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Scenes From Our Weekend

May 6, 2013

Did everyone have a good weekend??  We sure did.  It was jam packed but so nice. 

Lets start with Friday.  Friday I finally busted out my Forever 21 Leopard shorts that I bought a few months back.  They are my new favorite shorts.  So comfortable and cute.  Of course now I cant find them online but I did spy these cute leopard  shortsskirt and dress.  I have seen the dress in person and love it. 

Friday while Sterling was in school I hit up Target and found the best stuff.  How amazing is this Mossimo Beach Tote?  It of course came home with me.

I also picked up these cute sandals.  I love the Aztec vibe.  Our store was pretty much sold out of them, they had like two pairs left,  a really small pair and one for my big ass feet, but they are still online.  I swear they look so expensive in person. 

{Mossimo Sandals}


Saturday morning we went to Breakfast at Okra Grill.  I had never been before but Matt kept raving about it and wanted to take us.  It did not disappoint.  I had the Sausage Egg Benedict with Pimento cheese grits, just incredible.

Saturday afternoon we went to Taylor’s first Birthday party, I of course did not snap one pic but you know Caycee had a photographer so I am sure there will be plenty of pics on her blog.  I did what I do best and made a mean cheese plate for her party.

Saturday night we babysat for my sister so she and her hubby could go out and celebrate their anniversary. I was in heaven snuggling with my nephew all night and Sterling could not get enough of him.

This was Sterling’s attempt to snap a picture of me and Finley.

I found the most gorgeous hydrangea at Lowes- I had never seen a tall one like this.  We put it on our front porch and are loving the pop of color.

 I whipped up a few loaves of our favorite Strawberry bread.  This is the best bread ever- you can get the recipe Here.

Then of course we had to whip up something tasty for Cinco de Mayo.  We made our Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple Avocado Salsa + Mexican Corn.

Lastly, can we discuss Chris Martin’s hot body?  Who knew he was rocking a body like that?  Do you think he works out with Tracey Anderson too?

Happy Monday.  At least the sun is finally out here!


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  1. Love it all my dear! That sweet baby is gorgeous!

  2. Val says:

    There is so much I love about this post! I went to Target the other day and wanted everything. That cheese platter is everything.

  3. Can you imagine the pressure of being married to GP? Of course he has to be cut šŸ™‚ And those tacos you made look sublime. xoxo

  4. That cheese plate looks divine and your leopard shorts are the best!

  5. Larvely weekend! You look adorbs in those shorts. I now need them. For shiz.

  6. E Hayes says:

    Must try that strawberry loaf! And wow, Chris Martin is looking good, I bet he does TA Method too.

    The cheese plate has me drooling and its only 830am!

  7. Diana Oates says:

    Of course he has has to step it on .. he is married to the world's most GORGEOUS woman alive .. or whatever the title was .. and those tacos look delicious! I thought as a Carolina girl born and raised that my weekend would always be southern comfort food, but since moving to Texas, I have def become a Mexican lover.

    {Also, got this bag from Target last week. How could you, in good spirit, walk by it and not take it home?}

  8. Melissa W. says:

    Now I want Mexican food again! Baby Finley is perfect! Beach tote I must go get!

  9. That tote looks like Mara Hoffman! Those tacos look delish and OF COURSE Chris Martin looks like that, GP probably keeps a tight household and has her own TA gym off of her pool! Crazzzy.

  10. 17 Perth says:

    That is one fun packed weekend! Is matt passed out in the background of that photo sterling took? lol. Love it. And that cheese plate would be my favorite….and those shorts..adorable.

  11. You crack me up with your weekend recaps! It looks like you had a fabulous weekend though! I scooped up that same tote from Target, it was too cute not to! And we have those tree hydrangeas from Lowe's as well, they are absolutely gorgeous!!

    Can you bring me some taco leftovers pretty please?!


  12. Since Chris married to GP he HAS to look good. Can you imagine the pressure!?!

  13. Mrs. Lovely says:

    I bought the same tote last week, love it!

  14. Unknown says:

    I ho hummed over the same bag at Target and similar sandals!Now I might have to cave and go buy them. They have the cutest stuff right now!

    BTW those Aden & Anais blankets for baby are the best!


  15. Oh my, that strawberry bread looks incredible. Definitely a must try!! And I love that tall hydrangea plant. Glad you had a fabulous weekend!


  16. That pink hydrangea looks amazing! CM has to keep up with GP, he has no choice!

  17. megan says:

    That hydrangea is beautiful! And so is that baby, of course! šŸ™‚

  18. bwallac says:

    Can you please break down your cheese platter, it looks amazing and I need to learn how to put a great one together! Thanks! Brooke

  19. Adore the leopard shorts! And I get the twinge for another every time I see a newborn! I'm sure you were in Heaven! šŸ™‚

  20. He does have a good body! Who knew?

  21. Obsessing over those leopard shorts!! Gorgeousness. I am always so impressed by what you are able to pack in to 1 weekend. xoxo

  22. Looks like a fun weekend!! We love the Okra Grill too-always delicious!!!! Your shrimp tacos look pretty darn tasty too!!!

  23. Glitterista says:

    That picture of Sterling holding your nephew is precious! šŸ™‚

  24. So much to say in response to this post!

    1.Love the top you're wearing while babysitting the new, cute nephew!

    2.That hydrangea looks great..almost reminds me of a topiary!

    3.Strawberry bread!? Yum!

  25. Amber says:

    Aww! My little girl is Finley! Never hear that name.

  26. Jane says:

    Ewwww! He looks pasty and skinny/flabby – I didn't even know such a combination was possible.