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Annoying Pet Peeves x 2

Mar 28, 2014

Happy Friday Love bugs.  I am in Charlotte enjoying a break from the everyday routine spending time with my lovely rents and having help with the kids!  My mom and I love discussing pet peeves so I thought it would be fun to do a list again- don’t leave us hanging you must chime in and tell us your pet peeves!  You can read my original post hereπŸ™‚


– When people take their sick kids to school or daycare even when they know they are sick.  They pop them with Tylenol and send them anyways.  Same in the workplace.  Stay home if you feel sick don’t get others sick.

– When you are peeing in a bathroom stall and there are tons of other open stalls and someone goes in the one right beside you.

– Picking your teeth with your finger or tongue during a meal

– When you are waiting on a parking spot and that person gets in their car, sits there, checks their phone and takes their sweet ass time pulling out even though they know you are waiting on that spot.

– When you are with your kids waiting to check out with only a few items and someone gets in line in front of you with an overflowing cart and doesn’t offer to let you go first-  honestly this is kind of rude even without kids but more so with fussy kids.

– Getting in the checkout line to ask the price of something.  It just holds up the line for everyone else- go find someone else working and ask them.

– People who shop with their bluetooths in and talk the entire time they are shopping.

– Cars not using turn signals, plain rude

– People that walk right smack down the middle of a parking lot and not on the sides, even when they hear a car behind them and don’t move.

-Large group text messages where everyone keeps responding so you keep getting tons of responses from everyone for days

– The kiosks in the mall.  They hound you about samples even when you say no.  The most annoying is when they say “can I ask you a question.”  Well you just did ask me a question so, no.

– People that always act like they will be at something and then cancel last minute every single time.  Just be honest from the get go and say you can’t make it.

– People that constantly text while they are with you especially at dinner or happy hour (this means you Dad).  Put your phone away for a few minutes.

– When someone constantly asks you where everything you own is from.

– Too many hashtags.  If there are more than three I am not reading them.

Ok so now tell me your most annoying pet peeves!!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Not using turn signals drives me nuts!! Isn't that illegal to not?! Think of how many wrecks have happened because someone didn't put on their blinker. And texting/ googling/ instagramming when in social events is super rude. But we all do it here and there unfortunately! Some just way longer than others! Enjoy your fun weekend!

  2. megan okeefe says:

    People that spank their kids in public. It drives me crazy, I want to go over and smack them!

  3. This *(*%&^*() that asked for samples of the soups at Panera before ordering and they only had 2 fucking people working the lunch rush. I wanted to physically harm her. I get major anxiety/rage in situations like that. Or people using tons of coupons and there is an issue. at that point open up another aisle for me as you can tell i'm getting pissed. And agreed, lady with the 3 kids walking down the middle of the parking lot at Target? Move to the side you unsafe whore! Okay whew, that felt better.

  4. Katelyn H. says:

    yes to so many! especially someone asking where everything I have on is from, the bathroom stall one and the group texts thing! oh and god gave us a blinker for a reason, use it….I think I say that multiple times a day haha … getting in line at the grocery store behind people with f***** wic/food stamps…holy hell it takes forever…
    the people who stop their buggy on a crowded isle and walk off to get something and you can't get around them!
    when you are at a get together, you are the one cooking and someone constantly is wanting to taste the food…while it is cooking! which leads me to..i cannot stand for someone to stick their fingers on the platter when there is a utensil of some sort or stick their finger in the box/bag that multiple people will be eating out of… .like pour it out and then eat…more so for the ones who don't even wash their hands! can you tell I like my food? ha
    and how about when you're in a public restroom washing your hands and somebody has to walk right up to the one beside you and there are like 5 more? and not to mention they STARE while they wash and dry! now that annoys me…..
    those who go the store in their pjs/too tight clothing (their stuff hanging out)with house shoes on and draggg their feet..
    ….those are some of mine! glad to know I'm not the only one that has little peeves!! love your honesty on your blog!
    have a good weekend!

  5. I'm with you on the people texting at dinner, drives me insane! Also people smacking their food or slurping makes me want to lose my MIND! Oh and Kiosk people, I want to punch them.

  6. Morgan S. says:

    Driving slow in the left lane. It is a passing lane! Southerners don't seem to get that. And then when they slam their brakes on me, I almost want to just hit them anyway to prove a point. πŸ™‚

  7. Chimmy says:

    Group texts… ME TOO! I feel like such a bad friend but enough is enough sometimes.

    People who show up really sick at work. If you have to sit with a tissue box and cough syrup at your desk… stay home!

    The word "epic". Everything is so epic now.

    Selfies/Videos while driving… safety first, vanity later.

    Food pet peeves – people getting all dramatic over how much they hate what you are eating. Um that's why I'm eating it. Not you.

    wine drinkers who get all snooty about wine and beer drinkers who get all snooty about beer and cocktail drinkers who… can we all just pick an adult beverage and drink responsibly in peace?

    okay, i'm done.

  8. kelly says:

    When people snap or pop their gum…….DISCUSTING

  9. Meredith says:

    These are GREAT! I nodded in agreement with almost all of these and laughed at the one about people getting into their cars in a parking lot and then not leaving right away… WHAT are they doing in there?!
    Adding to the list — when people text and walk aimlessly down the sidewalk/hallway/crossing the street and never look up. So annoying and can be dangerous.

  10. SaraRuth says:

    The bathroom stall one. Ugh! At my first ever GYN appt I was a nervous wreck in an empty waiting room. EMPTY. A woman comes in, checks in, sits on the freaking couch next to me! Um, hey new friend. GO AWAY! Or when people get right up next to me in the grocery store/target. Can you wait 15 seconds for me to get my orange juice or are we racing? I must smell amazing, people always want to be in my bubble.

  11. I can't stand when people want to talk about personal money matters. How much I or my husband makes, how much my stuff costs, etc. None of your business!!

  12. Jill says:

    My big one is when people get off the escalator and then just stop and look around or chat right where everyone else is trying to get off. Get out of the way!!!

  13. melinda says:

    Men who spit hockers when you are walking by them! Makes me gag!!

  14. And I guess that's why Jimmy came up with the hashtag episodes!! πŸ™‚ I have to say, I really don't get annoyed with things that used to annoy me anymore, but I really don't like when people don't use the turn signals! It's one of the things I always complain about when I travel to Florida!

  15. When people floss their teeth in front of me, so gross!

  16. Lucy says:

    Loud eaters. I CANNOT stand people who breath heavily and chew loudly with food in their mouth. I completely agree with you on the last minute cancellers too. Just say no I can't. Don't text at the last minute saying you can't come. Ugh. Beyond rude!!

  17. Christina says:

    i cannot stand people walking in the middle of the parking lot. like i am in a CAR I CAN RUN YOU OVER. do people not get that? and when people ask you where everything you own is from…let's be honest, they are obsessed with you ahahha

  18. I can relate to so many of these! And I am probably that annoying person asking where everything is from. I can't help it! Living in Tahoe, I'm always wanting to know more about fashion!! πŸ˜‰

  19. Akgorno says:

    The people who park in the fire lane right in front of the grocery store. I'm not talking about the husband who is sitting in the car while his wife ran in for something. No, the people who actually treat it like it's their own personal parking spot. They aren't old or handicapped. Wtf, do the rules not apply to you?!

  20. People who just leave their grocery carts by their car, instead of returning it to the store or taking it to the cart thing in the parking lot and make excuses as to why…in a hurry, have kids, it's raining, blah blah blah. Lazy drives me crazy!

  21. Ali says:

    Group texts are the bane of my existence. In theory they are fun, but the constant buzzing and 45 unread messages drive me crazy! I have also banned my family to adding me to them.

  22. Sara says:

    Grown ass women who call their seemingly more than generous parents, the rents. Plain rude!

  23. Samma says:

    I hate when you have a green light to turn and the car a couple cars in front of you turns at a SNAIL'S PACE, causing you to miss the green light.

    Also, the walking in the middle of the parking lot thing. RUDE!

  24. hahah this is great. i really get annoyed when people try to talk to me when i am using the bathroom! (when they are in the next stall…) ehhh give me a minute thanks! i also dont like bluetooth phones in general, it freaks me out when people seem like they are talking to themselves. o and i have a ton of pet peeves when it comes to public transit in chicago…but ill leave that for another day! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  25. coby kutcher says:

    Along with the stalls, people who get on the treadmill right next to you when the gym is empty!

  26. Val says:

    I relate with everything you posted. I think my biggest pet peeve is friend ( entitlement ) meaning friends who feel ownership of you and get jealous when you go out with your other friends. Drives me crazy.

  27. mcmurphy says:

    Is it just me or are some of these pet peeve comments kind of uppity and standoffish and classist? Sorry the lady in front of you has coupons and "f****** wic/foodstamps. Not all of us can be stay at home moms with rich husbands, but we apologize that our attempts to save money bug you. Anyway, I guess everyone needs a pass to rant every once in a while. I hope it makes some room for positivity.

  28. AMHANSEN says:

    The one about people bringing sick kids to school/daycare really annoys me too. Especially when you are a mom of more than one and you know if one gets sick they all will-and your doomed to at least 2 weeks of illness. As soon as the first one gets better then next one gets sick! Not to mention the poor sick kid who has to go to school when they feel bad…

  29. AMHANSEN says:

    The one about people bringing sick kids to school/daycare really annoys me too. Especially when you are a mom of more than one and you know if one gets sick they all will-and your doomed to at least 2 weeks of illness. As soon as the first one gets better then next one gets sick! Not to mention the poor sick kid who has to go to school when they feel bad…

  30. Melissa W. says:

    I am with Val! So annoying when someone "claims" your friend is THEIR BEST friend. Who cares!

  31. Oh you named so many of mine! But to add/reitterate:

    -gum chewing/smacking
    -when you let a pedestrian cross and he doesn't wave
    -or, worse, is texting when crossing and is doubly unappreciative/aware
    -college peeps on their bikes, weaving aimlessly through traffic whilst texting/chatting on their cell phones.
    -a really rude waitress/server
    -peeps who are rude to any waitress/server

  32. Agreed, Natalie! To add:
    When you are at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress does not write down your order and then messes it up! Just write it down!
    Also, when you are in a waiting room and someone doesn't turn their phone on silent and then plays a game full of sound effects at FULL VOLUME! Nobody else wants to listen to that!

  33. Haha I can relate to so many of these! All so annoying!

  34. Cville to DC says:

    I always say that people who use their bluetooths and talk to themselves look possessed/crazy! Love this list of things to dislike, really really is therapeutic to air your annoyances!

  35. shoegirl says:

    I love your list!!! It bugs me when people are driving in front of you and the very last minute they, turn and then they turn their signals on. QUite annoying.

  36. there are words and phrases that start to really get on my nerves….
    when people say "moreso"… as in "i needed this manicure much moreso than i needed a pedicure"… unecessary! just say much more!
    or "luv your face" ….
    there are others, but i don't want to sound like a huge B πŸ™‚
    Also, gum smacking is my number one pet peeve.

  37. emilyd says:

    Your list is right on!!

    When people say "I seen".
    When people leave their grocery carts out in the middle of the aisle. Please pull over to the side. You are not the only one out shopping!

  38. lulu says:

    Keep deleting hookah!

  39. Ahhh…I can't stand the group texts either, especially when you don't know most people on the message! One of my pet peeves is waiters/waitresses at restaurants that rush you through a meal!

  40. junkshow says:

    This thread is kinda nasty. I really can't believe that @Katelyn H said, "people with wic/food stamps." Wow. That's pretty classist. Why don't you just shop at another store? I go to Whole Foods all the time, and this never happens. They don't take coupons. If you're so fancy that you can't deal — stick to Whole Foods.