Hi Friends! I’m Natalie Mason. I live in Charleston, SC and I am mom to Sterling 12 , Frances Moon 8 and our mini golden doodle Dolly.



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The Apple of my Eye

Jun 21, 2010

Sterling is now 4 months old and growing so fast! I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying. The other day I caught myself looking a pregnant woman feeling jealous about how much she had to look forward too! I am not one of those people who loved being pregnant, I felt huge, bloated and unattractive the whole time but for a second I started thinking well maybe being pregnant wasn’t that uncomfortable! I am no where near ready for baby number 2, I have my hands full with one but I definitely think about it sometimes!

Anyways so far this is my favorite age, he is smiling and trying to talk and sleeping through the night- hallelujah. and most importantly I finally feel like myself again. The first 2-3 months after I had Sterling were a total blur. I was sleep deprived and trying to figure out this whole mom thing! Here are a few recent pictures of my sweet little man flashing the smile that melts my heart!



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  1. Mama L says:

    Hi Nathalie! Really like your blog! Found it on Brooke’s list. You guys must be friends? Her and I lived in NYC together. I agree that 4 months is a great age. My little boy is 9 months now and gee whiz, time DOES go fast! Feel free to visit us at http://www.stickybabychronicles.blogspot.com. Good work with the new blog. Very sweet:)

  2. Jodi says:

    Ha! I love the one of him in the basket at work. Maybe you can post a blog about Sterling's job charming the ladies at SPROUT! Jodi