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These are My Confessions

Oct 31, 2014

You guys ready for this??  I always love doing these posts and I looked back and had not done one since July so it was time for a new one!   Please join in and share your own!

– I took Sterling to the dentist about 2 months ago and we discovered he had 5 cavities.  I mean WTF.  I was beyond shocked as Matt and I brush his teeth every night and I really don’t buy too much candy.  I felt like the worlds worst mom.  His dentist told me his his teeth are really close together which makes him more prone to cavities (or maybe that is what they tell all the parents of kids with cavities).  We are having them filled next week (hello mortgage payment) and I am freaking out about the laughing gas.  I am so scared he will have a reaction or something horrible.  I always think of the worst things.  It haunts me every night, I am dreading it next week.  I am more freaked than Sterling.

– Instead of buying our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch this year we bought them at Harris Teeter.  Horrible I know but Harris Teeter had huge ones and you got 2 for $10 and the big ones at the pumpkin patch were $30!  I feel like it was a good idea since our pumpkins already had to be thrown out because of all the flies.  Lesson learned don’t carve them so early.

– I have been sick on and off for two months straight.  Bronchitis twice that lasted a good two weeks each time.  My immune system seems to be failing me.  I blame the kids.  and I still have a cough. 

– Because I have been sick and wheezing I have been unable to run and while I miss it I also don’t miss it.  It has been nice to sleep in in the morning.   It has been dark out when I normally run and I don’t like to run in the dark.  Plus I lost a few pounds, I swear I weigh more when I exercise more because I eat more.  My appetite is crazy when I work out.

– I can’t wait to box up all the Halloween crap around our house – there I said it.  Saturday morning all that stuff is going right back in the attic.

– I bought holiday pillows at Target this week, yes I am that person buying Christmas stuff in October, but I swear the good stuff gets gone fast. #christmasobsessed.

– I kind of like Taylor Swift now.  She used to annoy me so bad but now I like her.  Her music is good and I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t slut herself out.

–  15 minutes into our car ride back to Charleston yesterday Sterling told me he had to pee and poop.  This is so typical even if I make him use the bathroom before we hit the road.  We stopped at a gas station that had so much random crap for sale and I bought blankets.  I know this is gross on so many levels but I really liked the blankets, they were big, and only $6!!  I mean they are kind of awesome right??  I will wash them first don’t worry!

– I have not slept thru the night in at least 3 weeks.  I wake up with weird dreams about the world ending or being stuck in a foreign country. 

–  Frances Moon turns one in less than a month and I have done nothing to plan her party.  I think it must be a second child thing.  With Sterling I had it all planned out at this point.  Her birthday will definitely be more low key than Sterling’s. I have found the party is more for the adults than kids, I mean she won’t even remember the day.

– I can’t find a sushi place I just love in Charleston, any recs?? The only time I seem to eat sushi these days is when I go to Charlotte.  I love Sushi Guru!!

– My house is a constant mess and it stresses it me out.  I am trying to be at peace with this and it is just how it is with two young kids but it drives me crazy.  They both pull things out as soon as I put them up.

– Sometimes I worry I like wine too much.  I swear I drink more wine now than I did before I had kids.  I am a hypochondriac so I worry about my liver.  But I do swear the wine helps keep me sane and relaxed.  I don’t take any meds, but the wine helps my anxiety- unless I drink too much and then it causes anxiety.  I do know my limits being hungover is not option with kids:)

–  I used to really like Breakfast and now there is nothing I ever want to eat.  I am sick of every single breakfast I used to love.  Lately I have been having green juice and turkey bacon- one good one bad:)

– I throw away plastic bags from stores.  I am so good about recycling everything else but those bags!  I feel guilty about it too but then I still toss them.

– My least favorite chore is emptying the dishwasher and I swear I do it everyday.  Its all the parts to the bottles and sippy cups that make it take forever!

– I am a
complete type A personality.  I like to be in control always.  If Matt
has the kids or a babysitter comes I always bath and feed them dinner
first because I am worried they won’t do it right (aka my way).  I am
trying to loosen up but its hard.

I have trouble just sitting down and relaxing.  I feel like there is
always something I need to be doing.  I cook most nights to have
something to do, I am not good with down time.

– I never skip a night washing my face or brushing my teeth ever.

– Fridays are my favorite day of the week.  

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Leslie says:

    Favorite post yet!!! This is why so many love you.

  2. kma3202 says:

    This is awesome! Love how you keep it real! šŸ™‚

  3. Ange says:

    I can relate on so many levels. I also throw away plastic bags. My 5 yr old just had his first cavity and I said let's not do laughing gas and see how he does. He did awesome and I was glad because it freaks me out! Happy Friday!

  4. Brooke says:

    Awesome post! I totally agree about the running. I try to keep my distance between 3-4 miles and only run 2-3/week for this very reason!

  5. Emily Clark says:

    We can't find a sushi place we love either! Tasty thai is our normal go to. But Rue de Jean also has a few amazing rolls! I don't get the hype over O Ku?

  6. Megan Leigh says:

    Love this!!!! It's always nice to get to "know" the blogger even more:)

  7. I had tons of cavities as a kid and my Mom was a total health nut! Apparently I just have weak teeth. So don't feel bad, it probably just is the structure of his teeth! I get so stressed about everything being neat now I can't even imagine when I have kids!

  8. Matthew had a cavity too, just one, but was also in shock as I don't buy candy at all. Love the quote that says that cleaning with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos, so so true! Hopefully you'll be able to run soon! šŸ˜‰

  9. I loved this post! I feel like I got to know you better;-)

  10. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Love this post! Can relate to sooo many things you said. Although, I really love Halloween. One of my fave holidays! Have a great Friday and Happy Halloween!!!

  11. Kris M. says:

    Love it..all universal mom are not alone!! Blog post 3-5 blogs you admire/read and some thoughts..

  12. Gail says:

    Can relate on so many things but important: Wine! Dishwasher!

  13. eelaroo says:

    If I had blog, I'm pretty sure I wrote this. It's amazing the things that go through our brains that no one knows about. Glad to see I'm not the only one worried about everything and drinking too much wine. I skip washing my face though, it makes me feel like I'm defying authority. Loved it! Thanks!

  14. Liana says:

    I thought you might enjoy these party ideas for Francis moon

  15. lifeasfour says:

    Love this post! I think all of us moms do so many of the same things and have so many of the same frustrations and guilty feelings! My son had cavity last time we went to the dentist and our dentist is daddy! I throw away the plastic bags too and wine is the only thing that gets me through the bedtime routine.
    KanPai in Mt. Pleasant has incredible sushi. I mean, amazing.

  16. Heather says:

    It's so much fun to see your confessions! I hope you feel better soon.

  17. angela says:

    I am a dental hygienist…ask them if his cavities are between teeth. It sounds to me like that's what they are saying…when they say the teeth are close together they are usually talking about that, and that means he HAS to floss. I know, I know…99% of parents do not floss their kids teeth. Try a fluoride rinse too, if he can spit. It happens, and it doesn't make you a bad mom. He'll be fine. šŸ™‚

  18. Carly says:

    I love confession posts! Ski-ki on East Bay has really good sushi. It's kind of a hole in the wall, but it's always delicious.

  19. Chelsey says:

    I loved this post!

    Secret: I have always loved Taylor Swift. I got her new album yesterday, and it is probably my favorite one to date. So many great songs with a lot of good beats to run to!

  20. Tess says:

    My favorite of your posts every time… many things I can relate to even though I'm not a mom of two young ones. My wine consumption is going to concern me when I get to that place!

  21. Aimee says:

    Thanks for being brave and putting yourself out there in list form. I related to every line.

  22. Sarah says:

    Confession: reading your blog is the first thing I do when I wake up un the morning. Love it. So many things I can relate to in this post. Those damn plastic bags are everywhere! I toss them too. I would rather scrub my kitchen floors than empty the dishwasher, I love loading it but hate unloading. Please don't worry about the laughing gas, it's super safe and if he gets too sleepy, all they have to do is take the mask off of his face. I'm a peds nurse and we use it for every procedure…IVs, lab draws etc. and….I drink wine almost every night…oops. Helps me chill after dinner while getting the kids ready for bed. Oh… And I love saying I'm a runner, I've ran 2 marathons and many many halfs but I actually HATE running. Wow…I feel better.

  23. You crack me up, love when you dish all these things! And I feel you on the exercise, you have more muscle when you're running too which always weighs more! Hope you have a wonderful weekend love!

  24. Rory says:

    I love these posts. Sometimes blogs can make people feel bad about themselves, because the blogger portrays themselves as perfect. Thanks for sharing some of your secrets and making your readers feel not so alone. You are an amazing lady!

  25. Lauren T. says:

    Probably could have written this post myself! Love it! And I agree-hooray to Halloween season being over tomorrow!!

  26. Love this post! I agree with pretty much every point you make here, you aren't alone!

  27. Marcie Lake says:

    Long time reader, first time commenting… Just wanted to say that I really wish we lived closer because I'm now more certain then ever that we'd be good friends šŸ™‚ Thanks for the honesty & morning laughs. Thank goddess for wine! And, coffee!

  28. Jen Watts says:

    These made me chuckle! Don't sweat the cavities. The dentist told me Carsyn would be likely to get them too since her teeth are so close together and we need to floss every night. So yeah, totally making sure that gets done. And Amen! Running makes me starve!! Its nice to have a break!

  29. I miss my wine!! There are so many worse things…and hey, wine has some good health benefits!! šŸ˜‰

  30. Micah Roden says:

    SO fun! I loved this post! You are not alone with most of your feelings. I don't even have kids yet and I stress all the time. I fear it will only get worse once I start having children.

  31. you rock!!! loved everything single thing you said!! I wish more bloggers would be more like this when they post! Thank you for keeping it real! xo

  32. this post is my FAAAAVE. love the honesty and keeping it real! so refreshing – sometimes i get so caught up in the perfection of everyone else's blog lives. i can so relate to these kinds of posts! lol. have a great weekend girl! xoxo

  33. I love your posts like this, it's so refreshing to have some pure honesty from some of my favorite bloggers. I laughed out loud when I read the wine post, I freak myself out about my love for wine and my liver too.

    Have a Happy Halloween!

    Emily from F Is For Blog

  34. Kate Duffy says:

    I love these posts! Thanks for sharing. I think so many of us are in the same boat, as moms. Also, I know so many people whose kids have cavities! One of my friend's kids has EIGHT! One reason I heard is that we don't drink tap water like when we were little so we don't get as much flouride.

  35. Leigh says:

    My confessions: I hate Halloween. I don't eat lots of candy and I don't like the creepy decorations. It's not my thing. I prefer Thanksgiving and Christmas. My house is always a mess. I clean and clean but it's never enough. I have two small kids and I am trying to accept that messy is okay. I took my 3 year old to the dentist and they barely even looked at his teeth. We had to trick him into posing for a picture so the dentist could even look at his teeth. He was just not having any part of it. They even put his favorite movie on "Cars" and still nothing. I love Taylor Swift. I can't stop singing "Shake It Off".

  36. I could've made almost all these same confessions. Anxiety sucks but wine helps. I think you have to drink a ton to destroy your liver. šŸ™‚

  37. Nickie says:

    So, in other words, you are just like the rest of us moms….or at least most of us!! The only main difference between you and I is that:
    1) I only have one child
    2) I would never run unless my life or my childs life was in danger.

    Have a great weekend and have fun putting up the halloween CRAP!!
    ps – sterling will be fine next week. My daughter had to have a tooth pulled at 4 1/2 and I felt like she was going to have major surgery. She did great!!

  38. Kerry Seely says:

    Omg! You read my mind. Like hit every nail on the head. It is so reassuring as a mother if two that someone else is going through the same strife. Thank you for sharing and being so candid.

  39. Love, love when you do these posts. I can relate on so many levels!

  40. LULUMOM says:

    Love your post Natalie! I was just telling my girls today how I never liked Taylor Swift but all of the sudden I think she is so cool. Her new music is AWESOME! I so related to every confession of yours:)

  41. HBW says:

    I also love T Swift now! I thought it could never happen but this latest album changed my mind. Love this post.

  42. Naturalntru says:

    Omg!! Lol! These made me lol in real life! I just love yr blog and how open you are. We are bffs in my head lol.

  43. Oriental Garden!!! Matthew and I used to go once a week when we lived in Mt. Pleasant and probably once a month for date night when we lived in Charleston šŸ™‚

  44. Christina says:

    if you can get past the fact that it's a total dive bar, Local's sushi really is amazing. And on Monday it's 50% off. Freaking delicious!! And I totally know what you mean with the vicious wine-anxiety cycle. The day after drinking a lot I am CRAZY. I feel like I"m losing my mind or that I'm like not really there (god that sounds psychotic typing it out) or just really off. I hate it. Also two day hangovers in your 30s must be a thing. I am STILL suffering from Thursday night's festivities. Damn fireball shots, ugh. Who orders those!??! Stupid boys. Ok end rant. love you mama!

  45. Christina says:

    if you can get past the fact that it's a total dive bar, Local's sushi really is amazing. And on Monday it's 50% off. Freaking delicious!! And I totally know what you mean with the vicious wine-anxiety cycle. The day after drinking a lot I am CRAZY. I feel like I"m losing my mind or that I'm like not really there (god that sounds psychotic typing it out) or just really off. I hate it. Also two day hangovers in your 30s must be a thing. I am STILL suffering from Thursday night's festivities. Damn fireball shots, ugh. Who orders those!??! Stupid boys. Ok end rant. love you mama!

  46. Morgan Smith says:

    We have a TON in common! Specifically the feeling of never having a clean house and liking wine too much {and also worrying about my liver!} I am glad the time finally changed because I can now run in the mornings at 5am before I have to get my oldest up and ready for school. It was just too dark before, and I lose motivation by the end of the day.

  47. Hi Id like to introduce myself, your twin! šŸ™‚ Best post I've read in a long time and funny! The running, wine, dishwasher, halloween decoations, downtime (and lack of), messy house…'s all me. You're not alone šŸ™‚

  48. I won't eat sushi anywhere other than Zen now that I have tried it! They catered the sushi at our wedding. It is AMAZING, you have to try it!
    Love the blog!

  49. My son had 5 cavities too!!! His dentist does anesthesia! So $1200 later we are fixed up!! And that's with insurance! I couldn't believe it, my dentist said it can just be hereditary. So I am brushing the babies teeth like crazy. It's wasn't too bad on him so I sure Sterling will be fine!

  50. Nicole says:

    I swear we are living parallel lives; I'm in Texas.
    My five year old boy had four cavities when we went to the dentist earlier this year. I was mortified. It is for the exact same reason as your Sterling – his teeth are so close together. I'm type A and rigorous when it comes to brushing. His cavities were all between his molars.
    I also have a 20 month old girl – so my kids are 3.5 years apart. And my house is always destroyed and it makes me crazy. Wine definitely helps though. šŸ™‚