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Amazon Finds | April

Apr 15, 2019

Green Tea– this is the green tea I showed on my instastories. I make pitchers of it to keep in the fridge and it is so good.

Repour Wine Savers– these are the best thing. They seal your opened wine without allowing oxygen to get in and taint the wine.

Straw Earrings– these are identical to an almost $100 pair I wanted but only $10.

Straw Hat– I ordered this before the Bahamas and love it. You can’t beat the price only $10.99

Cord Organizer– We have so many random cords so I ordered this to organize them.

Primal Kitchen Beef Thins– I am so addicted to these. If you like beef jerky you have to try them. I like that they are thinner than regular beef jerky and the company is based here in Charleston!

Vitamin C Supplement– I mentioned these on my beauty post but I have been loving them. I was feeling so run and on the verge of getting sick and I swear this high dose of Vitamin C helped me fight it off.

Bunny Cups– we always do a big Easter Egg hunt at my parents and I ordered these adorable cups for the kids:)

Scalloped Suit– I loved my burgundy suit so much I ordered the red. You cant beat the price $26!

Folex Carpet Cleaner– this stuff is a game changer with kids it literally gets everything out.

Girl’s Sneakers– I just ordered Frances Moon another pair of these golden goose knock offs we love them so much.

Ice Mule – My sister and brother in law told me about this genius back pack. They said a fellow parent had it a soccer game. It is easy to carry with kids and perfect to store some cold brews. Makes a great gift for the dudes.

Dryer Balls– another item my sister turned me onto because apparently dryer sheets are filled with lots of chemicals. These are great for static cling and wrinkles.

Hair Waver– my hair stylist had one of these and I loved it so I ordered it. Super easy to do loose beachy waves.

Cord Organizers– These are great to use with the cord case I showed above.

Cover-Up– such a steal I ddi the white!

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  1. Allie says:

    Could you do a mini tutorial maybe on instagram stories with the waver? That would be super helpful!!

  2. brafdesign says:

    Thanks for sharing, it looks great!

  3. Kris says:

    Yay! The tea!