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Halloween Treats and Tricks

Oct 21, 2014

I can’t believe Halloween is two weeks away!  Confession: Halloween is my least favorite holiday.  I am a Christmas gal, Matt makes fun of me because I like Christmas and Christmas decorations so much.  The day after Thanksgiving I am ready to get my tree up and start decorating for Christmas.   The funny thing is Sterling is Halloween obsessed, it is by far his favorite holiday.  Our house has been decorated for weeks and he seriously can’t have enough pumpkins or spooky things.  As a mom we want to do things that make our kids happy so I put up the ugly Halloween decorations (secretly counting the days til I can take them down) because it brings him so much joy.  and truth be told I am starting to get into Halloween because it makes Sterling so excited and happy.    I am sure many of you have Halloween parties coming up and wanted to share some adorable food ideas I found and also some great deals on Halloween decor.

\ Spider Infested Cookies 

Such a fun spin on Chocolate Chip Cookies.  All you need is an tipped icing bag to do the legs.


\ Ghost Brownies

I actually already told Sterling we would make these this weekend.  



\ Halloween Fruit

I always love this idea of bananas and oranges.  So simple and a healthy snack for the kids.



\ Spider Doughnuts

Such a cute idea, they seem easy to make and the kids could help.


\ Halloween Bark

How delicious does this bark look???



\ Spooky Tortilla Bats

I bet these taste just like the cinnamon twists at Taco Bell and they look super easy you just need a bat cookie cutter.


\ Halloween Krispy Pops

Such a cute idea for a school party.



\ Quesadilla Mummies

I am so making these for dinner one night next week.


\ Pineapple Jack-o-latern

I thought this was the coolest idea ever!



\ Crayon Melted Pumpkins

I thought this was such a neat idea to do with the kids.  I would even do it with all metallic crayons for a gorgeous pumpkin.



And now is a super time to stock up on Halloween decorations for next year.  I always do this after the holidays then the next year is so fun to pull out your bargain buys that are new!

Pottery Barn has 40% off their Halloween stuff and West Elm has up to 50% off.


|| Mercury Pumpkins

I always love the look of Mercury Pumpkins.  These are gorgeous on a dining room table.


 ||Black Light Up Spider

 Super cool.  This would make Sterling so excited.

|| Wine Stoppers

These wine stoppers are so cute and would make a great hostess gift for anyone throwing a Halloween Party this year.


|| Ghost Mummy

Sterling has been dying for me to get a ghost so I may order this bad guy.


|| Spooky Trees

Love these trees, they are not too flashy.

|| Skull Sculptures 

I love the idea of these on a bar cart for decoration. 

 || XRay Glasses

I love these adorable glasses and they are a steal at 50% off at West Elm.  Awesome for a Halloween Party.

and if you love the Pumpkin scent around your house these Nest candles and diffuser are the best!!  They smell so good.

Pumpkin Chai Candle | Pumpkin Diffuser

I have to end with a picture of what I witnessed last night.  It was quiet in our house and quiet means something bad or sneaky is going on.  I walked out on our front porch and found Sterling coloring on all our columns with permanent markers.  He said he was drawing scary people for Halloween because our house wasn’t spooky enough.  I had to contain my laughter while I lectured about never using permanent markers.  But how funny is that guilty little face?? 

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  1. sara says:

    My son started his obsession with Halloween when he was about Sterling's age. It went on for years I must warn you! He's 11 now and it has finally waned.

  2. I'm worried Ivey will be doing the same thing. She said she wanted a scary Halloween house like all of our neighbors. I usually go all out because I love Halloween but I've been so bahumbug this year. We actually went to the dollar store and michael's yesterday to get some junky decorations so I don't have to pull out all my big boxes of stuff. Bad bad bad mommy.

  3. I might have to stock up too! I do love Halloween but you are can go from cute to tacky in a second. I'm a Christmas FREAK and Thanksgiving was so late last year it took me forever to get my house ready. I'm tempted to ditch my halloween stuff and get all the christmas bins down so i can be ready to decorate! (while baby wearing)

  4. Okay, just reading Amy's comment and mine…can you imagine a service you paid around $200 to that came and decorated your house on September 30th and took it all down the week of thanksgiving? The older I get it sounds tempting!

  5. So many cute ideas for Halloween treats, they look delicious too!! And poor Sterling and YOU haha #kidshaming

  6. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday either… However, I've always loved passing out candy to the trick or treaters & going to pumpkin patches! This year, I decided to throw a Halloween party to get myself in the mood, and I'm lovin it! And umm, how cute is Sterling in that picture!??

  7. LOL! He is so adorable. I love that. I am a big fan of Halloween and posted those spooky brownies last week, I think I'm going to try to make them this weekend too! I love Betty Crocker recipes šŸ™‚


  8. That Halloween Bark and those Rainbow Pumpkins! Amazing! These are all awesome ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOL! Sterling is so cute. Know what you mean, something is definitely up whenever it is very quiet at my house šŸ˜‰

  10. Nat says:

    I'm not a Halloween fan either but all of these food treats are fun!! I can't believe Sterling drew all over the columns- ha- I hope you could get it out!

  11. Ahh these are awesome ideas! The halloween bark looks soo good and I'd love to do the crayon pumpkin and avoid the whole rotting pumpkin ordeal. I actually did that same thing with a sharpie when I was younger, it did not go over well!

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  13. johan32 says:

    Really these cookies are looking just amazing!! True!! These cookies are best for Halloween party. Thanks dear for sharing tips of decorating cookies for best halloween party nyc. I will use all these designing tips in next party.