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Why You Need a Silk Pillowcase

Apr 20, 2022

We are quite obsessed with silk pillowcases, in our house, even Dolly:)

I am beyond picky when it comes to my bedding. I want a lush oasis when I climb into bed. Soft sheets, a fluffy comforter and silk pillowcases are always a must for me. Over the last few years I have slowly switched out all my pillowcases to SLIP silk ones. They are an investment but worth the money. I have tried many similar dupe silk pillowcases and they have fallen apart and ripped. The material also just isn’t as thick and nice as SLIP. The quality of SLIP silk pillowcases is unparalleled.

If you aren’t totally sold on the silk pillowcase trend a few reasons why you should give them a try. Silk pillowcases help improve skin and hair hydration, they help prevent fine lines and wrinkles and they help keep your hair smoother. My hair is way less frizzy when I sleep on a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases absorb less moisture and dirt and are hypoallergenic. The natural fibers of the silk pillowcases have a residence to dust mites, mold and allergens. Sterling has horrible allergies and we have switched his pillows over to SLIP silk ones and I really feel like it has made a difference.

SLIP is now carried at Walmart through the BeautyspaceNK line, which is so exciting. You can get 2 day shipping for so many of the SLIP products. SLIP has the queen and king pillowcases and the sleep set which comes with a pillowcase + sleep mask. The travel set makes a great gift. The sleep masks are amazing, Frances and I both use and love them. I am also partial to their hair ties because they don’t rip or pull my hair at all. I prefer the skinny ones, but they also make a thicker hair scrunchie as well.

If you haven’t tried SLIP products or silk pillowcases, give them a try I think you will love them and notice a difference in your skin, hair and allergies!

You can shop all my favorite SLIP products below online at Walmart! Thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post.

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