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6 Health Supplements I Use and Love

May 16, 2023

Last week I visited a more integrative/holistic doctor. While I like my Primary care doctor I wanted something personal and a more hands on approach other then see you next year. Being in my 40’s a lot has changed my metabolism, ability to lose weight, sleep issues and more. So I am excited to start on this healthy journey with my new doctor. I want to feel my best in my 40s and take all the proper steps to do that. I wanted to share a few current health items I personally use and love. I am obviously not a doctor but I find these products work really well for me.

1| KROMA Matcha + KROMA Beef Broth | You may remember I did the Kroma 1 day and 5 day Reset Cleanses and loved them both. I love all the Kroma products so much I keep reordering them. I drink the matcha a few mornings a week. I froth some unsweetened almond milk with it and it is so delicious. I also love the beef broth and often use it as a meal replacement. All the lattes are wonderful, the Cookie Butter is amazing and I also like the Magnesium drink as well. My code is NATTY15 on the Kroma site.

2| Ultima Hydration Electrolyte Mix | We all love these and even my kids drink them. They have 0 calories and 0 sugar, you simply add into water and mix. So many electrolyte powders are filled with crap and these are really clean. They have 6 key electrolytes, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. They are not too over powering of a flavor and are such a great way to stay hydrated. I have learned you need more than just regular water to really be hydrated.

3| Better Days Better Greens | I drink one of these everyday and I swear they have curbed my afternoon snacking and give me more energy. They have a mix of so many veggies, digestive enzymes and apple cider vinegar. I like the uncaffeinated version and truly love all the flavors (but the watermelon). My code is NATALIE10. I also love the Better Sleep and Better Hormones as well.

4| Dose Liver Shots | The liver is such an important organ and we all know I love my wine so I like to take liver supplements to help protect it. This little shot helps cleanse your liver of unwanted elements, improve metabolism, and maintain your body’s filter. They contain turmeric, milk thistle, dandelion, ginger, and orange. I keep these in my fridge and take daily in the morning. I really like the taste as well.

5 |Nutrafol | I have been taking these pills 2 months now and can most definitely see a difference. My hair is growing so much faster and coming in thicker. I have heard 3-6 months is when the results are really amazing. I like that these pills are made with all natural ingredients and they also help with stress and sleep. My holistic doctor said they were a great option to hair growth. My link above will give you a discount.

6| Sakara Detox Water Drops | I like to add these to my hot lemon water first thing in the morning. These are made with chlorophyll which is harvested from white mulberry leaf and known for its ultra-healing benefits—including helping the body rid toxins by moving them as waste through the GI tract. I also like the Beauty Drops as well.



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