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Oura Ring Review

Oct 3, 2022

I have had my Oura Ring about 4 weeks now so I feel like I have a good understanding and feeling for it. The main thing that intrigued me about this ring was it’s ability to track your sleep. I struggle with my sleep often and wanted a better understanding of the sleep I was getting. I recommend ordering the ring sizing kit. I ordered a size 8 my normal index finger ring size and had to send it back for a size 9, I found it ran on the small side. The ring comes in 5 colors and is priced according to color, with silver and black being the cheapest and rose gold the most expensive. I chose gold because I knew I would be wearing it daily and wanted it to match my other jewelry.

Once your ring arrives you will charge it and then install the Oura app on your phone. That is how you track everything through the app. The app is really cool it has 5 main parts, the home screen, sleep screen, readiness, activity and explore. The explore section has guided meditations, breathing exercises, sleep sounds and a learning videos.

The Oura ring gives you a Sleep Score (1-100) each morning once you sync your ring up with the app and tells you how well you slept that night. Your score is based on how long you spent in each sleep stage and your body signals like temperature and heart rate. It breaks down your rem sleep, latency, deep sleep and so much more. It shows if you wake up in the middle of the night and have sleep disturbances. I love looking at this each morning. It then will recommend sleep times and tips for you.

In addition to the sleep score you also get a readiness score. This takes into consideration over 20 different body signals ā€” including temperature, heart rate, HRV, and sleep ā€” to tell you how ready you are for the day ahead. Honestly this score doesn’t mean much to me because sometimes I sleep well and still feel tired that day.

It is pretty cool that it tracks your resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature and respiratory rate. I am a total health nerd so I love looking at this data.

The Oura Ring also tracks your activity. It gives you a calorie burn goal for the day similar to the Apple Watch. I honestly use my Apple Watch to track my workout and steps etc so that aspect of the ring wasn’t a big deal to me. The ring can also track your menstrual cycle by tracking your temperature throughout the month.

All in all I really love it. It is not cheap, price wise on par with an Apple Watch but if you break it down cost per wear since you wear it daily I find it is worth it. It is a unique way of tracking your body on a daily basis and has helped me be more mindful about my sleeping habits.

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