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Thoughts For Friday

Jun 26, 2015

I have been wanting to write about the tragic event that happened here last week but every time I tried to I just wanted to cry.  I did not grow up in Charleston but after 8 years here I consider Charleston my home.  I absolutely love it here and have no plans to ever leave.   It is a magical city filled with so much historic charm and Southern hospitality.  

My mind can not even comprehend what would make someone want to murder that many people.  Its shocks me to my core.  What makes someone do that??  I think about those 9 people who lost their lives every single day.  9 good souls that were just trying to learn at bible study.  My heart breaks for their families left behind.  In such a tragic situation you would think no good would come out of it but I am so proud of our city and how everyone has bonded together.  Charleston is resilient, Charleston is strong, Charleston has so much love to offer.  There is more good than evil in the world and we have to remember that. 

This picture is truly amazing.  The show of love and unity our community has showed the last week is outstanding.  So very proud of this city I am lucky enough to call home.

Now on a lighter note:

I finally caught back up on my OC Housewives.  Can I just say how happy I am they are back.  Heather’s new home blows my mind, who needs 14 bathrooms???    I can’t believe Vicki is still with Brooks and if he is lying about cancer that is crazy- run Vicki!  Tamara had like her 10th boob job but could care less.  Love the new girl who is clearly more into her husband than he is to her.  Can’t wait for a drama filled season.

I have to say Rodney has been fitting right in here.  The kids just adore him and he is so good with them.  Sterling’s crab sheets are on sale right now, they are a favorite round here.

This little lady had her 18 month check up this week.  How is it possible she is almost 2??  She was 97th percentile for height and weight.  They gave her two shots and she did not shed one tear.  She looked at the nurses like is that all you got??  Such a tough cookie.

Wearing Little Adi and Co

I am hoping to make this Summer Garden White Bean Dip this weekend.  How amazing does it look?

Last night I finally had the chance to try Chez Nous a little French restaurant downtown.  They have a new menu everyday that they post on instagram.  It really was a treat to dine here.  The food and service were excellent.

We started with the cheese special and the most delicious bottle of rose.

 After that I had the melon and crab salad + chicken ravioli.  Both were delicious.

I wore my Pink Stitch maxi dress.  I have mentioned this dress before but it is a favorite of mine.  I wore it all while I was pregnant and still love it not pregnant.  

Pink Stitch Maxi | Crescent Necklace | Claire V Clutch 

With my girls Caycee and Krystine.

On instagram several of you asked about my nail polish color.  I went super neon before vacation for my toes and nails.  I did both in colors from the China Glaze line.  They make the best neon nail colors.

The Gigi New York Summer Sale just started!  You can take 25% off all the Summer Colors!

My everyday bag, The Bucket Tote in Dessert Rose is included in the sale.  It is one of my favorite bags!

Yesterday we finally busted out our Zoku Quick Popsicle maker.   We purred peaches and bananas to make pops and they were so good.  I love that the quick machine has the pops ready in 7 minutes.  Perfect for impatient kids.

Happy Friday!



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  1. Alie says:

    That French restaurant looked great! I love that dress on you! The color & everything is your perfect dress! Have a wonderful day & weekend!

  2. Are you going to show your kitchen reveal? I just remembered you had the backsplash put in with the popsicle picture. Would love to see it all together! Love that bucket bag!

  3. graywolff says:

    We went to Chez Nous in November….three thumbs up!

  4. Morgan Smith says:

    We have a Zoku too, it's great! Farrah is also 97% in both height and weight šŸ™‚ They do just grow so fast. I'm not from Charleston originally either, and I am very proud to be in this city after the way we all came together.