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Beetle Juice

Sep 23, 2010

So apparently I have been feeding my baby Beetle Juice. I am sure alot of you moms heard about the Similac Formula recall this morning. I heard it on the Today show, then went to Similac’s website which was slow as molasses because I guess every mother in America was on there checking their formula out. Well, the two economy sized Similac Sensitive formulas I had just bought for Sterling, had both been recalled. I am not sure how Beetles even get into Formula, but that is why they are being recalled. So, yes my son has been drinking Beetle Juice and I think he quite likes it. I am mostly annoyed at this because now I have to make an extra trip to Costco to return the insect laden formula and I had to rush out this am and buy more formula when I had just stocked up a week ago. I guess this is going to majorly boost sales for Enfamil:)

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  1. Brooke Hall says:

    OMG!I AM SOOO glad i just read your post! I hadn't heard a thing and lawton's was recalled! i had it all packed for our trip to raleigh…so gross! i am kinda scared! what are you switching to?