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Our Tequila Tasting | All the Details

Mar 15, 2022

Blazer | Tee | Jeans old similar linked | flats (NATTY20 is my code)

Last weekend we attended a tequila tasting and so many of you wanted all the details! In the past few years we have really gotten into tequilas. We enjoy reposados and anejos sipped neat. We tend to like the ones that are aged longer and darker in color. Casamigos was our go to tequila forever and while we do still like it we have wanted to branch out and find some other favorites.

Our friend Chris recently bought a liquor store and offered to host a tasting for us so we could try some of these more expensive tequilas before we commit to buying an entire bottle. We gathered a group of about 12 people and tasted some tequilas Saturday night. Since it was tequila we decided to do Mexican themed appetizers because we knew sipping tequila we would need food! I will link all the recipes below!

Chris brought mini glencarin glasses for us to taste the tequilas in, they are typically used for bourbons but he recommended them for tequila as well, so you can really smell the nose before you taste it. The key is to not pour too much tequila, make sure you have a liquor pourer for the bottles so it comes out slowly. Each tequila he poured for us to taste was about .25 oz. We sampled them all then we were allowed to revisit the ones we really liked. We had bowls of coffee beans set out so in between each tequila we could sniff the beans and clear our senses before tasting the next tequila.

Chris was so knowledgeable about each tequila so it was fun to have him teach us about the aging processes and how they are made. However you could totally host a tequila tasting on your own just a pick a few bottles and try them out with friends.

Buzzed Cocktail Napkins, I mean how cute are these?

Mini water bottles were a must. Also not picture we had a dump bucket so if you didn’t like a particular tequila you could just dump the rest out. Not gonna lie at the end of the night the guys tasted the dump bucket and said it was pretty tasty-haha!

Mexican Roll-Ups– these are a family favorite. Growing up my mom always made these for parties and they are so good! Always devoured!

Jalapeno Popper Roll Ups – my friend Jennifer made these and they were a huge hit. She added a can of green chillies and did not do bacon. She made homemade ranch from the Hidden Valley Packet for dipping. These went do fast I didn’t even get one!

Crispy Taco Cups – This was a new recipe I tried out and they were awesome!

7 Layer Mexican Dip

Our host Chris teaching us all about tequila!

A few tequilas that I snapped photos of that we really liked so we would remember. Our Favorite bottle was this Don Julio, however it retails for $900 and is extremely hard to find. Needless to say we won’t be buying it anytime soon.

We have purchased this bottle twice now it has become one of our favorites. Retails for around $150.

This was a silver anejo. We typically do not like the silver tequilas but this silver anejo was really nice. Retails for around $100.

We also loved this patron. I typically don’t like or drink patron (bad taste to me after college) but this Gran Patron was really nice and the bottle was beautiful. I can’t remember the price but I believe a few hundred dollars.

So much fun was had!

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