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Can’t Stop Thinking About…

Jul 17, 2014

A few things I can’t get off my mind.

 One \ Indah Nala Maxi Dress

I already own one Indah Dress and I love it.  The material is so soft and the patterns are gorgeous.  Perfect Summer Maxi.  This dress comes in 5 other patterns.

Two \ Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez

Does this bug anybody else but me??  and I thought she was a lesbian?  I just can’t wrap my head around this, although Zac obviously has a thing for dark haired ladies- poor me.  I don’t like this coupling one bit.

Three \  Teil Duncan On One Kings Lane

I am a long time admirer of Teil’s work, she is such a talent.  These pieces are 50%  now, a great deal and they are framed too!  My two favorites.

Four \ Beauty Counter for Kids

I am all about this Beauty Counter revolution.  Did you know 80% of the ingredients in products we use daily are not tested??  That is crazy.  We need to know what is in our products and that they are safe, especially for our kids.  I am obsessed with the Beauty Counter Kids Shampoo and Body wash for Sterling.  They also make a great conditioner for girls.  It smells so fresh and you know no chemicals are being absorbed in your kids skin.

Five \ Rose

I am on a real Rose Kick this Summer, can’t get enough. I just picked up these 3 to try out!

 Six \ Wire Paper Towel Holder

I love this gold paper towel holder, such a beauty.  I have a stainless back splash so it won’t go in my kitchen but someone should use this!!

Seven \ Homemade Ice Cream

My mom gave us her Cuisinart  ice maker that she never used and we finally busted it out this week.  While Frances napped Sterling and I made homemade Strawberry Ice Cream that was out of this world good.

We used this recipe HERE 

I used two pints of strawberries and pureed them- I omitted the red food coloring because it seemed weird to add that to me.   The recipe was super easy and delicious! Homemade ice cream is the way to go!

Eight \  Quote

In light of all the negativity towards bloggers sometimes, I really liked this quote.

Word to that.

Nine \ Erin Mayshed’s Home Tour on Amber Interiors

This home is pretty much the most amazing home I have ever seen and exactly what I wish my house looked like.  Such awesome style, Amber did an incredible job in every single room.  Check out the full tour here.


Lastly Local blogger friends please join us for a really fun event next Wednesday!

Charleston Blogger Meet ‘n Greet

by Natalie Mason of Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers, Caycee Hewitt of
the blog Hanging with the Hewitt’s and Sidney Wagner of Eclectic


Who: All local design, fashion and lifestyle bloggers who enjoy writing about interior design are welcome. Please RSVP to sidney@eclecticcharleston.com
with your name, the name of your blog as well as any of your social
media “handles” so we can have a nametag ready for you at the event!

An opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow bloggers as well as
get a first look at some of the new/vintage/refurbished/repurposed goods
that Sidney Wagner of Eclectic just brought back from Atlanta market!

Where: At Eclectic in Mt. Pleasant (875 Coleman Boulevard)

When: Wednesday, July 23 from 6-8

Why: Why not!?!


Hope to see you there!



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  1. caycee says:

    Haha!!! Looks like we both had a lot on our minds today 🙂 And I love that we were both crushing on Emily's house at the same time! Great minds think alike 😉

  2. I can see why you can't stop thinking of these things! I had no idea about Zac and Michelle – very weird pairing! Thanks for letting me know about the shampoo/body wash, I'm always on the hunt for natural products for the kids. Ever since they said that formaldehyde was in Johnson & Johnson it freaked me out! I need to try Rose asap, I never had and you and Amy make me feel like I'm missing out on something 😉
    Lastly, I wish I was a local – it would be so fun meeting you girls.

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. caycee says:

    PS Love that paper towel holder, and dying to try all that Rose.

  4. I'm soooo sad I'm missing the event next week. Boo! I need a sea urchin too! 😉 Zac and Michelle are gross. Let me know how you like the wine! I've tried the two on the end and love the one on the right!

  5. you know my thoughts on #2 – barf! I don't get it Zac. But I already love my beautycounter products for me so I better check out the kids line asap. Loved Erin's house too – its jawdropping.

  6. Nat says:

    Ugh I cannot get over Zac and Michelle-he clearly has a type and I totally thought she was a lesbian too! Not a fan of this coupling at all. Enjoy that Rose for me- looks so good, I was on a big Rose kick before I got pregnant again.

  7. Really love the idea of homemade ice cream! I've actually always thought Selena should dump Justin and go for Zac. They are already friends and would clearly have the cutest children!

  8. Poppy says:

    I LOL'ed when i read about Zac. I am beyong weirded out by it as well.

  9. Wish I could come to the meet and greet!!

  10. The Charles & Charles rose is FABULOUS. Enjoy!

  11. Love Amber's work…that home is just gorgeous!

  12. 204 Park says:

    I love this roundup – that paper towel holder is amaze and that dress is too cute! Xo, D

  13. Lynne says:

    I love the maxi dress! I noticed that the dress is not lined. Can you wear a strapless bra or is the dress material thick enough not to show off your goodies:)

  14. Colleen says:

    Was just reading my US Weekly and was thinking the same thing! The article said they're just friends with benefits though. Still, ew! I don't get that one. I think we need a Rose tasting night. Amy F. got me hooked on it. PS, why are all these comments starting at 4 in the morning! You ladies need to sleep in! I feel like suck a slacker needing my alarm to roll out of bed at 8!

  15. Colleen says:

    Meant such a slacker!

  16. Blair M. says:

    Alllll about the summer rose! I've tried the one on the far right (w/ the chicken/rooster on the label) and LOVED it!

  17. Letra says:

    Hey Natalie, I've been on a Rose kick this summer as well. I recently bought a bottle of the Cotes Du Rhone Parallele rose (2013) for my birthday and it was SO good.

  18. What a shame, Zac can do so much better!! Teil Duncan is such a fantastic artist, her eye for color is amazing, I'm lucky to own a few of her beach scenes already 🙂 We actually use those gold sea urchins in the store for the jewelry, they are so cute!

  19. Amber always does an amazing job! I thought that was really weird when saw that about Zac Efron. Such an odd pairing…

  20. Lee Nodes says:

    Huge fan of rose! Love all of your picks! Am actually taking the one on right to a girls night tonight. Such a good buy too! Whole Foods in Mt. P has it on sale for 6.99 a bottle! Whoop! Whoop! I use our cuisinart ice cream maker religiously and just made a batch of strawberry ice cream today. yum!!

  21. iopcatg says:

    I think they are the weirdest couple ever! She looks like she is about to beat him up in that pic! Too funny!


  22. hassan mouse says:

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  23. I had no idea about Zack and MIchelle, but yes totally agree, thought he was gay and she was a lesbian. A unusual coupling for sure!

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  26. Kelsey says:

    First time commenting! Love your blog…that house is TO.DIE.FOR!! Definitely a dream house. I've been perusing your Charleston archives because we are most likely relocating from Denver to Charleston next summer! Would love to come to one of your meet and greets when were in the area!

  27. Amber always does an amazing job!