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Thoughts For Thursday

Jan 26, 2017

Happy Thursday!  I can’t believe this is last Thursday of the month already!

I finally decided to cut a few inches off my hair yesterday.  I was nervous but glad I finally did.  It feels so much healthier.

Several of you asked about my sunglasses in the picture above.  They are only $24 and I love the larger size.  They come in a few other colors as well.   Also loving my new Anna Beck ring, I adore her jewelry.  My nail color is OPI Taupe-less Beach.

Sunglasses | Ring I also love this style

Last night was my monthly girl’s supper club.  We tried out Aya in Mt Pleasant which was delicious.  I had the Ramen Bowl and Avocado tacos and both were so good!

Outfit Details

This ruffle tee is only $35 and also comes in a blush pink color.  I went with a size medium for a boxier fit. 

Tee | Earrings | Clutch | Jeans | Pumps | Watch

I snuck a ride on Sterling’s 4 wheeler and I gotta say those things are fun.

Barre Class details.  I loved my black leggings like this so much I bought the navy as well.

Yoga mat | Leggings

I tried a coffee spot this week, Rise Coffee Bar on Wentworth.  A friend recommended their almond latte and it was so good!

I mentioned before I am revamping my master bedroom.  A few pieces have started arriving and I am getting so excited about it!  

Pillows | Bench | Artwork | Throw 

We found a heart shaped strawberry in our carton.  How cool is that?

This little lady has so much attitude these days.  Gotta love her.

For some reason our hall bath tub water was not heating this week so I had to improvise and bathe Frances in the kitchen sink.  Not gonna lie it was kind of nice I could cook dinner and watch her at the same time.  I remember when I was young my grandmother always bathed us in her sink and we loved it. The Beauty Counter kids collection is my favorite, I especially love the conditioner for Frances.

I seriously can’t get enough of Parenthood.  I am already worrying what I am going to watch when it is over.  I look forward to getting in bed and watching it every night! I just love all the characters.   Any other Netflix favs?

Have a great day!

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  1. I just finished Parenthood and I feel so lost! Such a great show! That picture of FM with those glasses is hilarious!

  2. Andrea C says:

    I absolutely love your hair, so cute!! Right now I'm bingewatching Gilmore Girls, really like it but it's a lot of episodes. I LOVED The Crown, can't wait for it to come back on. Breaking Kimmie Schmidt is light and really funny, like LOL funny.

  3. Have you been watching This Is Us on NBC? Not a Netflix show yet, but still so good. It's just in it's first season & has already been renewed for seasons 2 & 3. I may be wrong but I've heard that it is by the same writers as Parenthood.

  4. Dang Natalie! That quote at the end. Hit like a bag of bricks, so thank you for sharing. 1. Your hair looks fabulous! 2. Frances is just the cutest thing ever. 3. Love your ideas on how to work those heels. I have the same color and I am going to branch out with them. 4. Thank you for being so consistent with your blog especially posting regularly. : ))

  5. Sarah Page says:

    After watching Parenthood (and feeling lost because I didn't know what to watch next), I watched Brothers and Sisters. Same concept (big family) and the cast is great. Also – you're hair looks amaze!

  6. I love your haircut! Very chic. Look's great! Start watching the Americans. We are in the middle of season 2 now and we love it. Or have you seen VEEP? That show is hilarious and you don't even have to watch it in seasonal order to laugh your ass off.

  7. Jen says:

    I second Brothers and Sisters–awesome show! Love your hair like that!

  8. Sinclaire says:

    The Fall on Netflix is so addicting! Jamie Dornan is the main character (who is a serial killer), and I cannot stop watching. I will be very sad once it's over!

  9. Parenthood remains one of my Top 5 favorite shows ever! I really did feel lost when it ended and it is AMAZING the whole way through! I've gotten into "Younger" lately & even though it's totally different from Parenthood it's really cute and fun!

  10. I like your haircut! Parenthood was also one of my favorite shows. I also enjoyed Gilmore Girls. I don't know if you have amazon prime, but Good Girls Revolt is excellent!

  11. My cousins live in Mt. Pleasant and LOVE it!

  12. Adore your shorter hair!! It looks so good on you! I was so sad when Parenthood was over- I watched every episode religiously!

  13. Chris Zavitz says:

    Have you watched 'Billions'? It's awesome.

  14. Love the new 'do! Hint on the hall bathtub–it's probably the mixer valve. It's an easy fix…for a plumber; a little work for a diyer.

    I've got no suggestions for shows except for The Crown which I am obsessed with! (Currently we're dvr-ing Victoria on PBS). We're trying to finish up Narcos so we can get back to a House of Cards-Season 2! I have to sneak in Gilmore Girls :).

  15. Kelly Otwell says:

    I've actually watched Parenthood all the way through twice. It was just as good the second time around šŸ™‚

  16. Loving your haircut !!!! That strawberry is perfection – so fun !!

  17. Mrssword says:

    Your hair looks so great! I chopped about 5 inches off mine and it is the shortest its ever been but I love how healthy it feels! I just finished watching The Crown and it was soo good!! I am definitely putting Parenthood on my watchlist. = )