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Clean Beauty Favs + New Vitamins that I am Loving

May 4, 2018

TGIF friends.  Today I wanted to share a few clean beauty favorites.  While I have not switched to all clean beauty products I have incorporated quite a few I love into my routine.  Did you know In Europe they ban over 1300 ingredients in make-up/skin care industry but in the USA only 11 ingredients are banned.  It is kind of eye opening.  It has made me think a little more about what I put on my skin.  I am a little more lax about make-up but as far as skin care I try to keep it pretty clean.

I mentioned awhile back that I was rep for Beauty Counter.  I use BeautyCounter products on the regular but have not mentioned them on here in awhile so I wanted to share some current favorites.

BeautyCounter Eye Make Up Remover

I love the new eye make-up remover.  It is gentle and really removes all your makeup.

I also really like the make-up wipes.  They are great for traveling.  I have really sensitive eyes and these don’t cause any irritation like some others have.


Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer

I love all the products in the new Countermatch line but especially this lotion.  I have mentioned before I have really dry skin and this is so moisturizing.  It provides 24 hours of hydration.

Plumping Spa Set

The plumping face mask is definitely my favorite.  You can tell it is working while you wear it and afterwards I promise you your skin will feel tighter, smoother and plumper.  Go and read the reviews too everyone loves it.   This is such a great set, the face oil and spray are also amazing.  This would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift.



I swear by the BeautyCounter lipgloss.  Most of the times when you guys ask me what color I am wearing it is Peony from the BC line.   I also love Azalea and Dahlia.

Toner Pads

I have been using these probably 3 years now.  I use them after I wash my face and before I apply my serums and moisturizer.  I feel like they really deep clean my skin and leave it feeling so fresh.

These are 2 of my all time fav BeautyCounter products I have been using for years- The Body Butter and Body Scrub.   The body butter is a thick cream that I use all over my body, it is crazy moisturizing.  The body scrub is amazing, it not only smells so good but makes your skin feel so soft.   This would make the best Mother’s Day gift!   You get the body butter, body scrub and cute travel bag.  You save $40 by buying this set.

Body Luxuries Gift Set

Drunk Elephant Babyfacial

I mentioned this on Tuesday but it really is an awesome product,  I am wearing it as I sit and type this:) I bought this after so many people were raving about it.  The first night I used it my skin looked glowing and so fresh.  It has almost a 5 star rating for a reason.  I actually love all the drunk Elephant products I have tried.  Such a great non-toxic line.

Elemis Superfood Oil

I love this oil.  I use it at nighttime before bed.  It smells so good and makes your skin feel like silk!

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Serum

This is a new serum I am crazy about.  I love to use it paired with the Fresh Rose mask.  It is a great combo.  The rosewater really helps to soothe and nourish the skin.

Fresh Rose Mask

This the mask I use before the serum.  This contains cucumber, aloe vera, algae, rose water and rose petals – it is super soothing.


I also wanted to mention a new line of vitamins I have been taking called Care/of.  To be completely honest with y’all I have really never in my life been diligent about taking a multivitamin.  I would take one on and off but often forgot.  I have been taking these for a month now and wow can I tell difference.  I used to feel so tired and run down and now I have energy.  My mind feels clear and I just feel good.  I love the concept of this company.  Once you get to the Care/of site it will take you through about 5 minutes of questions about your lifestyle.  It asks you questions about your diet, sleep habits, alcohol, energy, anxiety, etc.  Then after you finish the questions they determine what vitamins your body needs.  When I first got my pack and it was 7 pills I was like umm hell no I don’t want or need to take that many pills.  But I tried it and kept with it because I felt so good.  I seriously wake up and feel so refreshed in the mornings and I have changed nothing else but starting to take these vitamins.  They come in daily individual packs which makes it super easy.  I often throw a pack in my purse and take them on the go.   I like that they are personalized to what you need and no one else.

Use code SNOOP25 to save 25% off your first order!

Each day the vitamins have a cute quote or question for you to think about:)

These are the vitamins they recommended for me based on my answers.  Check out Care/of I think you guys will really love them!

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