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Fall Sale Deals + Fridays Randoms + Carter’s Winner

Aug 16, 2013

Happy Friday Friends! I can not believe the Summer is almost over. I swear this Summer has flown by!  Two weeks from Saturday we finally leave to go on our family vacation and I can’t wait!

At the end of the Summer there are always super sales going on. However come August I am over buying Summer clothes and I am 100% ready for Fall. If you dig through the sales you can actually find some fabulous items to carry you into Fall. Here are my top sale picks to start Fall off right.
The BB Dakota Jacket is technically not on sale but at $88 it might as well be!  The Equipment Dress and Missoni Scarf are sitting in my basket just waiting for me to check out!

Did you know JCrew started making a Maternity line?  This could not come a better time!  So far there are only two items,  the Minnie and Pixie Pants.  I am dying to order a pair to try out!  They currently do not carry them in stores you have to order online.  They come in size tall too for all us tall ladies who can’t ever find long enough pants.
Minnie Pant || Pixie Pant

In other news I finally started watching Orange is the New Black and love it. Thank you for the recs! I can’t believe this is based off a true story!

Jamie King has the best Maternity style ever.  I love looking at all the fab outfits she wears while pregnant.  I have tuned into a Jamie Stalker.

Sterling has started to want to fix my hair everyday and give me “styles” as he calls it.  Maybe he is the next John Frieda.  Either way it hurts like crap every time he does my hair- I mean look at all those clips!

Social Dress Shop is having a major end of Summer sale,  you can take 40% off your total order, sale and non sale items included!   I own this Rory Becca Tie Dye Dress and love it.  It is great for Fall too paired with a leather jacket.  It is already on sale and then you can take an additional 40% off, a real steal.  Check out the sale HERE.  I also highly recommend the Loren Hope Lindsay Bracelet, I wear mine almost everyday!

I am thinking about buying this Heidi Merrick Dress for Fall while it is on sale.  I have wanted it for two years now!  I also love this Loren Hope Iris Bib Necklace.  Decisions, Decisions.  Either way you should browse the sale!

I forgot to share these last week but while my mom was in town we found these awesome abstract art pieces for the nursery at a Consignment store for cheap!  I am so eager to get everything put together in the nursery.  It is slowly coming together.

Are your husbands all up in your business like mine is?  I feel like Matt is constantly checking my blog, my instagram, and now he even looks at my Pinterest Page.   I keep telling him to start his own Instagram and Pinterest accounts but I think he prefers to look at mine.  It is fine I have nothing to hide, but he came across this ecard I pinned this week and did not think it was finny, I however thought it was really funny:)

Have a great weekend!

Lastly the Carter’s $50 Giftcard Winner is Living the Long Life.  She said
“I love all the little explorers collection, plus the warmer stuff is great for cold MT winters!”   Congrats Girl we will email you with your gift card info!

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  1. I'm like you, sooo ready for fall! Getting a little taste of it in Wilmington right now. šŸ™‚ And I think it's hilarious that your hubby likes to go through your social media things… My beau likes to look at all the pictures on mine too. XO!

  2. adson stone says:

    Hey I my friends I tell you something can you give me answer. Dream fashion finds can be altered by a local alterations company. If your trousers skim the floor or your shirt sleeves are too long, don't panic. Trousers need to fit well on the hips, but can easily be taken up a few inches in the leg. Make sure a jacket or shirt fits on the shoulders and back, sleeves can be made shorter. If the dress with the dodgy fastening or broken zip is the last one available and it really is a bargain, zips and buttons can easily be replaced by someone in-the-know. A gaping blouse or shirt can easily be rectified with a discreet press stud.
    women and fashion

  3. I have the Minnie pants in black and LOVE them! They are the best pants and can be worn year round! You should get maternity and non-maternity!!! Yes, my husband stalks my blog every day. He even reads all the comments and asks me what some of them are all about. Ain't nobody got time for that shiz.

  4. That e-card is so me. Whenever my husband questions me about something I've bought recently to avoid him nagging me about shopping I'll sometimes say "this old thing?" In his eyes I should never buy a thing because he doesn't so I shouldn't either. Nope, not happening. I make my own money so I do what I want with it. I just ordered that striped Joie top! Too funny! I didn't see the J brand shorts for so cheap may have to go back and get them too!

  5. Totally agree about Jaime King! I follow her on Instagram, and love her posts! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Meg says:

    Ha! Love the navy "dress". All dress photos should require a photo of the model sitting or reaching.
    Girlfriend's wearing a tunic (even if she is 5'10)
    Who lives life with arms at their sides?!

  7. i've wanted the heidi version of that dress for years too, but let me tell you it is SO SHORT. I found it on sale one year for dirt cheap, but didn't buy it because it was literally like a long blouse.

  8. Tess says:

    I love the last outfit that Jamie posted – but I have a little secret. My cousin worked with her on The Heart of Dixie and said she is a god awful person. Really demanding and rude. Either way, she does know how to dress – and I stalk her instagram like crazy too.

  9. Diana Oates says:

    My husband loves looking at my insta! He even has the app on his phone logged into my account .. I guess lawyers need some frivolous stimulation from time to time

  10. Emily says:

    That is so funny about your hubby. My husband did read my blog for my Mother's Day gift post and he bought me a Kate Spade gold bracelet (similar to the one you just blogged about) for our anniversary so in those cases it's great! But, I don't know about the whole Pinterest stalking haha. Some things are better for out husbands not to know. šŸ™‚ Also, during both of my pregnancies I lived in JCrew's leggings! They are so comfortable and, like you, I didn't want to buy maternity if not needed. They sit below the belly, which I preferred (the over belly bands irritated my skin). You should try them if you don't own a pair already!
    (Luscious Life and Decor)

  11. Love orange is the new black. So tempted to get the book but I don't want to spoil season 2!

  12. those prints are gorgeous! With all those clips in your hair, I think Sterling needs a little more practice! : )

  13. I'm on the last episode of orange is the new black and it's been soooo good! Netflix has been nailing it, house of cards was incredibly good too!

  14. I love that orange Rory Beca dress! I am also loving the art y'all found for the nursery! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  15. I just started watching that show, hilarious! Crazy eyed Sue cracks me up! The nursery is going to look beautiful, can not wait to see it finished. And yay to winning, as a one income military family, this will be very helpful!

  16. What fun to diss the hubbies on a public stage where they will never know!