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Thoughts For Thursday

Mar 22, 2018

Happy Thursday Friends!  This week has flown by and I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.  Today is my favorite brain dump day!  Lots of random thoughts coming your way!

Found a new tee I am loving.  I bought both the solid and stripe version.  I am wearing an XS in both, runs on the large side.

Solid Tee | Stripe Tee

Two dinners I loved this week:

Roasted sweet potatoes, Trader Joe’s Chicken jalapeno sausage, Arugula with Green Goddess dressing + a little parmesan and a fried egg.  Even the kids ate this and loved it.

Taco Salad Bowl | Ground Beef + Shredded white Cheddar + shredded lettuce + tomatoes + refried beans + plantain chips + guacamole.  The plantain chips were so good in this!

I have been reading a new book called Unfu*k Yourself and really loving it.  I seriously love to read self help books.

Love this page about getting out of your comfort zone.  Something I am so guilty of.

I had been hearing people rave and rave about the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk lipliner and lipstick so I finally ordered it and y’all I am obsessed.  It is quite possibly the best and most flattering nudish pink.  You will love it I promise!

Lipstick | Lipliner


One of my favorite tee shirt dresses is back in stock.  I am wearing a size small.

Ruffle Tee Shirt Dress

I asked you guys for natural deodorant recommendations and by far the most recommended was Native.  So I ordered two different scents to try and I will report back.  In the past I have tried a few natural deodorants (Toms and Lavanila)  and I still smelled like BO.  Several of you mentioned detoxing your body first taking a break from regular deodorant before you start the natural one.  Also giving the natural deodorant 2 full weeks for your body to adapt to it and start working.   Also many of you recommended this detox mask as well which I think I may try out!

Detox Mask

A little outfit inspiration and this dress is only $32.  It runs on the large side, I got a 2.

White Dress | Necklaces | Sandals

Ben built me a new dining table for our patio and I am on the hunt for chairs to go with it.   The table is similar to this one, and I love these chairs.  Anyone know where I could find chairs like these?

Rebecca Taylor is running their Friends and Family Sale use code FAMILY25 to save 25% off everything.  I love this drop waist dress.

I have this dress and love it! Now 25% off.

Stripe Dress


Colleen Rothschild finally restocked their 3 best selling products and you can use code ITSBACK20 to save 20% off them.  I swear by this Extreme Recovery Cream.



If you are looking for a fun Easter treat to make these Coconut Macaroon Easter Nests.  We made these a few years ago and they are so cute.

Have a great day!


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  1. CC says:

    Hi! The chairs in that patio photo are Knoll bertoia chairs 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    I made those macaroons too when I saw them on your blog last time. Surprisingly easy and of course delish! Also, I put the Native Lavender & Rose deodorant on at night and the scent helps me sleep. Hope you enjoy that brand. xo

  3. Andrea says:

    Please share a photo of you wearing the Charlotte Tilbury lipliner and lipstick! I’ve been contemplating it for awhile too but it’s a tricky decision since it seems to look so different on everyone depending on their coloring.

  4. Elle says:

    Search for bertoia chairs, there are tons of replicas available!

  5. Abby says:

    Eat Plants. Made me LOL!

  6. Emily says:

    Check out They have some patio chairs that look very similar to the pic!

  7. Erin says:

    We have those chairs in the cafe at my office, they look great, but aren’t that comfortable. I have seen them on the website AllModern, you could try there. Hope that helps if you decide to get them.

  8. Mother Henn says:

    This is going to sound gross, but just trying to be helpful…..I ruined some blouses when I was experimenting with natural deodorant. I didn’t know about detoxing first, and I think that’s exactly what my body was doing. I had large pit stains (so gross, I know) on some shirts and blouses that I couldn’t spray and wash off. I don’t think it was just sweat (although it does feel weird to sweat because most natural deodorant is not an antiperspirant – so be prepared to sweat – maybe keep some deodorant wipes handy), I think it was the chemicals from previous deodorants coming out. I work in a professional environment, and ultimately went back to regular deo/antiperspirant. I’d like to try again, but maybe during some time off, and doing the detox first……and definitely while wearing old shirts. Just my two cents worth. Good luck.

  9. Holly says:

    Please take a pic and post on instagram of you wearing the lipstick! Im so on the fence if its worth it. I am fair skin girl like yourself so I anxious to see how it wears.. Thank you!

  10. Julia says:

    I used Native for six months or more after having used Lavanilla for more than a year, and I found them to be very similar. I just switched to Pink Hippo made locally in Charlotte, and I love it so far. It’s also available on Amazon as a third-party seller. Definitely recommend it!