome on you!! Happy Friday! xo

  17. barberar says:

    Where did you get your shower curtain?! I have been looking for a waffle weave one forever and can't seem to find one!

  18. I don't have Elf on the Shelf. I have not succumbed to that silliness.

    My kids are 18 months apart so I got pregnant when my oldest was 7 months old. I love it that way but any earlier and it would've been rough!!

    I also did it because 40 was knocking on my door unlike Jessica. šŸ™‚

  19. Laura says:

    have you tried the R&B high waisted jeans? Those look intriguing, too.. i am weird and only like jeans if they sit right below my belly button. where do these hit? Love your posts–I get so many fashion ideas. Love your Forever21 dress.. that store gives me extreme anxiety, though.

  20. Laura says:

    also, do you mind if i ask what size you purchased? do they run pretty true to size, or a little small/big? I am always in between two sizes and always contemplate which to go with… advice would be appreciated! thanks!

  21. Kerry says:

    Try http://www.etsy.com for pillows…there are always a million affordable options. You can search navy pillow.

  22. I am rushing out this weekend to purchase that dress. That is too freaking cute! You rock everything you wear though.

  23. You looked absolutely smashing, my dear! I'm always in love with a good B&W piece…and I can't lie, I'm a little annoyed with the bazillion and one Elf pics, too. Mostly because I'm totally not that creative with mine (c;

  24. ko says:

    Where did you find the rug? It's fab!

  25. Looks like you had a fun get together! Love those jeans!

  26. Mehul says:

    Last picture is lovely. If you wanna be happy then be happy!
    ~ Mehul
    Architectural Stone