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Thoughts for Thursday

Nov 17, 2016

Can ya’ll believe Thanksgiving is one week from today?  Crazy right?  

I found the cutest sparkly french fry shirt for Frances at Target this week.  She loved it of course, sparkles and her favorite food:)   I loved the pizza version too!

French Fry shirt | Leggings | Shoes

Another recent Frances Moon outfit.  I seriously love what she puts together.  She is very opinionated! 

Tee Shirt | Tutu Skirt

I have mentioned my love for Barrington Totes on here often.  They only run a sale only once a year  and it started yesterday.  Use code VIP15 to save 15% off all orders.  

This St Anne Tote is an everyday favorite.  I used it as a diaper bag with Frances and now as a purse. 

St Anne Tote | Tee | Scarf | Jeans | Necklace

I also love the St Charles Yacht Tote.   It is the perfect carry on size for flying because it fits right under the seat and it holds so much!

A recent outfit this week.   I have loved that is slightly cooler here!  

OTK Boots | Sweater on sale  | Necklace | Jeans

This was a dinner I made this week.  Roasted sweet potatoes + Sauteed Kale and broccolini + pesto quinoa.  For the quinoa I buy these pre-made cups by Cucina & Amore (see pic below).  They come in a few flavors and I love them for lunch or dinner.   I roasted the sweet potatoes with olive oil and salt.  Then I sauteed the kale and broccolini in olive oil and added balsamic vinegar at the end.     The three were a great combo together.  

This flavor is my favorite but the pesto is a close second! The sauce comes separate on top and you just mix it all together!  

I am still slowly decorating for Christmas.  It is nice since we will be gone next week to come back and have some of the decorating done before we get our tree.

I found my tall glass trees at Home goods and the smaller ones at an estate sale.  Simon Pierce makes some really gorgeous ones too but they are pricey.  

I am addicted to Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies.  I have watched one every single day for the past 8 days.  Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.  But I love them. I really enjoyed The Mistletoe Promise with Jamie King.

I finally downloaded a new book and I am really enjoying it.  It is Elin Hilderbrand’s Here’s to Us.  I am always a fan of her books. They are usually light and easy reads.  Lately I have not wanted to read anything too heavy.  

I am getting ready to update our master bedroom.  It is the one room in our house I don’t love.  I am working with Alex Kaehler again and so excited, she always puts together the best design ideas!! She helped me with my dining room and den and I both spaces so much.  These are two of my inspiration pictures for the bedroom.  

I spied the cutest holiday dress at Anthro last week.  I keep thinking about it, I love the fringe detail at the bottom.

Fringe Dress

I had this red wine recently and it is really good!

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Elin Hilderbrand just released the final book in her holiday trilogy and all three are so good! They're called winter street, winter stroll, and winter storm. Great Christmas story!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I want to read that book!! I lhope its a good one
    Chelsea @

  3. Christina says:

    Jamie King is gorgeous and who is that hunk with her!??!

  4. Sarah P says:

    I am obsessed with the Hallmark holiday movies too! I watch about 4 each Sunday while I do laundry and tidy up the house. I loved seeing Jaime King in one!

  5. Can I have Francis Moon's French fry outfit? I'm in love. I am totally into the Hallmark and Lifetime movies too!
    Love the bedroom inspiration, especially the nightstands in the second photo!

    Taylor (switching to from It's the Little Things :D)

  6. aHHH I love the Hallmark movies. I was traveling for work last week and watched them every night in the hotel- without any boyfriend judgement haha!

  7. I literally DVR every Hallmark Channel movie because I love them so much! They are what make Christmas feel like Christmas to me šŸ™‚ ha!! I thought the Mistletoe Promise was a really good one!!