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Daily Harvest | What I am Loving

May 15, 2022

I have been ordering from Daily Harvest for years, so when they reached out to me partner together I was just thrilled. When I first heard about Daily Harvest several years ago, I thought what a genius concept this is, smoothies all prepped and ready for you. As a mom of two very young kids at that time I ordered their smoothies often (and still do)! I started off obsessed with the smoothies and lattes and now I love it all. Everything they come out with just gets better and better. The Flatbreads, Harvest Bowls and Bakes, Soups and Bites have become new family favorites. Just the best for when you don’t have time to cook. The smoothies have been especially great for me post gum surgery because I can really only consume liquids. Oh, and the Scoops (plant-based ice cream) is just divine.

I also have to mention their packaging. It is sleek, it is modern, it is gorgeous. I love opening my freezer up and seeing their pretty packaging. They focus on compostable and recyclable packaging. Their food is good for you and the planet! As a busy mom having this amazing food delivered to my door step is a no brainer. All their options are gluten free, dairy free and plant based. Daily Harvest just makes it so easy to eat more fruits and veggies every day.

NATALIE will save you up to $40 off your first box!

Everyone in our house loves the Daily Harvest Smoothies. It makes me so happy my kids drink these smoothies because I know they are getting all healthy ingredients. If you are not familiar, the Smoothies come in a cup with all the ingredients pre-chopped and ready. All you have to do is add your liquid of choice and pour it all in a blender. It could not be easier or tastier. The flavor combos are all so good. Plus the cup the ingredients come in comes with a lid and straw hole so you can just pop a straw in, reuse the cup and take it on the go.

A few of our personal favorite smoothies we order on repeat:

Strawberry + Peach– this is Frances Moon’s favorite flavor.

Mint + Cacao– tastes like a milkshake but is good for you!

Ginger + Greens– I love this one it is zesty and so fresh

Banana + Greens

Cherry + Almond

Acai + Cherry– Sterling loves this one

Pineapple + Matcha– my current obsession it tastes like tropical vacation. The ingredients of Pineapple, Coconut, Kale, Matcha, Lime and Vanilla Bean just really work perfectly together.

The Flatbreads are another long time favorite of mine! They are dairy free (although you can dd it on top if you want) and you really don’t miss the cheese at all. The ingredients are simple, whole and good for you! These are perfect for when you want pizza but don’t want to over indulge too much.

Artichoke + Spinach Flatbread has been my favorite for years. It tastes like artichoke dip, it is just so yummy! The ingredients are so simple yet so flavorful – Broccoli, Artichoke, Spinach, Cauliflower, Tahini and Thyme. Plus you can eat the entire flatbread for only 360 calories!

The Harvest Bowls and Harvest Bakes are an amazing option for lunch or dinner when you just don’t feel like cooking. All the work is done for you. The bowls you literally just pour the ingredients in a skillet pan add a little water or broth and they are ready in 5 minutes! The Bakes are larger portion sizes packed with fiber and protein, big enough to share or just eat all by yourself.

I personally love the Cauliflower Rice + Kimchi Bowl, Cauliflower Rice + Pesto, Brussels + Tahini, and Sweet Potato+ Wild Rice Hash. I will say I usually a little hot sauce and red pepper flakes to mine to spice it up! We also love the Gigante Bean + Artichoke Olio– perfect combo of the white beans and artichokes!

And if you are looking for more protein to sprinkle on top of their lunch and dinner options, they just launched Crumbles – plant-based crumbles that are made with only real ingredients. You can pile them onto lettuce wraps, crumble on top of a Flatbread – they truly do it all!

If you want to try out Daily Harvest NATALIE will save you up to $40 off your first order! I just know you guys will love the ease and simplicity of Daily Harvest and become addicted to the taste! The plans are totally flexible and you and customize yours to fit your needs. You can do weekly or monthly deliveries whatever you prefer! You can add items and change your box size or pause your plan anytime! You can click HERE to check out Daily Harvest’s selection of over 100 items!

Thanks to Daily Harvest for partnering on this post!

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