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Amazon Favorites | February Edit

Feb 22, 2019

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocoa– Thanks to my friends at Skinny Confidential Podcast I ordered this calming hot cocoa. It really does help relax you and is only 25 calories. I like to have this before bed at night.

Cover-Up\Dress– such a winner and only $21. I am wearing a size small.

Silicone Hair Holder– this baby is awesome to store your curling iron and straightening wand. It stays put and since it is made of silicone it can with stand heat. I know most of you already follow @thingsiboughtandliked on instagram but if you don’t you should. She has the best Amazon recs- I ordered several of these items because of her

Stasher Bags– I want to order 20 of these bags. They are plastic free, reusable and dishwasher safe. Great for food storage and also great with your sous vide if you have one.

Pens- Love these pens, trust me they are so smooth.

Unicorn Coloring Book– I just got Frances this coloring book and it is so cute. Lots of pages for the price and nice big prints to color.

Maxi Dress– another fashion item that arrived late so I didn’t get to include in my earlier post. This dress is only $32. It comes in several colors and is light weight and such a cute dress. I am wearing a size small.

Face Roller– this is identical to the Nurse Jackie face roller and only $23. I have been using this daily. It helps to tighten skin and activates face cell rejuvenation.

Natural Calm– now out in gummies, love these. I also give them to my kids as well. They help keep you regular and i swear they help relax you too.

Yeti Coffee Mug– I finally bit the bullet and bought a Yeti coffee mug and love it. I usually put my hot lemon water in this and sip it while I drive carpool in the morning and it stays so hot!

Air Compressor- I ordered this over Christmas and have been loving it. As a single woman I have to learn how to do all the things my dad used to do for me-haha. This is so easy to use to put air in your tires. It is compact and comes with a cute black case that I just store in my car.

Snail Face Masks– these are sheet masks and came highly recommended. They are frequently sold out so get them while you can!

Travel Make-Up Bag– this bag is pretty genius. I used to just toss all my stuff in one big bag. I love how this is organized, especially the post for brushes and it is under $20.

Acrylic Carousel – this is so awesome for organizing make up!

Cheese Whisps– these are so tasty and great for cheese trays!

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  1. Jennifer Rich says:

    Great list- I love looking at everyone’s Amazon odds and ends. And Hallelujah for an air compressor HA! Just wondering if the Yeti cup fits in your car’s cup holder?

  2. Denise Olsen says:

    These are great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I have the acrylic carousel – game changer for my bathroom vanity storage! Is the makeup bag bulky or would it go comfortable in a carry-on? (I never check my makeup bag, in case my luggage gets lost)