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Scenes From Our Weekend

Sep 16, 2013

Why do the weekends fly by so fast? I am starting to get a little weirded out that I only have 9 weekends or less before Baby girl makes her debut. I have alot left to do in the nursery not to mention cleaning out closets etc. A three bedroom house is gonna be a tight squeeze for 4 of us, but honestly it has been good to make me get rid of things we don’t need. We have way too much stuff. 

Friday Night Matt and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary.  We went to dinner at the Mustard Seed one of our favorite restaurants.  It is pretty much our tradition to eat there on our anniversary.  The past three out of 4 years we have eaten there.  Once we tried to get all fancy and eat at Oak, well $200 later and we were both disappointed with our meals.  So now we have decided to stick with what works for us and has special meaning.

Wore my Zara Neoprene Dress, which is sadly about too small this pregnancy.  Will def rock it post baby though such a great dress.

 I had a trout salad with fresh mozzarella, cucumbers, and heirloom tomatoes that was amazing.  Matt had the Filet with truffled potatoes and green beans.  Both of our meals were excellent.

Normally we don’t exchange gifts but this year Matt surprised me with two gorgeous necklaces from JCrew (thank you Melissa for helping him out).

Saturday morning Matt and his dad left bright and early to go flounder fishing so it was just me and Sterling.  We decided to hit up Krispy Kreme.  I have not been there once since I have been pregnant and decided it was time for this preggo to eat some hot and now doughnuts.  And yes Sterling and I finished this whole box.

We walked to the beach after that, had to burn off at least doughnut with my two mile stroll.  S loves the beach so much, we found a sharks tooth and he collected rocks.  Yep my son likes to collect rocks not shells from the beach go figure.

Had to get one shadow bump shot.  

Wore these shoes pretty much all weekend.  I scored them on major sale at Shoes on King, they are no longer available there but found them online HERE for almost 50% off.  Elizabeth and James makes such great shoes and they are comfortable!

Lastly started trying out arrangements in the nursery.  Put the rug down and now just need to figure out furniture arrangement!  Rocking chair is getting picked up next week to be recovered!


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  1. Dina says:

    Happy Anniversary! We love Mustard Seed, one of our faves, and we like to follow it up with an Ye Ole Fashioned ice cream ha ha! We too are shark tooth collectors at my parent's house in Amelia Island,

  2. I love Mustard Seed! I had my bridal luncheon there actually. Those Elizabeth and James shoes are so cute! They go with so much. And don't feel bad about eating all those doughnuts, I can eat a whole box to myself and probably still be hungry! Doughnuts just don't fill me up! It's bad!

  3. I love the way your nursery is coming together! You are so organized. It is very chic and serene. The necklaces that your hubs picked are really pretty. Sounds like you had a great anniversary weekend. : )

  4. Melissa says:

    Glad you liked the necklaces!

  5. Leslie says:

    Happy anniversary! My parents raised three kids in a three bedroom house, and it was tight (but cozy and full of love)! It looks like your nursery is coming along.

  6. megan says:

    Mustard Seed is always tasty. Love the necklaces Matt gave you. šŸ™‚

  7. Sara Mueller says:

    Ahh the nursery is looking gorgeous! And I love that Zara dress and Sterling is so cute!

  8. Morgan S. says:

    We too went to Oak for one of our anniversaries a few years ago and I was a bit disappointed as well…more with the service, but I will say my dish wasn't memorable because I can't tell you what I had. My hubby did like his steak though. For that much money, I expected to be treated better, but our server was rather snotty. Hopefully at least that is better now. Happy Anniversary!

  9. What a fun weekend…and your food looked so delish! Not sure it could top having Krispy Kreme doughnuts though! I love the girl totes photo bombing in the background!

  10. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Matt have many many more to celebrate! The nursery looks great and Sterling is seriously adorable!

  11. Alexa says:

    Happy anniversary to you two! I absolutely adore that dress on you and I hope you are feeling well! šŸ™‚

  12. Tess says:

    Glad you had a great anniversary! The rug you found for the nursery is SO perfect. I love that you could use it virtually in any other room of your house if need be.

    Great find!

  13. That food looks so good! And I love the bump shadow shot. Adorable.

    Doughnuts were my DOWNFALL when I was pregnant. I mean – out of control.

  14. Love those shoes and the nursery is coming along beautifully!!! xo

  15. Val says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Your weekend was pure perfection!

  16. So glad y'all had such a good anniversary! Go Matt on a surprise gift. That's pretty awesome! That nursery is looking amazing!!! xoxox

  17. Oh, Natalie, that nursery is looking so beautiful!! You have such great style.

  18. You are the cutest pregnant gal EVER! Love how the nursery is coming along. I am doing a low carb diet right now so the sight of those donuts are too much for me to handle.

  19. Nat says:

    The nursery looks awesome!! Glad you got some donuts- I had one pretty much every week of my pregnany- whoops.

  20. The Now says:

    The Nursery is soooo cute!!! Yayyyy! And I went to try on that Zara dress after you posted about it and it just looked dumb on me….but it is SO cute on you!!!! And I agree with Lindsay! You are the cutest pregnant girl ever! xoox

  21. NappiesINC says:

    You are looking SUPER cute with that bump!

  22. Christine says:

    Love the nursery so far!! I totally ordered that dress and am praying it still fits me by my baby showers (months from now) but a good preggo outfit is hard to find!! Love your style so much!

  23. Nursery is looking good Nat!! So are you. Hope to see you soon. xo

  24. eeeek the nursery is coming together! so fun! The artwork is amazing

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