B I N  1 5 2 | 152 K I N G  S T R E E T

One of my favorite wine bars. The wine selection and Charcuterie is always on point.  I am always happy to have this as a meal but it is also a fun happy hour spot before dinner.  Very chill, laid back vibe.

T H E   G R O C E R Y |  4 C A N N O N  S T R E E T 

This may just be my favorite restaurant.  For my birthday my parents offered to take me and a few friends to dinner anywhere I chose and this was my choice!  The menu changes seasonly and I recommend ordering several dishes to share.  Th fried oysters are always on the menu and so good- also try the fried pimento cheese.  If you like dirty martinis they make a version with homemade pickled green tomato juice and it is so yum.

I N D A C O | 526 K I N G   S T R E E T

Delicious fresh pasta, salads and pizza.  I love the atmosphere here too.  This burrata is insane.

T HE  W A R E H O U S E | 45   S P R I N G  S T R E E T 

When someone first told me to try the food here I was surprised because I always thought of it as more of a bar.  The food blew me away.  Everything was amazing and now I find myself meeting my girlfriends frequently here for a nibble.  The fried cauliflower, lamb meatballs, and fried chicken sliders are my top picks.

T H E  W A T C H | 79 W E N T W O R T H   S T R E E T

This is the perfect happy hour spot for a cocktail and nibble because the rooftop views are gorgeous.  The mini sliders, truffle Parmesan fries and falafel are my favorites.

T H E  D A I L Y | 652  K I N G  S T R E E T 

This is a great spot to grab a juice, smoothie + breakfast or lunch.  I love their avocado toast and hummus bowl.   Also the green lemonade, aztec cacao and super green smoothie are really good.

B U T C H E R  A N D  B E E | 1085 M O R R I S O N   D R I V E 

They recently moved to a new larger location.  This is probably one of my most favorite lunch spots.  I love their veggie burger- it was recently written up in Bon Appetit and I also love their Mezze plates (pictured below).

S T E L L A ‘S | 114 S T.  P H I L L I P   S T R E E T 

This is a new restaurant and I am obsessed.  I went twice in one week the first time I tried it.  If you love Greek food this spot is incredible.  Everything I had was amazing.  I especially loved the spanikopita, hummus, zucchini fritters, shaved lamb, and flaming cheese.

L E Y L A ‘ S  | 298  K I N G  S T R E E T

Another Mediterranean/Lebanese spot that was so yummy.  The Fattoush salad is incredible.  Also loved the hummus and chicken skewers.

L E O N ‘ S   O Y S T E R  S H O P | 698 K I N G  S T R E E T

Another place where everything is good.  I love the fried fish and fried chicken sandwiches, the hush puppies, brussels and the Siam salad is my all time favorite.  They also have rose on tap- added bonus:)

O B S T I N A T E   D A U G H T E R | 2063  M I D D L E   S T R E E T 

If you venture out to Sullivan’s Island Obstinate Daughter is a must.  You can’t go wrong with anything off the menu.  I love their pizzas and gnocchi.  The beet salad is another favorite.

X A O  B A O  B I S C U I T | 224  R U T L E D G E  A V E 

If you like ethnic food this place is a must try.  Their cabbage pancake is truly amazing.  I recommend getting it with the fried egg and pork candy.  I don’t know what pork candy is but trust me you want it on this!    I also love their Black Bean encrusted chicken.

1 K E P T | 68  W E N T W O R T H  S T R E E T 

This is a new restaurant that just opened up last month.  It is located in the newly renovated Renaissance hotel.  We had two great meals here.  I loved the kale salad, fried okra, pimento cheese board and chicken schnitzel.

K I D  F R I E N D L Y

I often get request of favorite kid friendly spots.  A few of these are on James Island because that is where we live but worth the drive because your kids will be occupied:)

E L L I S  C R E E K  F I S H  C A M P | 1243 H A R B O R  V I E W  R O A D

This spot has some of the best views in town.  Nothing fancy,  fried seafood and other nibbles but it is really good and the kids can run around outside and play.  I always get a veggie taco and fried fish taco.  The shrimp corn dogs, fried okra, and catfish bites are other favorites.

The view is stunning.  We love to sit outside.


S C R E E N  D O O R | 1271  F O L L Y  R O A D

This restaurant has a whole enclosed area outside where the kids can play while you eat.  I dream about their fried brussels sprouts.

F I V E  L O A V E S | 43  C A N N O N  S T R E E T    + 1055  J O H N N I E  D O D D S 

One of my other favorite lunch spots.  I love their half sandwich half salad combos.  The mushroom quinoa salad is my favorite.  I also love their ham and brie, veggie burger, and BLT.  They always run awesome daily specials too.  They have 3 locations- downtown, Mt. Pleasant, and Summerville.

F U E L |  211   R U T L E D G E  A V E 

This also has an outdoor area where the kids can play games.  Their black bean burger is my go to but their nachos are also amaze.

T A C O  B O Y | 217 H U G E R   S T R E E T 

An awesome Mexican family friendly spot.  The nachos and tacos are all delicious.

If you want a sweet treat:

G L A Z E D | 481 K I N G  S T R E E T 

The kids love to stop here for doughnuts on the weekend.  Homemade and every flavor is amazing.   The maple bacon is my favorite and the kids love the raspberry.

S U G A R  B A K E S H O P | 59 1/2  C A N N O N   S T R E E T

Everything is delicious here.  Their cupcakes and cookies are heavenly.

P E L I C A N  S N O W B A L L S |  They have locations in Mt Pleasant, West Ashley, and James Island

This has been a Summer favorite and great way to beat the heat.  They offer so many flavor combinations it is unreal!