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Amazon Finds | March Edit

Mar 24, 2021

Yeti Water Bottle | These are my new favorite water bottles. Now that they have the spouted mouth it makes it so much to drink out of them as opposed to their old wide mouth design. Also Loving all the new colors.

It’s Not Complicated | I have been a fan of Katie Lee for years, I just think she is the cutest and sweetest and love her recipes. I just got her new book and it looks awesome.

Cuticle Oil | I have started going back to the salon to get my nails done but I find my cuticles stay dry and this oil really helps. I apply a little at night.

Mini Wet Brush | I keep this in my car, its the perfect travel size. I prefer the wet brush with the boars bristles like this.

Drybar Shower Cap | This shower cap is legit, best one I have had. It truly keeps your hair dry. Ordered this after things I bought and like posted on IG Stories. Her recs are always the best.

Turmeric Almonds | these are insanely delicious, my new favorite snack. They are crunchy almonds coated with seal salt and turmeric.

Pastel Highlighters | I have been really into highlighting my planner and love these pastel highlighters.

Clear Travel Case | We are traveling this week and I ordered this for toiletries. Love that it is stiff and also see through. Perfect size for toiletries and make up.

Amazon Basics Tees | $16 for 2, these tees are great for the price. I do a medium for an oversized fit.

Brass Trashcans | Ordered these for our bathrooms. Would be great by a desk too.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor | Been using these for years. Great for lightly shaving your face esp the chin and upper lip area if you know what I mean:)

Brad’s Veggie Chips | I am hooked on these chips. I love each flavor- they are great in hummus.

Storage Jars | I ordered these for our pantry. Perfect for sugars and flours.

Food Storage Containers | These are the best food storage containers, I just ordered this new color set.

Polarized Sunglasses | Loved these $14 sunglasses so much I bought them in 2 colors. Love that they are polarized.

Sunglasses Case | This is perfect to keep in your car or house to store sunglasses.

Make Up Eraser Towel | This is my second purchase of this. It is the best make up remover, so gentle on your face. I use this with my face oil to pre cleanse my face before I wash it.

Hangover Patch | My friends that came in town two weekends ago brought these and I tried one and I swear it works. The older I get the harder wine hits me so I used one of these the night we went out to dinner and felt great the next day. You just stick on your bottom or anywhere and it replenishes your vitamins and antioxidants that get depleted with alcohol.

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