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Thoughts For Thursday

Jan 23, 2014

It’s Thursday only one more day til the weekend!! We have a birthday party and plans to grill some burgers!! 

I keep forgetting to share this awesome Rebecca Taylor shirt I got for Christmas. I saw it online on major sale (like under $100 unheard of for Rebecca Taylor) and had to share!  Also available Here in a different pattern.

|| Rebecca Taylor Kaleidoscope Print Silk Tee ||

 Have you seen the Paddington Bear line out for Baby Gap?  It is so cute!

A few of my baby girl favorites, the boy stuff is pretty darn cute too.  The red embroidered dress is on its way to Frances Moon, could not resist.

baby gap

Do yourself a favor and please go buy these Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree chocolates.  They are so good.  The Intense Dark Toffee is also incredible.

I just finished reading the book Brain on Fire.  It was a crazy interesting read about this New York Journalist Suzanne Cahalan,  who suddenly finds herself physically and mentally ill and no doctors can figure out what is wrong with her.  I am still thinking about it.

I can’t get this Marysis swimsuit out of my head.  You all know my goal to treat myself to one nice swimsuit after I lose the baby weight.  I think this string bikini may be the one.
I really like this strapless one alot but I am just not sure how a
bandeau top is gonna work with my mom boobs if you know what I mean.  I
think I may need the support from a string bikini to lift the girls.

How cute will they look with Frances’s mini bathing suit?

Our annual Blurb Book came in the mail this week and I am so in love with it.  Every year in January I make a soft cover book with all our instagram pictures since I never print them.  I just love looking back at them all!

I have been on a major health kick wanting to shed the last of my baby weight which aint creeping.   This Quinoa Chopped Veggie Salad that was on Camille Styles is next on my list to make, how gorgeous is it?

Lastly has anyone watched Rich Kids of Beverly Hills??  Its so embarrassing but of course it sucked me in last night.  All the stuff they said just made me cringe, their parents must be so proud.

The other night as I rocked Frances to sleep, this quote came to mind.  It is so beautifully true it was a perfect moment- that I of course tried to capture:)

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  1. Marche' says:

    Love those paddington bear clothes! I got sucked into Rich Kids too! My favorite is the girl who said she was cut off even though she could still live at home, have all her bills paid, and have spending money. Nah boo, that's not cut off.

  2. I read Brain on fire awhile back in less than 24 hours. It was freaky what happened to her but such a great book. You should check out Me Before You. It's another one you won't be able to get out of your head. I'm loving that swimsuit! Obviously I love bandeau for the zero tan lines but I know what you mean with fitting right on your boobs. So I say the triangle top.

  3. o love that top. and omg her little bathing suit is so cute! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  4. Those clothes are so adorable…baby fever for sure! And I definitely got sucked into Rick Kids. I was hysterically laughing at all of the ridiculous things they were saying!

  5. Megan says:

    Love RT, that top is perfection! Ha-ha, Mike and I were watching Rich Kids of BH last night & he made me turn it off, that one girl has quite an annoying voice!

    You definitely look like you dropped every lb of baby weight girlfriend! After I had Sofia I took organic ACV (Braggs brand: http://bragg.com/healthinfo/hereshealth.html), I would put a swig of ACV into 8oz of water and chug through a straw. It helps detox and burn the fat off, I swear by it!

    Also, Amazing Greens Chocolate Wheat Grass Superfood: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/amazing-grass-chocolate-green-superfood-8-5-oz-powder/g5-1008#.UuEm9MIo4dU – this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I take it everyday, helps detox & keeps my anxiety/stress at bay. It's amazing!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  6. That matching bathing suit would be so adorable. I haven't watched the Rich Kids show yet…I've gotten sucked into a few other Bravo trash series that are taking up DVR space. You have to get that poncho it is unbelievably darling!

  7. I have GOT to make a blurb book. Can you upload straight from instagram?

    also, love that quote and sweet Frances!

  8. I looooove that bathing suit on the left!

  9. megan says:

    That Gap dress you bought for Frances is ADORABLE. I am obsessed with that bandeau bathing suit and would gladly take it in any color! And I would devour those sea salt caramel chocolates in one sitting. That combination of flavors is my absolute favorite.

  10. Pam Morris says:

    I can recall keeping about five- seven pounds and a little pooch until after I stopped nursing completely with all three of my children. I think it must be nature's way of making sure the babies get fed.

  11. Thanks for sharing your suggestions and what's on your mind with prospective purchases. I think either suit will look amazing! As for the RT top, did you get the 4 or 6? Debating the 4 on NM.

  12. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I love that quote. And how beautiful is Miss Francis? Gorgeous baby. Dont worry so much about the baby weight. You look FAB! I mean it. Beautiful. I will have to try and read that book.

  13. Leslie says:

    I've got to try that salad! The Paddington Bear clothes are just so cute I can barely stand it!

  14. That chocolate is my FAVORITE, it's so so good! I also love the idea of doing the book of Instagrams, I may have to try that! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. That little girl's gap poncho is too dang cute!! Love the idea of printing your Instagram photos in a book! Very sweet!

  16. Alexa says:

    Love your blurb book! You guys are all so cute!

  17. Ok, let's see here. First, the Paddington Bear collection is so stinking cute. I wish some of those came in adult size.

    I think I'm going to order a Blurb book. What a great idea! I hate I never print pictures anymore. Need to get on that.

    And you know I'm watching Rich Kids of BH – and embarrassed to admit that I promptly started following Morgan on Instagram. One of my favorite lines is when she said that she doesn't smile at strangers so that she doesn't lose any collagen out of her face.

    Love your sweet pictures of Frances and that quote!

  18. I listened to Brain on Fire on CD and thought it was pretty good. Though it was sad to think about all the people who will never get the help they néed!

  19. I listened to Brain on Fire on CD and thought it was pretty good. Though it was sad to think about all the people who will never get the help they néed!

  20. Jodi says:

    I totally want that Gap sweatshirt dress for my daughter. Love the blurb book and that chocolate 🙂 Too bad I am giving it up.

  21. Also obsessed with Marysia's pieces! And that salad looks so good, I really have to make it soon!

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