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Forever 21, White Jeans Update, and a Haircut

May 3, 2012

So I have two pretty bad ass looks for less for you today, both from Forever 21.

Now you all know I own the Joie Blouse and love it but I actually dig the Forever 21 version as well and I kind of want it too!




I adore both of these looks with a Blush Blazer. 



In other news, I tried The Rag and Bone jeans like Gwennie and loved them.  They are high waisted, have just the right amount of stretch and fit really well.  They actually cover my muffin top which is always key after a baby. This is honestly the first pair of white jeans I actually like and feel comfortable in.  I am starting to think Rag and Bone makes the perfect jeans.

{Rag and Bone High Waisted Bright White Skinny Jeans}

and excuse the butt shot, but I wanted to show that they are not see thru and how great they fit.  I feel like a new woman owning white jeans!  Now I need to put together some outfits to wear with my white jeans!  What are your favorite white jean combos?

I finally bite the bullet and cut Sterling’s hair.  He got called a “she” one too many times last week.  As sad I was to cut the curls he looks so handsome and like such a little boy with his new haircut, I am loving it.  He actually loved getting his haircut and laughed the whole time!

And how good do these Snickers and Chocolate Chip Cookies look?  I saw the recipe on Pinterest, I swear Pinterest is going to be the demise of me weight wise.  There are way too many good recipes on there!  I really want to make them this weekend but I am scared I won’t fit in my white jeans if I do.  I have no self control with cookies!  Get recipe HERE.

Happy Thursday!



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  1. Ok. So I need this blush blazer. For sure. Forever 21 constantly saves the day. I tell you. Also, Sterling melts my heart. He is the cutest ever, and ever.

  2. Okay, that blazer is gorgeous. I'd buy it but I already have a similar blazer. And those white jeans are perfection. I want too!

    And Sterling, OMG I miss him. So cute.

  3. Hannah says:

    Sterling is just the cutest! I'm so glad you found a pair of white jeans that work. I've tried a couple that haven't been exactly what I want, but they are a staple in my closet, as are white shorts for the summer–I can never get enough pairs. I'm going to have to try the Rag and Bone jeans.

  4. The Hawkins says:

    The white jeans look great! Just might need to get myself some of those but first must stop eating dessert 3 times a day šŸ™‚

  5. I have GOT to try these Rag & Bone jeans. I think they have a store in Georgetown, might need to make the trip up! Sterling is the most precious thing ever, curls or no curls. He's so grown up! Really loving the blazer too!

  6. I just bought myself a pair of white skinnies, inspired by your post with the pic of Gwenyth! (I got J Brands.) Do you have the navy Old Navy sailboat top? So far I've worn them with that. I think a chambray shirt would also be cute. There's really nothing you can't pair with them!

  7. Ok… there is no muffin top in sight, but you have definitely sold me on these jeans. I need to buy them now! And Sterling looks so adorable!!

  8. Such great finds, especially loving the blazer!

  9. Ashley says:

    Those jeans looks so good! Makes me want to get some, but I don't know where to buy them in Columbia. Any suggestions?

  10. Great F21 finds. I saw that shirt last night and thought it looked so similar to the Joie one too! Sterling is precious! Love the white jeans – looks like a perfect fit!

  11. Sterling is so cute!! The blush blazer is classic – I need to get one ASAP! I also have those jeans but mine stretch out so much in the waist that I'm hiking them up. Did you need to go down a size? I love white jeans with patterned tunics and blouses!

  12. you look fantastic in those jeans! I'm on the hunt for some great white jeans for Summer. Love the Forever 21 finds too! Sterling is such a cutie!

  13. Hello hottie in the white jeans! Those look fantastic on you. And Sterling is precious.

  14. Love those white jeans!!! I think I need a pair!! They look perfect on you!!!! And sad to cut the curls I know, but he is the cutest thing ever no matter what!!!

  15. Holy cow do those white jeans look amazing on you!!!

    Sterling is so cute with his haircut!

  16. Great F21 finds! And those jeans look FAB on you!! I love white jeans with stripes or chambray and a fun turquoise accessory!! šŸ™‚

  17. megan says:

    Love the white jeans! The great thing about them is that you can wear pretty much anything with them! Sterling looks so grown up with his haircut. šŸ™‚

  18. Miss V says:

    Love the blush blazer! Thanks for the tip! In SF I need cute lightweight jackets all year round! Also I have the F21 dot blouse you can see it in these two posts. I really LOVE it but it's much darker in person.. still on the hunt for a lighter inexpensive version of the Joie one!! xo. (ps those cookies are being made this weekend!)



  19. I definitely need to go try on these infamous white jeans! The only problem: I'm afraid I'm going to love them and then I'm going to have to get them…and then I'm most likely going to ruin them )c: So I think I just might make the Snickers cookies and call it good (c:

  20. mamateurs says:

    We finally had to bite the bullet and cut my son's hair (for the first time at 14 months)- he was growing a legit mullet! http://vtmamateurs.com/2012/04/03/goldilocks-and-his-mini-mullet/

  21. Look at the cute boy!!! and ma'am, there is no muffin top!! You look fabulous!

  22. Taylor says:

    love the forever 21 finds!!! and the white jeans look amazing on you, I need to upgrade from my cheap-o pair!

  23. Love your top but the Forver 21 is a great alternative. Love the white jeans!

  24. Pris says:

    Those white jeans are perfect– I bought a pair and there not so perfect šŸ™ I def can't eat those cookies and wear my white jeans lol

  25. Bud and Leo says:

    you have sold me on the Rag & Bone white skinnies- they look adorable on you!! And great F21 finds!!!!! And stop is Sterling is so presh I can't believe he laughed the entire time šŸ™‚

  26. Val says:

    Wow, that blazer is gorgeous. I love a great pair of white jeans. Thanks for the sharing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Matthew also got a haircut this week, but not by a professional, but yours truly, with scissors and what a nightmare! Love that blazer! And white jeans, I need a pair!

  28. Jill says:

    I just got some white jeans this week too, I went with the 7 cropped, I will be wearing them for the first time today:)

    I remember my Matthew's first haircut when he lost all his curls:(

    have a great weekend

  29. Bridget says:

    Would you get the same size in this brand as your Seven The Skinny. The Skinny has been my fav the last few years, but I need some skinny white ones. I will probably order, so would love your advice in sizing.

  30. Ann says:

    Just found your adorable blog! I have a blush blazer from loro piana i bought a couple years ago. When I bought it I never thought I would wear it but I was so wrong! Add a white jeans and a grey tee – it is just my favorite! By the bye, your son is just so cute!!