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10 Cool Kid Finds

Oct 8, 2020

Personalized Triangle Chairs- Santa brought these to Sterling and Frances Moon for Christmas. We alternate between keeping them in our playroom and their rooms. They come in so many fabric choices, and I think they ate way cooler than a regular beanbag chair. This is the fabric we have! PS we got bleach on Sterling’s it doesn’t normally have spots like that- haha!

Crayon Name Set– I am ordering these as Christmas gifts, so cute! They wold be such a gift paired with a coloring book or drawing pad.

Would You Rather Book for Kids– Both my kids love this book. I lay in bed with them at night and we read it and laugh!

DIY Bracelet Kit– This is so cute and I love that it doesn’t have teeny tiny beads. A good activity to keep the kids busy!

Air Fort- I am going to get my kid’s one of these for Christmas. My good friend has one and my kids love to play in it. It easily inflates and deflates.

Motivation Board for Kids– I was looking for one of these for Frances Moon because everything is a struggle with her these days. From getting dressed, to brushing teeth, brushing hair- its always a battle. I thought this may make it fun and inspire her.

Kindness Doll– I bought Frances Moon one of these two years ago in Beaufort. I love the idea, it comes with 10 tokens of different acts of kindness. When your child does one you put one of the coins in the doll’s back.

Little Miss Books– I used to read these as a kid and loved them, so I was so excited to find them for Frances! Sterling used to have the MR. Books but he has kind of outgrown them now. Both are such cute sets.

Kid’s Baking Set- Sterling has really been into cooking and helping me in the kitchen. This personalized set is perfect for the little chefs.

Kids Puffy Jacket- Last year the women’s version of this was a top Amazon seller. It is now out in the adorable kid version. It comes in 4 cute colors.

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