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Double R: Remedy + Recommendations

Jan 4, 2013

I had big plans to do a great blog post today but guess what I am sick again.  I feel like the past three months I just keep getting sick.  Probably has to do with the fact that my little man wipes his snot all over me and sneezes and coughs right in my face.  I was bound to catch something.

 Achy, runny nose, sore throat kind of sick.  I want to just crawl back in back.  I need some help what are your remedies when you are sick?  I prefer not to take medicine.   I will result to that if I have to but would rather not.  So dish what should I be doing to vanish this quick?  Like real quick being sick with a child sucks.

I also want some recs on what book I should read next.  Pass along your favorites I am making my list for 2013!  I am just finishing up Valley of the Dolls and need something new lined up!

I am thinking of reading Grace Coddington’s Memoir.  Has anyone read this?

I promise I will be back next week with more exciting posts plus the winner of the A-Thread Giveaway!
Have a great weekend!



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  1. Josh got me the Grace book for Christmas if you'd like to borrow it (and you're a neat book reader, ha). I really hope you get to feeling better soon sweetie. Hang in there.

  2. B says:

    When I feel the crud coming on I load up on vitamin C (emergen-C) and vitamins. The flu is rampant where I am and hopefully you don't have it – that's one illness where a prescription is worth it.

  3. Ugghhh…I was sick the week before Christmas and it was miserable (especially whilst trying to chase around a toddler). Having a bun in the oven, I couldn't take anything- but I drank hot water with lemon like it was my job (not much of a tea drinker), and aside from keeping me hydrated- it really helped my sore throat.

    I really enjoyed 'The Paris Wife', and it's an easy read!

  4. Melissa W. says:

    I swear by the sinus wash thing. Trying to remember the name. NOT the "pot" kind. The squeeze in your nose in one side, open your mouth over sink and wash sinuses out. Gross but works. I buy it at Wal-Greens.

  5. I have found that it helps if I put away our hand-towels and use paper towels. I know that sounds wasteful but with three kiddos and boogers galore I think it really helps a ton. Plenty of fluid and nap if you can, too.

    I am reading "Ten Girls To Watch". So far so good. Feel better soon!

  6. Feel better! And whenever I feel like I'm getting sick, I take a bunch of Emergen-c and it almost always kicks the bug

  7. Yuck! Both Ivey and I woke up on Christmas day. Mine sounds similar to yours. It only lasted a few days. I took Advil to help with the throat. Ouch! You better ready "A Discovery of Witches" next or I'm breaking up with you! šŸ˜‰

  8. Melissa W. says:

    This! Feel better soon. I have the funk too. Sucks with three kids šŸ™

  9. Liz says:

    Feel better Natalie! I started getting sick last night too – same symptoms. I want to watch Real Housewives with chicken soup and green tea. As for remedies, I really like to drink coconut water because it's full of vitamins and juice as much as possible. When I'm desperate (like now) I take Zicam.

  10. Sarah says:

    I agree with loads of Vitamin C. The second I feel something coming on, I start taking zinc pills too (they are chewable) and that always seems to help or at least shorten the time I have a cold. My husband refuses to take either and he's been sick for two weeks and I have been cured for about 10 of those days. So I say I'm right!

  11. Jill says:

    My friend swears that you put viks vapo rub on the bottom of your feet, put on socks then go to sleep!!

    I am catching up on all your post, I had the same champagne on NYE, I love Mumms ever since I went to their winery in Napa I have been hooked.

    Our christmas tree burning is always 4th of July, the guys want to make sure they are good and dead!!

  12. Becca says:

    Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat herbal tea is wonderful for soothing a sore throat, sinus rinsing, and wheatgrass (if you can get it fresh from a juice bar, excellent… I can't so I get one of those Green Machine juices from the store!)

  13. tpatters5 says:

    Honey in hot tea really does work in soothing a throat. If you really want to forget your worries, heat up some whiskey and stir in the honey. I had a boss who was in his 70s who swore by this as a remedy and once sent me home from work with orders to drink it.
    As for book recommendation, I higly recommend Nine Parts Of Desire. It is a non-fiction book by Geraldine Brooks, based on her experiences among Muslim women of the Middle East. The book deals with cultural and religious practices, describes positive as well as negative experiences, and in parts is critical of cultural practices related to the oppression of women. It sounds like a downer and heavy, but it is not. It is really interesting and she is a fantastic writer.

  14. my coworker told me about using oil of oregano and ever since then I have not been sick. I now swear by it! It tastes terrble, but it is amazing the results it has on your immune system. Just put 3 or 4 drops in some water and drink it.

  15. Nat says:

    Yuck!! I always do the hot water with lemon- I swear by it when I'm sick. I also just heard recently about putting out Onions around your house b/c onions attract bacteria. The next one is to sleep with the bottom of your feet covered in vicks vapor rub and a pair of socks on. Have you read Fault in our Stars? It's a must read!

  16. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Sorry you are sick! šŸ™ You need to get Alka_Seltzer Cold med and chug it. For real. You will be better in no time. Promise. My grandma mad e me drink it when I was really sick one year before Christmas and she didnt want me missing it. 2 days later I was as good a new! Feel better and get rest!

  17. Sara says:

    Steep some cloves with honey lemon and cinnamon. I used this with my husband and daughter. It tasted great and made them feel much better.

  18. Sara Cate says:

    I always go by the vitamin C (OJ etc) and chicken noodle soup. It might be more of a mind trick than actual remedy, but it always makes me feel better.

    As for books, recently I've enjoyed Beautiful Ruins and Yes, Chef.

  19. I have literally read over 100 books in 2012 and the BEST book by far…,the book that touched me in the deepest part of my soul was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

    I want to buy this book for everyone I know. It's so touching, life changing and overwhelmingly beautiful and powerful. If you only read 1 more book in your entire life let this be it!! OK can I recommend it any more strongly? lol


  20. Taylor says:

    ugh ive been sick nonstop lately too and im normally never sick? what the hell is going on!? green tea with honey atleast makes me feel better, but I dont know if it helps kick the cold any faster. and Im almost positive you already read gone girl, but if not read it asap! feel better!


  21. Jenny B. says:

    Zinc lozenges (sold as Cold-Eeze or store brand in a box by cough drops) work to shorten and lessen the duration of a cold/sore throat if you start them right away. As opposed to things like Vit C, studies have shown they really work. The zinc actually fills up the receptor sites where the cold virus replicates, so because it can't replicate as much it is weaker. But you need to have them on hand to start at the first sign, and then suck on them every few hours (and not on an empty stomach, it might make you feel yucky). Good luck!

  22. Nora says:

    My husband and I swear by Zicam. It really seems to kick the bug very quickly! Zinc also helps shorten the duration of the sickness.

    I am reading Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider. I needed some inspiration in the new year to declutter, simplify and appreciate the things we already have. So far I am enjoying it!

  23. Hey! Me again! Have you read Bethenny's "Naturally Thin"? I think I'm going to read it next! I've heard good things and I love her!

  24. Hope you feel better soon! Lots of vitamin C and as for book suggestions any Jodi Picoult book is FANTASTIC!

  25. Chimmy says:

    Boil 3-5 pieces of ginger root (peeled and chopped) in a medium sized pot

    1 Whole Lemon
    *** before you add the lemon; add lemon zest and lemon peel to the boiling water; then cut the lemon in half and squeeze lemon juice into the water; finally just throw both halves into the water

    Add Honey to taste (i usually add 1 Tbs, but my Mom and sister add about 4 or 5 Tbs… you decide)

    Strain and pour in a cup and drink that pot all day. Ginger is great for detox, lemon is a great source of Vitamin C

    When I'm not drinking that, I add Kale juice (with pear, ginger, cucumber and celery).

    These are my go-to get well concoctions. All natural and really help. I actually drink the ginger tea drink regularly and think that it helps stave off nasty colds.

    And "clear" soups. I'm a vegetarian so a good veggie miso with dried mushrooms. Stay away from creamy soups! Feel better soon!

  26. Sarah says:

    i hear ya! i have been sick too. saline spray for the nose… emergen c… and losts of fluid.. vicks helps too!!! good luck and feel better!

  27. Chimmy says:

    the history of love by nicole krauss

    something inspiring and uplifting and humorous by anne lamott (help thanks wow is her latest, i haven't read it yet)

    or mindy kalings book

    or something by barbara kingsolver

  28. I'm not sure what it is, but whenever I'm sick, regardless of the symptoms, I want Ginger Ale. Always. I am the only one of my friends that loves the stuff. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the sickness tunnel… I hope.

  29. Amy says:

    Raw local honey- eat it by the spoonfuls. Swear it works.

    I just finished What Remains by Carole Radziwill (RHONY). I'm obsessed with her, and it is seriously one of the best written books I've ever read. If you don't cry like a baby finishing it, you have no soul… That's my recap. Hope you feel better!

  30. Aw — hope you get better soon! I don't usually comment a lot (even though I read your blog every day and love it!) but I wrote 2 blog posts about books that I read/enjoyed last year if you'd be interested in checking them out to get some ideas….http://according2ashley.blogspot.com/search/label/books

    Hope this helps! šŸ™‚

  31. You poor thing! I am s sorry you don't feel well! Get well soon love!

  32. Nuha says:

    I haven't read the Grace memoir – but would love to. I keep seeing it everywhere! Have you read Gone Girl? That was pretty good. I hope you feel better asap!

  33. anything by louise erdrich, i recommend starting with *shadow tag*; also, you'd love some of the essays in *paris was ours*.