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What’s In My Bag

Sep 17, 2015

Guilty confession, my US Weekly Magazine is one of the highlights of my week.  I have always loved celebrity gossip, so when it arrives in the mail I am one happy camper.  I love the page, What’s in my Bag,  where the celebrities share what they keep in their purses.  For some reason this always fascinates me.  While I am no celebrity I thought it would be fun to share a peek in my purse. 

Disclaimer.  This was taken after I cleaned my purse out.  Common items in my purse are spare change, crumpled receipts, crushed food, and trash.  But that stuff is no fun to look at.

Also note I used to keep diapers and wipes in purse but now that Frances is older and I don’t change her diaper as often I just keep a few in my car. It makes my purse so much lighter without them in there.

Purse | Annabel Ingall

I am frequently switching purses but this is one of my favorite everyday purses.  It has so much room and I love the look.  I have the larger size.

Also comes in Tan | and Military

Gucci Wallet My wallet is almost 6 years old and still kicking it.  I used my Christmas money one year to buy it during an after Christmas sale and still love it.

Gigi Notebook– I always keep a notebook with me.  I am super old fashioned and like to write to-do lists, grocery lists, and ideas down.  I like this leather binder because you can refill the pages and use it year to year.

Wet HairbrushIf you don’t have one you need one.  This brush saved my life, and works wonders on my tangled hair.  I keep it in my purse more for the kids.  I feel like I frequently need a brush for them.

Altoids- I hate gum, never chew it but I love a good strong mint.  Helps knock out bad breath if you have it.

Car Keys– love my tassel key chain.  

It makes it so easy to find my keys in my purse, plus it’s cute!

Hand Sanitizer– a must especially now that the kids are back in school!  Germ Central.

Ray-Bans– I always have at least one pair of sunglasses in my purse.  These are my new favorites.

Contact Travel Case–  I have major contact issues.  They are constantly watering and irritating my eyes so I carry this case with me in case I need to remove them while I am out.

Sheseido Powder– Hands down the best face powder ever.  It provides such smooth and even coverage.  I always toss it in my purse before I leave in case I need a touch up.  It really makes your skin flawless.   I use I20 for those curious about colors.

Beauty Counter Rose Water Spray– The perfect uplifting spray.  This is great if you travel often.  Just a spritz refreshes your face.

Make-up Case

Inside my make-up pouch I keep lipsticks and perfume.

Beauty Counter Rose Lipstick

Beauty Counter Scarlet Lipstick

Stila Lipstick in Betsy

Chanel Lip gloss (the best lip gloss ever)

Jo Malone Peony& Blush Perfume (this is the perfect small size perfume for your purse)

I also always have snacks in my purse for the kids.  They are always hungry all the time!  Veggie chips for the kids and I love the Trader Joe’s individual nut trail mix packs.  They are the perfect small snack on the go!

What do you keep in your purse that I don’t and need to?

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  1. kimm atwood says:

    When I clean out my purse it's like I can make provide a complete meal with the food I find in there ! Life with kids !!!

  2. betsysc says:

    Hey Natalie, I started having irritability issues with contacts in the last year. After wearing extended ones for years, I switched to dailys. That helped, but still didn't stop it completely. Then, my Dr again realized how completely dry my eyes were (working on computers increases this, by the way) so now I do Restasis eye drops too. They have helped me SO much. I use them sparingly- it hurts your feelings (& makes you angry) it is so crazy expensive, but they have become a critical part of my day! Good luck with that- never thought it could be so problematic, but it is (especially if you hate wearing glasses like I do!) Love your bag contents- always so fun to see what others carry!!

  3. Brave girl to show your purse contents. No way could I even after I cleaned it out :). Now, I'm off to find those veggie ghosts and bats chips for my baby girl. Yay, she's almost 20 yo but loves veggie chips and will love these!

  4. Lauren says:

    Great post, I love reading the what's in my bag in US Weekly too! Where did you get the travel contact case? I have major contact issues too but can't seem to find a case that works.


  5. My purse looks almost exactly like yours! I do have a small cosmetic bag that I can fit in my larger purses and I keep things like: Benadryl stick, Tide stick, Neosporin, band-aids, chapstick, advil, tampons, hair ties, etc. I am the girl who always has things handy if someone needs them at work or out.

  6. I love learning what people keep in their bags! I've been all about trying to simplify and keep fewer things in my purse (because it used to get so heavy!) but I miss having anything I need right at my fingertips! I did, however, just find a bunch of leaves at the bottom of my bag, so there's no telling how that got there…

  7. Kelly Otwell says:

    I second the restasis suggestion. It has changed my life and I can't imagine having to live without it. My insurance pays well and my eye Dr also gave me a coupon card that knocks some more off of the price. Also, I was constantly battling receipts taking over my purse. I went to the Container Store and bought a little plastic pouch to hold my receipts. It's about the size of a large envelope and has a velcro closure. I highly recommend it.

  8. This reminds me I need to clean out my bag! I fall under the "trash and receipts" category. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Liz says:

    What color Chanel gloss??!!