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Kroma 1 Day Reset Review

Nov 30, 2022

I had heard quite a few good things about Kroma Wellness and been wanting to try it. I am no stranger to resets and cleanses I have done Prolon a few times and several juice cleanses as well. Molly Sims and Gwyneth Paltrow two of my girl crushes raved about Kroma and I always love both their recommendations. My friend Chassity also said she loved it and I swear instagram and computer ads kept targeting and tempting me with ads of this gorgeous cleanse.

Their Signature 5 Day Reset comes beautifully packaged and will set you back a cool $400. More than double what I paid for the Prolon cleanse we did. It does however come with 10 nutrient dense food and beverages plus their OMG Cookie Butter, so you are getting way more contents than the Prolon cleanse. I was curious though, and before I committed to spending that amount of money for a cleanse I wanted to make sure I liked how the contents tasted. So I ordered 2 of the 1 day Reset Kits for Both Evans and I to try because cleansing is more fun and less miserable when you do it with someone else-haha.

The 1 Day Reset costs $95, unless you buy the VIP for $155 which includes a tumbler, hand held frother (which you will need) and the OMG Cookie Butter. You still get the same 10 foods and beverages.

The contents in suggested order of how you consume them are: Vitality Latte, Super Porridge, Cranberry Hydration Elixir, Blueberry Immunity Smoothie, Veggie Broth with Plant Protein, Supergreens Elixir, Spicy Passion Latte, Veggie Broth with Miso, and Calm and Restore Magnesium.

I have to say we actually really enjoyed most everything in the box. Nothing was horrible. I personally really liked both lattes and the Super Greens Elixir, I of course also really liked the Cookie Butter. The soups are good as well. I do like that you have the option of adding berries to your porridge and smoothie and veggies to your soup. This is definitely less strict than Prolon. It actually is almost more contents than you need. I had two items leftover the Smoothie and Passion Latte, that I had the next morning so I guess I kind of did a 1.5 day cleanse.

Most everything is mixed with either water or non diary milk. We used almond milk. So pretty easy to mix together easily and take on the go if needed. You will need a handheld Frother I felt like that was needed for the lattes. I did get hungry but it was bearable. What I missed the most was mindless snacking. I am the worst at just eating to eat out of boredom or just wanting to chew something. That is why I like resets and cleanses to retrain my mind. But with 10 items I wasn’t hungry that often.

All in all we both enjoyed this reset, granted it was only one day. I felt lighter and woke up with more energy and less cravings. I feel like the 1 day Reset is great after a vacation or indulgent time to kind of reset your mind, cravings and tastebuds. Would I buy the 5 day cleanse? I am not sure I would mainly because I feel like 5 days of the same 10 packets would get old. 1-3 days for sure and I bet we will do the 1 day reset again after the holidays.

What I will say I took away from this is I loved so many products in the set that I plan to order to incorporate into my daily life like the Vitality and Spicy Passion Latte, Supergreens Elixir and the Cranberry Hydration. I also loved the magnesium nighttime drink I slept like a baby last night. Oh and the Cookie Butter. So yes I am a Kroma fan and will continue to order from their site. My friend Chassity swears by the Beauty Matcha so it is in my cart to try! I think Kroma has done a great job of making powdered food and drinks taste decent. They also have done such a beautiful job with branding and packaging.

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