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Thoughts For Friday

Apr 4, 2014

Yay for the weekend!  Anyone have great plans?  We have a fun dinner out Saturday with my brother and his wife trying out the new Beirgarten and then Sunday we are celebrating my nephews first Birthday!  I can not believe it has been a year since he was born, I still remember sitting and waiting in the hospital for the news that he had arrived.  Such a special day I will never forget seeing my sister become a mom for the first time.


So, I have yet to write about this but lets discuss the Conscious Uncoupling of Gwyneth and Chris.  I have to admit when I first read of their split I was sad but not surprised.  I liked that they kept their relationship private for the most part which led me to believe they were happy.  I appreciate that they seem to be remaining friends which I think is so important when kids are involved.  It just makes me sad for all Hollywood marriages it seems none can survive.  I was outraged by the comment Gwyneth made about her job as an actress being harder than a regular working mom- read this article if you have not.  This lady’s response was awesome.  I still like Gwyneth but I do think some of the things she says are really egotistical and bone headed. 

I do kind of look forward to seeing who they both date next.

Next lets chat about Southern Charm. I have gotten several emails and instagram comments wanting to know my thoughts on the show.  One word its bad- but yes I am still watching it.  I have this problem where I can’t stop watching bad reality TV shows.  I find it odd that the none of the cast are real friends it seems they just threw them all together for the sake of the show.  Cameron and Shepp seem the most real and down to earth.  TRav just embarrasses me- I mean hasn’t he done enough damage to his name, I have no idea why he would chose to do this show other then to get his name out to run for political office ( and our state is backward enough we will probably elect him).  I have no idea why Jenna is even on the show other than to showcase someone who is not your typical Southerner.  and how the heck does she afford that huge house? I have to say Whitney’s mom is my favorite to watch.  I love her life of leisure just sitting in caftans all day having drinks brought to her:)  and how many people work at her house just to take care of her??  What do ya’ll think?

Lately I have been all about some tie dye.  I am thinking about adding this Joie Sweater or this Equipment tee to my closet.  The Joie sweater is part of the Bloomingdales Friends and Family so it is a forerunner.

I am on mascara two of my great mascara search.  Currently, I am trying out Benefit They are Real.  I have to be honest it is not much better then the Loreal Illuminous which is way cheaper.  Both have been way better than the Maybelline I was using.  I think Chanel and Josie Maran are next on my list.

Ignore my nails- I never have time for a mani these days!

I am having a hard time dropping my last 5 pounds of baby weight so I have been trying to eat cleaner because lets be real I can’t cut out my wine!  Any tips for dropping the last 5-10 pounds?   I made this for lunch the other day and it was fabulous.  It is provolone, turkey, and avocado plus the Tuscan Kale Salad.

Now that the weather is warmer I am finally able to dress Frances in some of the cute Summer outfits we have.   I swear for the first few months she lived in the same 5 onesies and pants so it is fun to dress her now that she is getting a little bigger.  I just want to freeze time I love this age so much.

Gap Dress \ Rikshaw Jumper


Baublebar and Nordstrom just launched an awesome collection together.  They were sweet enough to send me a package with some of the new jewelry and other goodies. You can check out the whole collection over at Nordstrom.

This is Sterling patiently waiting for the confetti and lollipops.

These earrings were part of my gift and I just love them- even better in person.  I can’t wait to wear them to a wedding we have in a few weeks.

\ Crystal Drop Earrings

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have been waiting for you to comment on Southern Charm! I totally agree about not being able to stop watching bad tv, it's so embarrassing! I only watch when I can just to see where they eat or go out since I just visited and am curious where more hot spots are!

  2. Nickie says:

    Haven't watched the show…it just didn't look interesting. I was a bit sad and surprised by some of GP's comments too, but I guess everybody had to figure out life as they go. ??
    I always enjoying seeing pics of your kids. Puts a smile on my face everytime. Have a good weekend.

  3. Liz says:

    that letter was awesome to gwynnie. sip some bellinis and fiddle with your 401K? priceless! i hate to be negative, but i didn't have good luck with that benefit mascara, though others i know have. i'm digging my elizabeth arden (gold tube). enjoy your weekend! and when you figure out the secret to the five pounds, please share 🙂 xoxo

  4. Frances Moon is so cute! I've been watching Southern Charm and do not understand why someone Thomas's age is still involved in all this stuff! Whitney's Mom is definitely my favorite too, she is fab!

  5. megan okeefe says:

    Im so glad you commented on Gwyneth. I knew you were a big fan so I wondered what you thought of the whole thing. France's smiles must melt you. She is precious.

  6. I'm also part of the 10 pounds to go club. My little man is 3.5 months. But the reese's eggs are sooo good!

  7. that's my favorite mascara!!!
    and i always loved GP but ugh. she needs a better PR person..

    xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  8. Emily says:

    I love that Benefit mascara, but curious to know how you like the others. Regarding the baby weight Frances is only 4 months old! You will lose the last of the baby weight, nut give it a few more months!! I know the feeling of wanting it gone, but you really have to give it a little more time. If you are still b/f you don't want to cut calories too much or your milk supply will decrease. You really look great!

  9. Loving tie dye right now – just bought a tee the other day, and now lusting after that Equipment one as well! My best tip for shedding the last 5 lbs is download My Fitness Pal app and stick to 1,200 – 1,300 calories / day. It's WAY harder than I thought it would be, but I lost 5 lbs in one week without working out. I seriously thought I was eating probably 1,400 calories/day on average, but it turned out it was more like 2,000 – and I was eating super healthy. The first few days were definitely tough, but by the 3rd day, I definitely got the hang of it. Promise, the weight will drop! I checked this calorie amount with my trainer, and she said it's fine, if you're working out, you can add more calories, but she said as long as you're not going below 1,200 it's fine. Sorry for writing a novel HA – but it worked for me (to lose the last 5 lbs), so had to share! XO

  10. I feel the same way about Southern Charm…it really is bad and not even that entertaining but for some reason I keep watching it! haha And I could just eat Frances up, she is so stinkin' cute!!

  11. Morgan T says:

    I couldn't agree more with you about Gwen & Chris. She's a weirdo and I adore his music, but it gets sticky when kids are involved. First I'd like to say that you look amazing for having your baby girl only a few months ago! I had my son LAST February and it took me soooo long to get back into my normal clothes. I do have to say, I tried every diet out there, but the only thing that worked for me was Paleo. I dropped the last 5 lbs of baby weight in 2 weeks – no joke…and I didn't work out once (don't have the time). It looks like you have an "appetite" for healthy food & taking care of yourself, so I just thought I'd add my 2 cents and let you know what worked for me; us moms have to stick together. Happy Friday!!

  12. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Never been a huge Gwenyth fan, but I was sad to see they are splitting esp because they have kids involved. So glad you commented on Southern Charm! I just can't stop watching it. The girl who has the big house has a rich, much older boyfriend that pays her bills, Whitney pointed out that people were gossiping and calling her gold digger. How sweet is Miss Frances? Super sweet. And don't worry about the last albs. You just had a baby! You look fabulous!

  13. Love this post! Sam and I are HUGE Coldplay fans and I'm a HUGE GP fan, so I was heartbroken when I heard this. I thought for sure they would make it. Second, I am needing to drop the 10 I gained from Christmas! Any tips to help, let me know! I refuse to cut my wine, too! Third, I am obsessed with that picture of Frances Moon in that Gap outfit! She is really, really pretty!

  14. Charlotte says:

    I've had 2-3 friends do a clean eating, shakeology, and exercise challenge with me for 10 days and have lost 5 lbs! Shakeology is the way to go to do it!!!! Let me know if you want more info! 🙂

  15. Quit weighing yourself!!! 5 pounds can fluctuate when you gain and lose muscle mass, so quit weighing yourself and just focus on your health and fitness. And definitely don't go on a diet, you'll ruin your metablism.

  16. Save your mascara money and listen to me. I've tried ALL those mascaras. I've wasted my money on DiorShow, Chanel, Benefit, etc. The only mascara worth buying is Lancome Hypnôse Doll Lashes… TRUST ME!

    You don't need to lose 5 more pounds!!

  17. Ashley says:

    I feel the exact same way about Southern Charm! T Rav…. what is he thinking?! The scenery makes Charleston look pretty though! Frances Moon is looking adorable, per usual!

  18. Jessie says:

    Can we please bring up the redhead on Southern Charm who has slept with like 3 of the cast members? In the first 2 episodes. I hope her parents are not watching.

  19. I've been watching Southern Charm too.. I've been excited to see places I've been to and places I now want to try (Mixson Market!). Whitney's mom is the best. I googled her a couple of weeks ago. Her husband, who died, is Serena Altschul's dad! Anyway, she needs her own show!

  20. If it makes you feel any better…Ethan is almost TWO and I still have that 5-10 lbs to drop. Le sigh…I think it's here to stay! But you should check out the fitbit…I just got it and I am obsessed!

  21. If it makes you feel any better…Ethan is almost TWO and I still have that 5-10 lbs to drop. Le sigh…I think it's here to stay! But you should check out the fitbit…I just got it and I am obsessed!

  22. Those pesky 5-10 pounds are my worst enemy! I've found that cutting out dairy for a few weeks will kick them to the curb. I know, life without cheese…its not fun but definitely works!


  23. Tess says:

    I totally think of you everytime I watch Southern Charm. I was curious if you were going to share your thoughts on them. Cam is so beautiful and by the far the most interesting to watch – next to Whitney's mom of course.

    Have you spotted them filming at all?

  24. The response to gwenyth's working mom comment was hilarious. I think I've read it at least twice. And you look amazing! I'm convinced your last few pounds will come off now that the weather has changed.

  25. Nat says:

    I loved the respone to gwyneth! I usually like her but I couldn't believe those comments she made. I'm not a huge fan of Benefit they're real- I had a really hard time getting it off even with eye makeup remover. Could Frances and Sterling be any cuter?!

  26. Katy Byrne says:

    Ah your kids are adorable! Just stumbled on your blog. I love Cameron on SC. She is hysterical. The rest of the show makes me so tense! Bravo is my weakness. Love Love that little red and white baby gap dress. Precious!

  27. Kathy Olson says:

    Your baby girl is beautiful. You look great for just having a baby. Don't worry!

  28. lulu says:

    Well GPs comments are no less thoughtless than the ones made by the owner of this blog like having to wait in line behind someone because it is just so hard to have to wait in line. Perhaps you should get off your high horse. Women that work, take care of their children and a household have it way more difficult than stay at home moms with rich husbands that complain about how "difficult" it is to be a stay at home mom just because they have to wait in line. Didn't you learn to wait your turn in kindergarten. #richbitchproblems …

  29. I've been using They're Real for a little while and am kind of so-so on it too. Will be curious to hear what you think of the next two. I have the wimpiest eyelashes – kind of wish I could justify monthly extensions!

  30. I love seeing how pretty Charleston looks on screen. The show makes me laugh. I've been writing recaps and the cast reads them and talks to me about it! That has been very fun. Charleston is such a small town. And I agree Cameran is my fav!

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  32. liz love says:

    once you stop nursing – you will lose the last 5 pounds instantly. i'm not saying you should stop nursing – but when you do! 🙂

  33. Val says:

    I was so curious to hear your thoughts on Southern Charm…I agree with you that it's terrible but yet I'm watching every single episode, why??? lol.

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