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Thoughts For Friday

Apr 3, 2015

Who else is excited for the weekend?  We have fun Easter plans both Saturday and Sunday! 

My sweet Sterling lost his second tooth! We knew it was coming soon since the x-rays at the dentist showed his bottom 2 permanent teeth coming in. He was so excited:)

We have been in Charlotte this week and I stopped in an amazing home store, Slate Interiors.  I loved everything!!  Such cool vintage pieces. If you live in Charlotte or are visiting it is located on Central Ave.

Have you all seen the adorable Pom-Pom totes at Old Navy?  So cute!

This week I made Ina Garten’s Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with truffle butter.  It was amazing.  I highly recommend.  We served it as an app for Happy Hour.  This Chloe Pinot Grigio is also really good!

We did an Easter Egg at my parents house and my sweet Dad made the kids baskets just like we had growing up.  I still need to paint them, but they are so special.

 Sterling decided to decorate my mom’s pot and I was pretty impressed with his art skills.

Found the cutest Romper at JCrew, it has tassels on the ties.

Frances in her sweet embroidered romper from Gap:)  Currently 40% off with code NEW.

While I was in Charlotte I stopped in The Wine Store, one of my favorite wine stores because they have tasting machines so you can try before you buy.  If you like rose I recommend the Lafage, ts awesome!

Can’t stop dreaming about this Palm Print Mara Hoffman Dress.

The ct out back is stunning.

Found the cutest shades for Sterling and Finley.

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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  1. Philo says:

    I know you had a tough day yesterday. I actually thought you would do a post with ANY links for once. Have you ever considered addressing any of the criticisms you have received? I know it would be a tough pill to swallow, but I think your readers deserve that. Finicky Filly is sure dealing with a lot of backlash from this. Maybe you could help them out and explain some things. The more honest and open you are (even with crediting recipes…)the more your readership will grow. I agree that Finicky Filly was an epic fail for the store, but why don't you provided some answers???

  2. Rory Gruler says:

    Hello Slate Interiors! I need to take a road trip to Charlotte soon!

  3. That asparagus looks delish! Can't wait to try that bowtie spinach salad soon too – thanks for the great recipe inspiration!

  4. Don't buy the tassel tote. Both straps broke off mine in less than 24 hours. it's a shame because it's such a cute bag

  5. Georgia Glam says:

    That is a great J.Crew romper! I just wonder if I could pull that off since I am petite?? I missed your post yesterday – but just now read it – and I wanted to let you know that I'll say a prayer for all your "haters". I am sorry that you received so much backlash. I will admit, that there have been a few times, where I have WISHED for your shopping budget šŸ™‚ but at the same point in time, did everyone realize that Finicky Filly is an UPSCALE AKA EXPENSIVE store on King Street in Charleston? Anyway, I look forward to many more shopping posts and updates on your kiddos! I hope y'all have a great Easter weekend!

  6. Latawnieh says:

    What cookbook or site can I find the asparagus recipe? Have a great weekend!

  7. Katie says:

    I always enjoy your blog. My kids are in their teen years, so I like to see the pictures of your kids in their precious years. I'm sorry for all the negative feedback. There are probably over a million blogs, so if someone doesn't like what you're putting on your blog, I don't understand why they don't move on. Just like if I go in a store and don't like their merchandise or don't like their policy, I stop shopping there. I realize there is a lot of work that goes into keeping up with daily posts, so you deserve to be compensated. Keep doing what you are doing!

  8. Anonymous says:

    My friend said the same thing about the tassel tote, and I actually tried on the jumper. I found the material to be cheap and not worth the price tag at all. Asparagus looks so yummy!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have yet to comment on Natalie's blog, but love reading it, and all I can say about the backlash from yesterday is: Seriously???!!!! Are we seriously bringing up ethics and the FTC on a lifestyle blog? I doubt anyone comes here to get their world news–this is a blog to go for fun and escape. And who are you to criticize how much she spends and if she is spending too much? She puts her life out there, which is way more brave than I could be–so who are any of us to criticize what she does? Natalie provides a daily escape, and provides fun lifestyle and fashion tips. She is a mom of two and still finds the time to write a daily blog that you are obviously reading. The only thing I want to know is how she gets her kids to behave so well when she is trying clothes on?! That is much more pressing to me! Haters gonna hate, Natalie…keep doing what you are doing!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The people commenting on yesterday's post were not "haters." I'm so tired of that word being thrown around inappropriately. The people who commented yesterday were long-time readers and fans of Natalie. People who have followed her over the years and enjoyed her blog. People who felt like they were tricked by her link practices and used for a quick dollar. Nobody who commented yesterday said anything "mean" to Natalie – they just expressed their concerns, frustrations, and disappointment with the way she is running the blog now, compared to how she used to run it in the past. To say that unhappy readers should just read elsewhere is fine BUT I think people who have been reading this blog for years also have every right to express their disappointment with the direction the blog is going. If you are a diehard fan of a certain actor and then watch a movie that actor is in and absolutely hate the movie do you have a right to voice that disappointment? Or if you read a book that you can't stand but it was written by your favorite author are you allowed to voice that disappointment? Absolutely.

    I'm sure some readers will stop reading after yesterday's post. Some probably won't and it's not because they're trolls or jealous haters. It's because they used to really like this blog and they're watching and waiting for it to return to what it once was.

    As blog readers we don't have to be all praise all the time. When we feel a connection to a blog or a blogger we should be allowed to express frustration, disappointment, or hurt by things the blogger says or does. In real life that's how we are with friends so why not with bloggers as well?

    And yes, ethics are being brought up on a lifestyle blog. Why shouldn't they? We all have a responsibility to behave ethically and morally in our daily lives. What we do or how we do it doesn't change that.

  11. Sian says:

    Hi Natalie,

    I love reading your blog and I think you should come out with your own cookbook! I would definitely buy it.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter

  12. Nat says:

    Love that romper on you- esp since I know you're tall like me and it works! Could FM be any cuter in that Gap dress?! Love those easter baskets your dad made- so special. Hope you all have a good Easter weekend with your family!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am in TOTAL agreement with the last anonymous post. Natalie is making money off of her blog, and we have every right to express our disappoint in its direction. It certainly does not make us "haters" and "unsouthern" as one reader expressed. We, as loyal readers, have just as much of a voice. I am so tired of anyone with different views being lambasted and called for things they are not. And for the one reader that question whether we are born in the south or not, shame on you…the world we live in today should not be full of such hypocrites.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Finicky Filly…what kind of business are you running??? Not OK, and I will take my business elsewhere.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Agree on the Finicky Filly comment. Done and done.

  16. Keely says:

    I'm sooo sorry you had to read the terrible comments from yesterday!!!! What is wrong with people??? I give you HUGE props for doing this blog and raising a family and on top of that earning a income from it! You rock!!!! I enjoy your blog for many reasons…your relatable, you "shop"for us (Because I don't take the time to go through websites and stores to see what is new and cute…you do it for us…awesome!), now it doesn't take many brain cells to know I don't HAVE to buy everything you show…come on people! Also you share great recipes, places to check out, restaurants to try….I just think you do a fabulous job! I'm not sure what people expect…this is your personal space and you do with it how YOU choose! I hope this hasn't bothered you, it shouldn't, people need to look in the mirror and take care of their own issues and keep negative BS to the self. Happy Easter, XOXO

  17. Kris M. says:

    Natalie, to say you have had a rough week at the office is putting it midly. I'm not sure how you handle negative comments, but in this case, as in all cases of life, stick to the 4 agreements of life. I think it can help you today. 1) Be Impeccable with your Word–obviously many readers feel like you are being dishonest. A door was certainly opened. I think everyone who reads your blog doesn't beleive that. It's the blog land–for some reason it's this big, little secret that bloggers make money. Maybe it's time to re-think your discloser. 2) Don't Take Anything Personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. Even when a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you. If they tell you how wonderful you are they are not saying that bc of you. You know how you feel about yourself. 3) Don't make assumptions. Ask questions. Make sure the communication is clear. 4) Always do your best. Don't take your negative comments and start applying Pinterest quotes to your life. It's more than that. It comes with the territory. Just don't let it get in your head, and don't take it personally. Grow from it.

  18. Trying to figure out why people follow you and read your blog when they have so much hate! When someone judges you, it does not define who you are, it simply defines who they are'. Much love to you!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Natalie, don't change or further explain anything. If long time readers and/or "fans" need to get their "disappointment" off their chest, let them and pray they move on. It will clear the field for those of us who like what you are doing in the here and now.

  20. Natalie I love your blog! You seem like an awesome mom, genuine friend and super shopper with great tastes! Best wishes to you and your family on Easter!

  21. Unknown says:

    I too have never commented on a blog…but reading all this mess, I think I'll throw in my unsolicited two cents. 1. I think this blog is fun and cute and the fashion posts are entertaining. 2. I hope you make money from your blog. Hey people, that's what bloggers do-who gives a rip?! 3. I think everyone needs to grab a glass of Natalie's fave wine and chill…do you have nothing else to worry about than what some girl writes about?? (I don't even know this gal for the record I just enjoy her blog)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Miss your old blog, just the daily ins and outs of your life with the kids, food and a "little" fashion. I think folks are upset because you have gone from a fun read to throwing things on your blog to make a quick buck.

  23. JRA says:

    Wow, just got back to vacation and was catching up on favorite blogs. I'm in PR and I find nothing wrong with your accepting "gifts" which is common in the blogging world. Know that you have done nothing wrong and you've been more than transparent.

    BTW, to all those negative people…Natalie and her husband seem as if they are hardworking parents and citizens. Whatever they choose to spend their money on is their business, they nor their children appear to be suffering or in need of basic necessities.

    Oh, and finally, I read Natalie's blog for her fabulous taste in clothing, her recipe finds, her adorable children and her running music lists.

    Hang in there Natalie, your blog is exactly what we look for in the PR world!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    yes, it is a lifestyle blog…but it is on a public forum and you are making income off your sponsorships and link so the FTC has jurisdiction over your blog. People just want honesty and genuiness. You probably are those things in real life but maybe some of your practices don't reflect that it at least appear not to..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Shame on the commenters who call people haters when they are merely providing feedback for a PUBLIC blog! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – even when it includes some negative feedback. It doesnt have ANYTHING to do with "hate" and that is a horrible word to throw around. Use the word critic, if you choose to use anything.

  26. Betsy says:

    Girl I love your blog. I think it's great that you make money from it! You are not a politician so I am a little confused as to why people are so upset about what you post. Keep up the good work! You don't owe anyone anything. Ladies if you don't like what you are reading -move along!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Looks like you deleted Ashley's comment on Instagram. Just curious as to why???

  28. Joanna says:

    Love that you are way to classy to comment on the hate and stoop to their level! Keep doing what you're doing. Love love your blog!