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Thoughts For Thursday

Jun 27, 2013

Happy Thursday, I can’t even believe this is the last weekend in June. This Summer is flying by. I know alot of people don’t like Summer because their kids are out of school but I honestly love it. I love hitting up the pool and spending time with my little man with no real schedule.   Today we are off to Charlotte to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday.

Yesterday while browsing at TJMaxx I dropped my IPhone, now I have dropped my IPhone a million times but this time the screen shattered- ugh what do I do?  Can the screen be replaced?  It actually still works so currently I am just living with it as is but if it gets worse it may be a problem. 

 If you live in Charleston you really need to hit up the TJMaxx in Mount Pleasant they had some great stuff- like this Pucci Cover-up.

Two things that I didn’t snag but someone else should are this DVF Dress and Nanette Leopore Maxi.
You are welcome ladies, some great finds at TJMaxx.

Speaking of other fabulous deals today is the last day to take advantage of ShopBop’s extra 25 % off all sale items.  There are some amazing deals to be had.

This Tibi Blouse was my pick,  but wishing I had snagged these Rag and Bone Boots and JBrand Jeans as well.

Checkout the sale HERE and use code EXTRA25 when you check out!

Ok and one last deal, how great is this Maxi Dress?  Caycee keeps raving about the juniors department at Nordstroms for Maxi dresses and I have to say they have some really cute dresses for great prices.   Most are around $50.   Love this one so much, hoping to check it out in the store this weekend while I am home.

{Fire Print Maxi}

Yesterday I ate lunch at The Butcher and Bee,  it is really one of my favorite lunch spots in Charleston.  Their menu is so innovative and tasty.  I had the fried eggplant sandwich with hummus and it was out of this world good.  I also had a side of Kale Slaw that I demolished before the photo, highly recommend!  They change their menu frequently which I love, there is always something new to try!

We finally got our couch back after having it recovered and to say I am excited is an understatement.   It was this horrible gold color before that did not match anything plus it was covered in stains from Sterling.   I picked out a light neutral and I am really loving it, it made such a big difference in our den.

 We have implemented a new no eating on the couch rule to try and keep it clean this time- wish us luck!

Kim Zolick is pregnant again.  I swear she must be the most fertile woman alive- and maybe she really is only 30,  I still have a hard time believing that.  I am a little ashamed to admit I actually like her spin off Reality Show.

I am so ordering Sterling these Glow in the dark pajamas.  How cool is that for a kid?  Sterling is all about bringing flashlights to bed so I know he will love these PJ’s!

{Glow in Dark PJS}

Speaking of my little man for as crazy as the age three is he has been a real sweetheart lately.  So cuddly and needy.  He always wants me to hold him and snuggle.  I swear he knows his days of being an only child are numbered.  I couldn’t help but capture this sweet moment.

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Mt. P's TJ Maxx never disappoints. If only the one in west Ashley would take a hint. I'm going to have to check out The Butcher and the Bee I love eggplant and the rest of the menu looks great too.

  2. I'm with you on Kim Z. I didn't care for her on RHOA but I love her now with her own show. Her extending family is too cute!

  3. I cannot wait for Wells to be in school this fall so I can hit up TJMaxx and Homegoods on the regular again. Oh, how I've missed those stores. They just don't work with a double stroller and their carts don't work with two kids. Boo for that.

    Those jammies are too adorable. I want to order them asap!

  4. I cannot wait for Wells to be in school this fall so I can hit up TJMaxx and Homegoods on the regular again. Oh, how I've missed those stores. They just don't work with a double stroller and their carts don't work with two kids. Boo for that.

    Those jammies are too adorable. I want to order them asap!

  5. You cutie. And oh how I love Butcher and Bee.

  6. tpatters5 says:

    The couch looks fabulous! You can have a lot of fun switching out pillows and throw with such a great neutral.

    Same thing happened with my Iphone. Check your calling plan to see if insurance was included (my plan did have it) or if you bought under a protection plan (Best Buy had one when I got another phone). Apple will send you a refurbished one if it is covered for free or you maybe able to get one for a small price if you call your service provider or Apple directly.

  7. I live here in Charlotte and there is a way to fix your iphone!! There is a little place in Southend that is across the street from common market on camden (near fat burrito) I don't remember the name of it but my boss shattered her iphone screen and he fixed it for like 15 bucks! You should stop in!

  8. Your sofa looks so great! Um yea I totally ugly cried when Kroy adopted Kim's daughters. I'm going to chalk that up to pregnancy hormones.

  9. Anne says:

    Every time you post about TJ Maxx I have to hit it up on my way home & scour. You have the best luck! LOVE that DVF dress! Fingers crossed the Wilmington TJ's has it!
    Also – you can order iphone screen replacement kits from Amazon. I've had friends that had great luck, but I think I'd try finding someone local first to see if they can fix it quickly for you so you don't have to wait for it to arrive!

  10. Couch looks awesome. Who did you use to do the recovering? Ours is an awful green color. Needs work, but I'm almost wondering if it would make more sense to just buy a new one and sell our current one on Craigslist. Decisions…

    Oh, and that sandwich looks amazing!

  11. I dropped my iPhone the other day on asphalt and the screen completely shattered–I had purchased Apple Care + on my iPhone and so I took it into the Apple store and they replaced the screen in about an hour for only $50…but if you don't have Apple Care then it's around $150-200–so in that case, you can also look around for techie people in Charleston and maybe they can replace it for cheaper. Good luck, love the pink maxi!

  12. Tobe | BIA says:

    i'm really going to need you to stop it on the food posts. i shouldn't want that sammich at 9:45am. but i do.

    also, your tjmaxx is waaaaaaaaaay more legit than mine. dang.

    do the jams come in my size? šŸ™‚

  13. How it is possible that you are still so tiny!? :0)

  14. I think I'm going to stop by TJ's in Mount Pleasant on my way home tonight! You can never go wrong at TJ Maxx… I recently found some RayBan aviators at the one in Mount P!



  15. Ashley says:

    Just finished lunch at B&B – so good! I have to say I love Kim's show too – she is just too crazy to not watch it. Love your TJ Maxx finds – I got the cutest pair of Coach wedges for almost nothing the last time I was there!

  16. Taylor says:

    ok…. I like her spinoff too! I wrote about it today on Coffee Talk – don't her and Kroy seem so happy together? glad I am not alone šŸ™‚ their new house is going to be insane. and your couch looks amazing!


  17. Those glow in the dark jammies are too cute! I swear the Marshall's and TJ's you guys have is so much better than here in San Francisco. Designer duds are few and far between!

  18. You always find great stuff at TJ Maxx! Love the couch, looks amazing with those pillows and the pj's are so cool!

  19. Amanda says:

    You should have got the leopore maxi, looked great!

  20. You can get a new iphone screen for $200 (my hubby just shattered his too). and loving all your tj maxx finds! I must now go shopping! šŸ˜‰

  21. Bri says:

    There's a little place on 17 in west ashley called I-Doctor…they fixed a friend's phone with the same problem! šŸ™‚

  22. I love your new sofa!! Fingers crossed that it stays looking that clean! I love TJMaxx too but I am so bad about actually looking through the clothes, I always head straight to the home section! That cover up is so cute!

  23. lvmoon says:

    I just found your blog and I love it!! I am worried about my spending since I like your fashion choices and you make it so easy to click to the link.
    –Lauren , mom to Michael 2, and Jane 11 months

  24. Jen Watts says:

    You need to get a job as a personal shopper!! I always love your picks! Everyone always has luck at that TJs–I soo need to move to Charleston!! That picture of you and Sterling is so sweet!

  25. Jen Ruckel says:

    Just saw this regarding Kim Zolick. Apparently she's 34 and doesn't know you shouldn't smoke while pregnant. Eekk!