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Gift Guide | For The Girls

Nov 8, 2022

If I am being honest Frances is always a little easier to shop for than Sterling. She loves all the things. We own many of these and many are on her wishlist. She actually saw me working on this and said oh I want it all so my job is done here -haha. I will be shopping this list for her as well:)

DIY Nail Polish Color Maker | Frances has been very into painting her nails. This kit is so cute where they can create their own colors.

Hair + Face Bags | these look like Stoney Clover but a fraction the price.

Bead Bracelet Kit | This is our 3rd order of this kit, Frances loves it.

Silk Pajamas | Another Frances Moon favorite we have a few colors and she wears these almost every night.

Squishmellow Set | IYKIK. Frances is Squishmellow obsessed. This set comes with 5.

Light Box with Letters and Emojis | Frances has this in her room and loves it. She switches it out for holidays or just uses the letters to write something cute.

Ugg Slippers | Frances Moon had a pair of these and outgrew them and is asking for another pair. They are really cute on the girls.

Friendship Bracelet Kit | Truth be told I ordered this as much for me as Frances. I used to love making these ring friendship bracelets. This clipboard with spacers makes it easy to learn.

Magnatiles Sea Set | I thought this looked really cute with the sea animals. Magnatiles are always a greta gift.

Lipgloss Set | Quite possibly the cutest and coolest lipgloss set!

AirPods | These are a great less expensive version under $30 and the tie dye is so cute!

Magical Crystal Ball | This was rated one of the top toys for 2022.

Clay Kit | We love making animals and shapes with clay, such a fun activity!

Mini Backpack | Apparently these are all the rage with girls Frances age. She has this exact same one and uses it if we go to dinner, on trips or if she ids headed on a playdate.

Name Sweatshirt | I already ordered Frances this. It is precious and on sale 50% off.

Creepy Baby Doll | I had to include one because she loves them so much. This one is not quite so creepy and kind of cute.

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