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Scenes From Our Weekend

Jul 14, 2014

I feel like this Summer is flying by!!  I can not believe it is mid July already!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday morning I started off with a run.  I have really gotten into my early morning runs.  I relish the alone time and I get to see some gorgeous sunrises.  I love our neighborhood we are a block from the water and it is just so pretty.  I have started taking pictures of each sunrise they are so stunning.

I still have yet to lose my last 5lbs pounds of baby weight (le sigh) but I do feel like I am getting toned with my runs.

Friday afternoon I hosted playgroup at our house.  Normally we have a glass of wine but I decided to try out the mini Sofia champagne cans.  They were a hit, I will most definitely buy them again.  It was so fun to drink out of the can with a bendy straw.  I made two new dips- black bean hummus and a cucumber dip that were awesome, I will share the recipes soon.


We spent some time on our newly tiled porch while Matt grilled Friday night.  We are loving our Ikea chairs.

I have to admit I am not a big steak person.  I eat plenty of red meat I just don’t love or crave steaks.  Matt however changed my mind this weekend when he cooked the most ridiculously good filet.  It was amazing.

We took the kids to the pool Saturday.  I am loving my Mara Hoffman swimsuit.  It is the perfect one piece.

//Mara Hoffman One Piece (on sale)

This picture was from the day before but how hilarious is Frances Moon’s face?  I could not stop laughing.

I scored the cutest shoes from the Outlets for only $15!! I was surprised by the quality of the leather and the are comfortable.

Available here in gold.

Got the cutest dress for Frances Moon from Progeny Shop !! She clearly loves it:)

// Mexicana Dress

I spray painted my concrete fish I found on the side of the road.  I am getting addicted to spray painting things.

After the kids went to bed Saturday we went out to try and see the New Moon, it was so bright and big.

Sunday I did some organizing.  My jewelry drawer was getting out of control I could hardily open it.  I clearly have a jewelry hoarding problem but now I can at least see everything!

Have a great Monday!



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  1. Love her adorable face! That steak does look amazing- where do y'all buy your meats? We cannot find a really good place to buy meat on James Island (other than Publix).


  2. Dina says:

    I'm so intrigued by your playgroup's playdates, ours never look like that! What time of day do you meet? Do you always have an appy and wine/champs? We start back up in Sept with our regular meeting day, and you've inspired me to set up a new "regular"!!!!

  3. Her face killed me! She is so adorable!

  4. Your appetizer platters always look amazing! Can't wait to get the recipes. You have also helped inspire me to get my exercise in at 6am before the babe wakes up and I hope I can keep it up. It helps me start the day on the right foot!!

  5. love that mexican dress! so cute. xo jillian – cornflake dreams 

  6. Georgine says:

    Can you do a book on spreads? I would totally buy it for your dips, apps, and cocktails! I can fix a meal no problem but putting together the right mix of apps gets me every time!

  7. Nothing like an early run to watch the sunrise!

  8. Aleks says:

    Where are the sandals from? I'm a local and would love to check them out, thanks!

  9. Aren't those mini champagne cans the best? Super cute for a girly baby shower too! 😉

  10. Sara Mueller says:

    That dress is adorable! And your kiddos are too! Super cute and great photos Natalie!

  11. 204 Park says:

    Looks like you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see those dip recipes – and I'm so jealous you tried those little cans, I can't find them anywhere! XO, D

  12. Ugh! My jewelery drawer is haunting me too! But yours is so pretty now! I have an odd question–what are the tiles you used on the porch? They are gorgeous and we are thinking about potentially putting in some "slate like" ceramic tiles in our next house.

    Thank you! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  13. Blonde Maven says:

    Looks like a fabulous and relaxing weekend. Your play group does look amazing. I don't have children yet but when I do I hope playgroup looks like that.

  14. megan says:

    Your filet looks AMAZING and just the way I like mine cooked. We are actually eating filets tonight b/c I thawed them out for dinner last night and then our plans changed. We get ours from Costco, they have great, quality meat, and you can buy 4 filets or NY strips for around $30! An amazing deal. Can't wait to see your recipe for your cucumber dip!

  15. Taylor says:

    how gorgeous is your view for your runs!!!! I've been decluttering all of my drawers every weekend too — I just got one of those hanging jewelry things off Amazon… we'll see how it turns out or if it is a complete piece of crap 🙂

  16. I need to move to Charleston because it looks like you have some fun playgroups!

  17. Happy Monday love! Frances is so hilarious with all of her little faces, I love that her personality is starting to show! And that Mexicana dress is adorable!!

  18. Great quote, failure is just a part of success. Love the looks into your daily life and Frances is still the most adorable baby, look forward to the recipes!