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My Morning Routine

Oct 18, 2022

I wanted to share a few things I do each morning to start my day off right. I started stacking all these habits together after reading the book Atomic Habits. I find by stacking all these habits together I am more likely to complete them all. I truly believe how you start your day affects your entire day and these little routines ensure I start my day in a good mindset.

Hot Lemon Water | I boil water, juice an entire lemon and add in a tablespoon of chia seeds and a droper of Sakara Life Detox Water which is chlorophyll. This is the first thing I drink every single morning. Warm water helps with digestion, bloating and detoxing your body after it has been asleep.

Morning Readings | My stack of books varies but this is my current stack (I did a full post here with links to all the books). I literally just read a page or two in each book, doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes. This helps set my mindset for the day.

Eye Patches | I apply these and wear them while I run carpool. Currently I am alternating between Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber ones, Wander, and 111 Skin Rose Quartz.

Ice Roller or Ice Plunge| I then either use my ice roller- this one is the GOAT it stays cold longer then any other ones I have tried. I also have started filling a bowl with ice water and plunging my face. This not only wakes me up but also helps depuff your skin, helps with circulation and blood flow.

To Do List | I make a weekly list and then also update that every day with that day’s tasks. I have this weekly note pad I love for staying organized.

Exercise | This is key for me mentally. I have started back doing my 5:30 am workout class 3 days a week and the P.Volve workouts at home and I am enjoying the combo . You can use this link to try P.Volve for 25% off with code SNOOP25. I love that they have so many different workout class options. All challenging in different ways.

Supplements | My goal for October was to be consistent taking my supplements and I am proud to say I have! Currently I am taking Ritual Multi-vitamin, Ritual Probiotic, Liver Support Pills, Grass Fed Beef Liver.



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