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Thoughts For Thursday

Nov 1, 2012

So I am thinking about jumping on the Gallery Wall bandwagon.  I know everybody is doing it and for a long time I shunned it, but my hallway needs some sprucing up.  I am thinking of doing a wall with all black and white photos of our family in the same frames.  A very uniform look and all lined up not scattered.  So dish where can I find 9 frames with white mats and a black thin frame.  This needs to be cheap, I am thinking Ikea is my best bet.  I want something similar to this.

Can we talk about Jessica Simpson’s Dad??  Are the rumors true?  Did he turn to the gay side?  I know he and the Mrs are divorcing but from the looks of this picture there is more to the story.  Star reported he has a young boyfriend.  I don’t know why this shocks me, but it does a little.  I mean he was priest for crying out loud!

Have ya’ll heard of the Animal Print Shop?  To say I am obsessed is a major understatement!  Shannon does an amazing job catching these animals in perfect poses.  I am convinced I need one for our house, well really I want more than one!!  You can check out all her work at the Animal Printshop Here.  Below are a few of my favs but there are so many amazing ones on her site!  I think this is the perfect Christmas gift mom and dad if you are reading- hint hint!

I am so excited Sean was picked to be the next Bachelor.  I love him- and I bet Emily is probably regretting not choosing him.  He is so cute and sweet.  I am ready for the new season to begin.  Side note- why do they make them pose with single roses, so cheesy!

Today my mother in law is taking Sterling for a few hours and I am finally going to tackle organizing my closet, it has gotten way out of hand!!  I will try and take some before and after pics.  If only it looked like this!

I started my Christmas list yesterday, my grandfather likes to get them early to get a head start shopping.  I think I may do a post about my wish list but here is one item I really want!  Jennifer Zeuner jewelry is my favorite. I own several of her necklaces and they are daily staples.  I see myself wearing this everyday.

{Jennifer Zeuner Horizontal Cross Necklace}

We had the best Halloween.  I swear it just gets better each year.  Sterling was so darn excited this year, it melted my heart.  He was giddy all day long.  Here is my Spider man in full effect.

This is such a great quote.  Ignore Kermit on it, he makes it seem cheezy but it is something to think about!

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  1. Melissa says:

    You should try Michaels. They have great frames. I bought black glossy ones in 2 packs there.

  2. I saw some frames like the ones you posted in Target. They have some with slightly off-center white mats which is a cool look. Michaels and Hobby Lobby may have some too! Love those animal paintings! Sterling is such a cutie pie!

  3. Ok get on the gallery wall bandwagon. Do it before it is over! Am I the only one that despises the Simpson clan? I despise them so much that I refuse to buy any of her products. Silly I know but I can't. Your spiderman is the cutest ever!

  4. megan says:

    You can't even recognize Joe Simp! So weird. Glad yall had such a fun Halloween with Sterling!

  5. Target! They have simple black gallery frams with large white mats and they are cheaper than the PB and West Elm options.

  6. Jill says:

    I have all b&w pictures on the wall going up my stairs and I love it. the frames are mismatched but they are all black. I love the idea of having the same frames

    umm yes, he is gay

    Thanks for the etsy website, I have become slightly obsessed with animal prints too esp after seeing yours that you put in Sterlings room

    Halloween only gets better and better, we were all out last night until almost 11, its insane the only bummer for us, 3 kids going in 3 different directions but my son is old enough to go off with his friends and no parent

    Happy Thursday

  7. I love a good gallery wall! I'm super into traditional british spaces right now and they rock a gallery wall just like the more modern sytle you showed. They're a classic and will never be out of style! I love love love Sterling. Best spidey ever! And those prints are my fave. I'm always so tempted to buy one but not sure where I'd put it. Not a fan of JS.

  8. Lala says:

    Papa Joe is def gay! but good for him, looks like he is really embracing it šŸ™‚

  9. Morgan S. says:

    Good luck with the closet. I need to overhaul mine for sure. My 1st grader also went as Spiderman! My 2yo was Tigger. It was a fun night! http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  10. He looks SO cute! And I'm a long time lover of the Animal Print shop. I imagine Ikea is your best bet for the frames too.

  11. Ikea or Michaels is your best bet….the 2 for $7 frames at Michaels are really pretty good, and then you can get a gallery size matte to make them more custom looking.

    and really, you're excited about sean?? i thought he was a snooze, and his slow-motion kissing made my stomach curl. He's the brother of my coworker's wife's good friend. (you follow all that?) šŸ™‚ The family is leaving this week to 'an undisclosed location' to meet the final two. He's an insurance agent living in the burbs of dallas….

  12. I want to see your wishlist!! I have to make one for Christmas and my birthday every year!!

  13. Joe Simpson dresses completely different than he did even a few weeks ago!…Really love the Animal Prints, thanks for sharing!

  14. Love the animal prints. And I too am considering jumping on the gallery wall bandwagon. It's a great way to showcase lovely photos and take up a bare wall at the same time.


  15. Toni says:

    I love the Animal Printshop pictures! I have a thing for giraffes, so I think a couple of pictures need to make their way into my home. Thanks for the link, as well as to the Jennifer Zeuner jewelry. The cross necklace is so pretty. Sterling is so cute in his costume! For picture frames, my husband got quite a few in an espresso color from Ikea when we redecorated his office/man-cave. They were very reasonably priced.

  16. Good way to round out the round up (c: Not only is that quote so perfect, but I just love Kermit!!!

  17. Dina says:

    My girlfriend makes these necklaces, I love mine, wear it all the time!!

  18. I've heard the Ikea Ribba frames are awesome and are super-affordable. I've stuck to the PB ones and they are very nice frames but if you're buying a million at once they can get pricey.

  19. I love the animal print shop, so much gorgeousness that it's hard to choose favorites! Loooove the necklace too šŸ˜‰

  20. Annie says:

    Love the sideways cross necklace. I have one and wear it daily!


  21. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Love that quote! And I love Halloween! I didn't get to decorate in full effect this year bc most my decorations were still in boxes but it was still fun. Love that necklace. I hope you get it for Christmas! Its fab

  22. Alicia xoxxo says:

    PS-I also want a family photo gallery but was thinking of silver frames in diff shapes. What do you think?

  23. StyleWise says:

    I am working on a photo gallery for our home office that is slowly coming together. I think it would be fun to do black, white and silver frames…all different sizes. I think Michael's, Target and Ikea have great prices. Another idea is Amazon…you can order from so many different stores that way. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!


  24. Emily says:

    love those animal prints!! and wow – cannot even believe what Joe Simps is looking like these days. yikes! love sean, can't wait for his season!

  25. Johnson says:

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