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Decking The Halls at the Mason House

Dec 4, 2012

I am finally fisnished decoarting my house for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier.  I always start the day after Thanksgiving because I like to enjoy the decorations for as long as I can!   I usually stick to a pallete of silvers, golds, and greens but this year I added in some red on the tree and I am loving it.   I love seeing how others decorate their houses so here is a sneak peek of a few things decked out in the Mason Household.

These little guys are my newest addition this year.  I love how sparkly they are.  I used to make so much fun of my mom for having nutcrackers and of course now I have them.  I will say things change when you have kids,  you want a few fun decorations they will love.  Sterling absolutely adores this pair and I do too.  My blinged out Nutcrackers:)

Here is the overall view of our bar table with our new friends.


  I love to hang wreaths on mirrors and windows inside.  I bought the wreath above the bar and this one at a fabulous store in Charlotte called Traditions.  They are super light weight so you easily hang them anywhere.

This is our first Christmas with our new Hutch and I had a ball decorating it.
Still have yet to paint it,  that is now a project for 2013!

My mom gave me these star pillows and I love the fun accent they add for the holidays.

And you might remember our tree I posted last week.

 Here is one of my all time favorite ornaments:  Jonathan Adler Seahorse.  I love all Jonathan’s ornaments- they make great gifts too.

 I snagged this little wreath at a garage sale for $1, it the perfect piece to store my cards.   The Christmas cards are already rolling in and it makes me so happy.  I look forward to checking the mail everyday this time of year!

And of course I always have my eye on several things I want for the next Christmas.  Here is what I am hoping to score for 2013!  You have to buy a few new things each year right??

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  1. I love the Nutcrackers! So pretty!! Also love those Jonathon Alder ornaments. So cute and fun!! House looks lovely friend!



  2. Ok. I'm in love with your wreath and those nutcrackers. So I went to go see the target collections, which I generally adore and I felt that this one fell short. It was extremely overpriced. Total bummer. Love the shaker though!

  3. LOVE your wreath! LOVE! And Wells is totally obsessed with nutcrackers so that's our new thing this year too. Loving that hutch and all your sparkly touches!

  4. Brooke says:

    Loving it! Very festive!

    Happy Holidays!

    =) Brooke

  5. Absolutely love your wreaths! Your house looks so cheery and bright!

  6. Nat says:

    I love those nutcrackers! Where did you get them? Those wreaths are so nice and simple!

  7. I'm green with envy today. I want to collect Nutcrackers too! I've started with Santas and I decided I was going to add some Santa nutcrackers to the mix. They bring back childhood memories for me too! I'm loving all of your crystal decanters and mirrored bar tray. I love the wreath on mirror look too. I've yet to buy either for my bare staircase landing…. Great job friend! Everything is lovely!

  8. Aw your place looks great! Love the wreath on the mirror too

  9. Sarah says:

    I got a sparkler nutcracker this year too…caught my son trying to smash peanuts in it the other afternoon. He might have to sit up on a higher shelf next year!

  10. Katie says:

    Looks great Natalie! šŸ™‚

    Are you on Instagram?

  11. megan says:

    The hutch looks so good! That West Elm boxwood wreath is on my wedding registry! Poor Cameron, he has no idea what's on there. šŸ™‚

  12. You are way ahead of the game! I need to decorate. I love that square wreath from West Elm!

  13. Looks so beautiful!!! I love your decked out bookshelf and your tree looks perfect. šŸ™‚

    I can't wait for the after Christmas sales. I want to get more decorations for next year!

  14. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Looks great! Fun and festive! I just started decorating and it is going slowly. We still arent even unpacked from moving into our new home. Love that JA seahorse! You are making me want to go out and buy more Christmas stuff!

  15. Looking beautiful over there, Snoopy.

  16. Lovely holiday decor! The card wreath is extra cute!! Love!

  17. SR luin says:

    Nice article , want to know more about this topic.

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  18. Leslie says:

    I love all of your picks! Your home is so cheerful and all ready for Christmas.

  19. Natalie says:

    Everything looks gorgeous! Love the nutcrackers!

  20. livingchel says:

    Your Christmas decor is beautiful. I love nutcrackers!!

  21. Melissa W. says:

    Love your taste, but you already know that part :-))

  22. So so pretty Natalie!! Those nutcrackers are precious and so was that picture of Sterling decorating the tree in the nude!! I've had my eye on some of the Jonathan Adler ornaments and I guess I need to add them to my wishlist!! XoXo

  23. Loving the wired wreath for your Christmas cards! So jealous of your find! Your house looks great!!

    Merry Christmas

    Becca and Betsey

  24. I love that card holder wreath! Gorgeous!

  25. erica says:

    Wow these pictures are GORGEOUS. I love the nutcracker! xx

  26. Dina says:

    Looks great! And Iove the west elm square wreath but think it's only 14 inches. I scored one at Lowes for $35 but it's round. On another note, I think your wing back chairs would look so fab in a gray and cream quadrille print, I don't know why, but just think it would go great with your decor!