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A Day In My Life

Jun 18, 2019

When I asked you guys for blog post suggestions this was the number one most asked about topic! Since it is Summer my schedule is a little different than during the school year, but here is a peek into our daily Summer schedule and life.

6:00 alarm goes off. I usually press snooze twice. I get up immediately brush my teeth, Then I drink my hot lemon water. I juice one lemon with a dash of cayenne and hot water. i drink this first thing every morning. It is great for detoxing your liver and for digestion. I also check emails and finish up my blog post at this time. I make a to-do list every morning as well of things that need to be accomplished that day.

PJ Set | Slippers

6:30-7 get kids up and ready for swim team

7-8:30 swim team for kids. During this time I go on a walk/run. Our pool is super close to our house so I just do a neighborhood loop. I always listen to podcasts while I walk. Yesterday I listened to The Goop Podcast where Gwyneth interviews Dax Shepard and it was great. I also have been into Bad on Paper with grace Atwood I listened to the Indie Lee one recently and loved it.

8:30-9:30– bath kids and get them ready for camp. Last week was bible school. This week Sterling is an Stem camp and Frances Moon is with me. This is when I have a cup of black coffee and one of my Kor shots. I still have been intermittent fasting most days so most mornings I skip breakfast. If I am craving breakfast or really hungry then I will eat but most days I am not starving in the morning.

10:30- twice a week I work out with my trainer Chris. During the school year I do 3 weekly sessions but it os harder in the Summer. New favorite workout shorts and tee.

Shorts | Tee

11:00– grocery shop/run errands. I am not the best about meal planning so I go to the grocery store a few times a week. I am that weird person that actually enjoys grocery shopping. At Starbucks I either get a green tea latte or iced unsweet green tea.

12:00/1- this is usually pick up time from camp or bible school. Then we have lunch. This is my current favorite lunch. Tuscan Kale Salad + Probiotic Cottage Cheese + pickled cauliflower + hummus + Mary’s seed crackers.

1-3 in the afternoon we either run errands or go to the pool and swim.

3-5 – I work some and the kids usually play with neighbors or have quiet time in their rooms- aka bringing out as many toys as they can and making a mess. Frances Moon has been really into the 3 marker challenge.

5– prep dinner. I like for us to eat around 6 because the kids are always starving.

6- dinner, I have been kind of lazy this Summer about cooking so we eat out often or just throw together easy meals. I did actually cook last night and made Green Goddess Chicken, Tuscan Kale Salad and Roasted Asparagus.

7-8:30– we usually all watch a show together or play a game. and I typically fold laundry and drink wine.

8:30 bedtime for kids they brush teeth and we read a book. They are obsessed with the book Finding Miss Nelson we have read it every night for the past two weeks.

9:00-10– I finish up more work and emails usually while watching TV. I just finished Dead to Me on Netflix and now I started What If. I usually do a face mask during this time about 3-4 times a week.

10-11– I have been trying to unplug from my phone and read before bed to help calm my mind and anxiety. I feel like I am always reading several books at once. A few I am currently reading.

The Southern Side of Paradise | Everything is Fucked | Dare | The Daily Stoic

11- I usually try and have lights out by 11.



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