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A Day in My Life

Feb 11, 2016

I have had several requests to do a day in my life post.  My life is not very exciting but here you go! This is a pretty typical day although sometimes things change. 


alarm goes off

I usually press snooze once then get out of bed.

I immediately brush my teeth (I hate morning breath) and then I go make my cup of hot lemon water.  After that I go wake Sterling up.  This can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to get him up.  Why does kindergarten start so early??

Frances usually hears me getting Sterling up so of course she wants to get up too.  

I feed both kids breakfast and make their lunches for the day while they eat.


Matt or I take Sterling to school, we usually rotate days depending on his work schedule.  The other stays home with Frances.  After I drop Sterling off I make a cup of decaf coffee and a batch of green juice for Matt and I, then I sit down to finish up my blog for that day and try to respond to a few emails.  I let Frances watch Paw Patrol during this time so I can work.


I make myself breakfast and if I have time I quickly read a few blogs while I eat. 

Then I do a few household chores like empty the dishwasher (I swear I empty it everyday), start a load of laundry (that is never ending too) and make the beds.  I hate an unmade bed!!  If I am not going to the gym I shower at this point too.  Otherwise I throw on a bit up make-up and workout clothes- and yes I wear make-up to the gym, I don’t really go anywhere without make-up.  


I also get Frances dressed and ready for the day. I talked her into pigtails today it I am loving them!


I take Frances to school.  She does Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  


I hit up the gym.  I do 30 minutes on the treadmill of running intervals, then 20 minutes on the elliptical.  Or on Tuesdays and Thursdays I do an hour barre class.

For those who asked I am still loving my yoga mat.  


It is a bad habit but after the gym I usually hit the Starbucks drive thru (I mean its right beside my gym) for an iced green tea.  Then I head to the grocery store.  I also use this time to run other errands I have like post office, dry cleaners, Target etc.


Head home unload groceries, take a quick shower, and start assembling a salad for lunch.  This week I made one my favorites, Asian Kale Salad.  I usually don’t have time to eat before I pick up Frances so I just prep the food.  


Pick up Frances from school.  She always falls asleep in the car so I just carry her in and lay her down in her crib and she keeps napping.  Then I sit down and eat lunch.  I usually power thru a show I have recorded like Housewives or Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce while I eat.  


I use this time to finish up laundry and straighten up the house that is normally a wreck from that morning.  Then I sit down and work on my blog til time to pick up Sterling


Pick up Sterling from school.  After school I try and take the kids to do an activity.  We usually have a playdate, hit up the park, go to the library, or make some sort of art/cooking craft at home. Today we stopped by the drug store and then hit up the park.


Get home and start working on dinner prep.  I let the kids rest and watch tv during this time.  This is what usually happens while I cook,  they pull out everything they can and make a huge mess.

For dinner this night I made Salmon Cakes, squash, and navy beans.


Dinner for the kids.  If Matt is working late I usually go ahead and eat with them too.  Otherwise I wait and eat with Matt.  Whether I eat or not I at least always try to sit down with the kids and talk while they eat.

We usually do Sterling’s homework at this time too after we eat.

I quickly clean up dishes and wipe down counters.


Bath time.  I used to love bath time, now I dread it.  Sterling and Frances basically fight the entire time, hitting and splashing water everywhere.


We start the bedtime routines that includes brushing teeth and reading a few books and saying prayers.   Frances still likes to be rocked so either Matt or I rock her for a bit. Then I am not kidding for the next hour or two someone keeps asking for something.  They need water, or Sterling wants a pen to write in his journal, or they need to ask me something- their elaborate list goes on and on.   They are masters at extending bedtime.


The kids are finally asleep and I sit down.  Matt and I don’t watch much tv but we do it is usually Netflix.  We are still powering thru Mad Men and loving it.  

This is also when I put on a face mask.  Still loving my Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud one I got for Christmas.  It is awesome and I really think it has made my skin more even and brighter.


Get ready for bed, wash face, brush teeth, and then I get in bed and read a bit to fall asleep.  I just started 800 Grapes and I am liking it so far.  It is a light and easy read compared to Room which I just finished.

I then sleep stalk my kids and call it a day.


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A Day In My Life

Oct 4, 2012

Today I thought it would be fun to give you guys a sneak peek into my daily life.  I always love reading how others manage their time and days, so here you go.


Wake Up. I never set an alarm, I am usually always up by 7 thanks to my little man.  He is not a late sleeper.  This week he has been waking up around 6 every morning, ugh.

First priority is coffee for me.  Drink one mug every morning.  I take my coffee black- no sugar or creamer. 

While I fix my coffee, I also fix Sterling juice and a Nutragrain cereal bar.  He is a man of routine and likes his cereal bar and juice and every morning.   After his cereal bar he is immediately ready for his “second” breakfast which is usually cereal or oatmeal.  I fix this and then turn on the TV to Nick Jr for Sterling while I log in and post my blog entry for the day.  I also make a to-do list each day in my May book.  Keeps me organized.

 I usually leave the TV on for an hour or more (don’t judge) while I do my morning routine.  I also let him eat on our couch- I know its a bad idea but it is a routine now- plus that couch is so nasty.  Breakfast is the meal he is allowed to eat in the den though.   One day I will have nice furniture!


This happens to be a day I run.  I only run every other day- so maybe 3 times a week on a good week.  I go while Matt is still home and can watch Sterling.  I have a 3 mile loop I usually do, which takes about 30 minutes.


I get back from my run and chug water.  Then I make a batch of my green juice.  I make juice every morning.  I swear it gives me more energy.  My juicer is my favorite kitchen appliance,  seriously.   I never knew how much I would love it or use it, but she is a true gem.  I usually juice: Kale, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger, and cucumber. 

After I drink this I quickly shower.  I only wash my hair every other day and I try to coincide this with the days I run.  It needs to be washed those days because it is sweaty.   I do however put on make-up everyday.  I am serious, even if I am not doing anything I put on make-up, makes me feel pulled together.  Plus my under eye circles and blonde eyelashes are tragic without make-up.

My daily make-up essentials (Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Nars Bronzer, Naked eyeshadow palette, Maybelline Mascara, Cle De Peau Concealor,  and Chanel Lipstick).

 Then I make our bed.  I am a freak about making our bed.  I hate leaving the house with an unmade bed.   I am also a freak about an all white bedding.  I love an all white bed.  The four poster bed was mine from when I was a child.  I don’t love it and really want a fabric headboard but want to wait til we make the switch to a King Bed for a new headboard.  So for now she says.  It is very princessy.

After that I quickly make my breakfast.  Today it is Wheat toast with Peanut Butter, Bananas and Honey.

 I scarf that down and then make Sterling’s lunch.   I usually send him a PB&J or PB& honey most days.  Kids lunches are hard! 

Then we leave the house at 9:30 and it is off to school for Sterling.


Today while Sterling is in school, I have a doctors appointment, then I hit up Target, the Grocery Store, and pick up dry cleaning.  It is so nice to shop without a child whining,  I take my time and browse.  Run the groceries home and then it is pick up time.  3 hours flies by.


We are back home and I put Sterling down for a nap. He now insists on napping in his PJ’s everyday.  How cute is he?

 This is when I have quiet time and sit down and eat lunch.  Today for lunch it is sauteed kale, veggies and hummus.  I am really trying to lose my extra 5lbs I put on this summer.  Nothing is working so it is diet time during the week.  I try to eat healthy for lunch and breakfast and then indulge a little at dinner with Matt.

I also allow myself to watch one show I recorded.  I usually watch the Housewives or the Kardashians because Matt can’t stand it when I watch them while he is home.  Today it is NYC Housewives and the train wreck that is Aviva.


After my lunch and trashy TV session I do a few chores around the house like laundry and emptying the dishwasher.  Then I sit down and work on my blog/pinterest/respond to emails until Sterling wakes up.  Some days he naps two hours some days only one so I never know how much time I have.


When he wakes up we usually go an afternoon walk to the park or beach near our house.

This is the typical reaction I get when I tell him to get in the stroller.  Even if I have bribed him with a Popsicle.  To me this time of the day is so hard.  I never know how to fill the “witching hour.”

He cheers up once we get to the park


I turn on the TV again for Sterling to watch a cartoon and I start cooking his dinner and get Matt and my dinner going as well.  Matt doesn’t get home til 7:30 most nights so I fed Sterling alone around 6 and then eat with Matt when he gets home.  Tonight it is Spanakopita, fruit,  and cheese for Sterling. 

Tonight he insists on wearing his glasses while he eats.  Too cool already.


Ladies,  this is my happy time when I finally pour a glass of wine and go sit and read a magazine while Sterling plays in the bath.  I have a glass or two every.single.night pretty much.  Keeps me sane.  I take no drugs just wine.

Then Matt gets home and we each read Sterling a story and say his prayers and it is off to bed for him.  He is in bed by 8.

Since it is Wednesday night that means it is Taco Night at the Mason House.  We cook tacos every Wednesday night.  It is our hump day tradition.  In honor of it being Wednesday night we each get a shot of Tequila.  We normally don’t drink liquor during the week but this is our exception.  Tequila goes so well with tacos and I am a true tequila lover.  We each get one shot- and we don’t shoot it we sip it while we chat about our days.


We sit down to eat and watch our TV shows (Modern Family etc).  Yes we eat on the couch and watch TV while we eat.  It works people!  Notice the difference in our plates.  If only I could eat like that and not gain weight.  Men are lucky.


Get ready for bed.  This includes washing my face, contacts, and brushing/flossing my teeth.  Then I get in bed and read my Daily Devotional,  Jesus Calling.   I highly recommend this book it has gotten me thru some hard times and provided great inspiration.   If I am not too exhausted I will also read a few pages in whatever book I am currently reading.  Tonight I decide to flip thru my new Bazaar with Kate Hudson because I am in between books.  We almost always have the lights out by 10.

Well, I am exhausted are you?  This post was for my hubs who sometimes thinks I have easy days.  He jokes that being a stay at home mom means I sit around and eat bonbons and watch TV all day.  Could not be further from the truth.   I know he doesn’t really believe I do that but it was fun to document my day.   My day is non-stop!  So there you go, a day in my life.  Nothing exciting but I sure do love being a stay at home mom.  I feel so lucky that I am able to take care of Sterling and be home with him, I know not everyone has that luxury.  

Happy Thursday.  T-minus one day til the weekend!

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  1. Busy ass day. No wonder you look so damn good. Running. Hmmm. Must get off my ass. Love the day in your life and your lucite chair at your desk!!!

  2. Lala says:

    Your day exhausts me too. I could never be a SAHM, but wish that I could tolerate my kids all day šŸ™‚ and I would love to get rid of our sleigh bed to get a fabric one, just waiting on my husband to agree to the DIY.

  3. Liz says:

    I love posts like this! Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that usese Nick Jr. to get stuff done around the house – no violence, educational stuff, and a stationary toddler – win win win! And Henry has the same PJs as Sterling does in that pic…they are adorable! Great post girl!

  4. One of my favorite posts ever! We need to chat about your cle de peau concealer! Which maybelline mascara do you use?

  5. KatiePerk says:

    BUSY DAY! I love his whale sheets!

  6. caycee says:

    Seriously my favorite post ever!!! Loved this so much! Think I may have to do a day in the life of Caycee soon!!! You have a beautiful family, and I feel lucky to call you my best friend!

  7. Carrie says:

    I love these posts, thank you for sharing. Question, white kind of china/plates do you have? I like your square dishes, they are smaller which helps with portion size, which I need help with!

  8. megan says:

    Great post! Your lunches always look so yummy to me. No judging on the eat dinner in front of the tv thing. We do it, too. I'm always exhausted after work, gym and cooking dinner so I don't know how you do it.

  9. Virginia says:

    I love posts like this! I am so curious about what everyone does all day. I'm a nanny, so I know that you definitely do not sit and eat Bon bons all day!! Haha I wish the kids I watch would play in the tub for an hour and a half! Too bad I can't have wine though. šŸ™ haha

  10. Hannah says:

    I really enjoy posts like this! I agree, it is always fun to see what other people do throughout the day. Little man is too cute! I like that you and Matt still eat together even though he comes home later. I don't know if I could go so long between meals, I snack all the time.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Love your post! I had a baby girl in May and am staying home with her so I love reading what other SAHMs days are like. Quick question! You mentioned that you were going to start drinking apple cider vinegar to help you lose weighf. i am looking for a safe way to give my metablism a boost. That being said, are you still using the vinegar? Is it working?

  12. Keely says:

    Love, love, love this post! Great job! Literally looks like you have a great happy household! šŸ™‚ I am a SAHM also, it is equally difficult as rewarding. Just remember everyday they get a little older and a little more independent…cherish this time, I have to remind myself this daily. Our routines are so similar, thanks for sharing! This is giving me more ambition to clean the cob webs off my own blog! Thanks for sharing!

  13. damn girl you are one busy momma! but totally admire you're healthy eating lifestyle! xo


  14. Christina says:

    Loved this! Especially the tequila part. Ha! Bons bons? Ha. Men. When's the last time you've eaten a bon bon? I have not in a long time, haha

  15. You busy little bee!! I've tried to run and I still do it 1-2 times per week mixed in with my other workouts but I just don't love it. I think I'm just not a runner…I don't know. haha P.S. Sterling is precious!

  16. This is such a fun post Nat. I think you've inspired me to do this too. I need to know how much Matt whined about helping you take pictures at bedtime šŸ˜‰

  17. Danielle says:

    Ah, the dreaded "witching hour!" I get to experience that every day too and lucky for me, I'm greeted with it as soon as I pick them up from school (ages 5 and 2). And the weekends? AGH! I wish I had some fabulous solution for you but it sounds like you're doing the right thing – just get them out of the house.

    Great idea for a post. I think it would be cathartic for me to just write it all out. If nothing else, it will make me feel better (:

  18. What a fun post! When I was in college, I nannied during the summers from 8am-6pm every Mon-Fri. I swear I almost went insane some days. I had to go somewhere in the evenings… to the grocery store, out to dinner, ANYWHERE I could be around adults for a little bit! It's nice that you have a tiny break in your day to run a few errands, but boy are you busy!

    Sterling is such a doll… thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

  19. I am tired just reading this!

  20. Marina says:

    Love this post! Very similar to my every day expect I have 2 lil ones at home all day long…so it's constant noise and chaos! Love your blog and Sterling is so handsome šŸ™‚

  21. Great post!! The days I'm home with the kids are much harder than my days in the office.

  22. Courtney says:

    I stayed at home this summer (since I'm a teacher) with my boyfriend and it wore me out! Constantly cooking, laundry, cleaning. He is like having a three year old so I feel ya!

  23. I love seeing how you spend your day! Your little guy is lucky to have such a good mama, and I'm sure your husband appreciates all the HARD WORK you do each day. Every mom is a working mom!! šŸ™‚ and love the shot of tequila! why not?!

  24. Amanda Leigh says:

    Thank you for this post! I loved getting a sneak peak into a day in the life of a SAHM.
    Im hoping and praying that I get the privilege one day to be a SAHM to my future kids, so this post really inspires me!

  25. livingchel says:

    I take my coffee black too and it is the first thing I do every morning. Also I love LM tinted moisturizer, cle de peau concealer and Nars bronzer. Those are all favorites of mine. We have so much in common, though I am not a mom yet I can just tell you have my style parenting šŸ™‚

  26. Melissa W. says:

    I am sooo happy to see you posting "eating bonbons!" My husband says.the.exact.same.thing! Darn him, staying home is HARD! Some days I cry to my friends who are "lucky" to work at a "real job" as my husband calls it. Ugh! Great post, Natalie! You always inspire me to run and eat more veggies! xoxo

  27. Ashley says:

    You are BUSY! I love your dinner plates, they look very similar in my house too! šŸ™‚

  28. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing that devotional. I checked out the reviews on Amazon and I'm going to order it next.

  29. NOLA mom says:

    I appreciate your positive personality! Thanks for sharing a day in your life.

  30. Brooke says:

    Love this post! Ha! Guys think being a SAHM is so simple, and you said it best – couldn't be more UNtrue! I love your taco tradition and the shot of tequila, so fun!


  31. Great post! Being a mom, working or stay home is a lot of work! Getting a kid out of the house in the am is a chore in its self!

  32. Totally admire you for all that you get done in a day! I am SAHM too and I feel I don't accomplish half as much on an average day. I am really interested in learning to juice so I enjoyed seeing it's something you do daily! All of your recipes/meals look so healthy and delish! šŸ™‚

  33. Jill says:

    Us stay at home moms are busy!!!

    love this bit today

  34. Bud and Leo says:

    awe I just loved following along your day with precious Sterling! thanks for being honest too I feel like people would just make silly things up and you are so real šŸ™‚ I read Jesus Calling everyday too- and I find that I can apply it to my life every. single. day. It gets me through! Well right now you are probably cooking dinner for Matt hahah so enjoy! xo

  35. Seriously, you need to teach me how to eat…I'm terrible about my veggies! It always looks so good when you post your lunch meals and then I go and eat my leftover pizza or whatever…and believe me, I've got more than 5 lbs to loose! ha! And it *kills* me when people ask me what I do all day as a SAHM…seriously people? Spend a week doing what I do and you will be *BEGGING* for your life back! (c;

  36. Megan says:

    I am SO busy with Olivia during the day that sometimes I don't realize I haven't eaten all day until I put her down for bed! She eats SO much through out the day, you would think I would get in at least a snack sometimes! haha

    No judgement about the TV! I think most people eat dinner in front of the tv! We try to eat dinner at the dining room table but most nights my hubby isn't home for dinner or gets home super late so it feels silly.

  37. I found this very entertaining to read, plus I related to many things šŸ˜‰

  38. Cannon says:

    LOVE LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing your day! It sounds almost exactly like mine:) No judgement about eating on the couch in front of the TV – my hubby and I do it every night!!

  39. Melissa W. says:

    This is my top five favorite post of yours :-). I have been thinking about it all day! Makes me realize I could **never** give you my day-I would be yelling at my kids in 75% of my day. LOL

    "Hudson stop hitting Henry. Henry stop pooping on the bathroom floor. No, you are not allowed to shove dirt in the refidgerator. Stop crying! Eat your dinner! Hudson do not kick the cat. Amelia stop picking your nose and eating. Henry, no kicking balls in the house. Do not eat the dog treats. Amelia do your homework now. Get in the house now!" I could go on for days šŸ™‚

  40. Jennifer says:

    Love this post. Nice to know what real people really do and eat. Good for you for the running and juicing. I want to try the juiceing thing, just not sure where to start. Love reading your blog. XOXO

  41. I just love getting a glimpse into peoples lives with posts like this. You're definitely one busy mama!

  42. I felt like I was reading my own day! I mean, eerily similar. Our mornings especially. I always put on make-up too. I need to try a green juice. I definitely could use the extra energy! My husband has no idea what I do all day either! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Morgan S. says:

    I'm with you on the wine every night, so don't feel bad! šŸ™‚ Good, healthy meals – I really wish I could stay at home…I'd have a lot more time to get my workouts in…I'm up at 3:30 and off to work by 4:30…and still have to find time to clean house, workout and of course have quality time with my boys! I write A LOT of my posts ahead of time just so I can keep up! http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  44. PAZ says:

    Any tips on being able to wash your hair only every other day? I feel like mine looks obviously un-washed if I skip a day. Do you wet it and just not shampoo?

  45. I love hearing how other people fill their daily lives! You are one busy woman, but it sounds like you give yourself good little breaks with wine and TV, hehe!

  46. House As Is says:


    I love this post! I had to keep turning the computer toward my husband and saying "see? we're normal!"
    (although we are now going to implement tequila…er…taco night).

    So glad I stumbled across your blog. The simplest tips are a real blessing to read.

    P.S. My sweet daughter's name is Nathalie : )

  47. Brooke Wise says:

    You are superwoman Mama! I hope that when I become a mother one day I can be as wonderful as a mother as you seem to be! You do it all and should be so proud! I loved this post! PS-Isn't Cle de Peau the best?