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Frequently Asked Questions

Apr 6, 2020

I asked you guys for questions so here they are! I didn’t get to all of them but will in a part 2 post!

How did you meet your boyfriend?

Our good friends and neighbors introduced us. They had actually tried to set us up before but we both were dating other people. Funny story neither of us wanted to go on our first date. I made up that I had plans and could only meet for an hour. He said he was just taking me for a drink to appease them. 1 hour turned into 4 hours later the rest is history.

Link to glasses you make iced coffee in?

These are the glasses, we love them.

We also have these glass mugs and love them.

Favorite cookbooks?

I just did a post on all my favorite cookbooks HERE.

Do you want more kids?

Yes and no. Truthfully I always envisioned myself with 3 kids. However at 40 I am not sure I want to start over again.

One thing you love about each of your kids?

I love how confident Sterling is and how kind hearted he is. He hugs everyone and waves to people and is just so sweet.

I love Frances Moon’s fiesty side and silly personality. She is always making me laugh.

Link to wine glasses?

I have the.white and red version of these and they are currently 20% OFF.

Do you weight yourself daily?

I actually never weigh myself unless I’m at the doctor’s office. I can tell by how my clothes fit and right now they are all tight- haha!

Eyeshadow you are always wearing?

I swear by this eyeshadow!

How do you organize your jewelry?

I have two. of these acrylic containers that work great for jewelry.

Can you reshare the post on how to build a cheese board?

you can read. my post HERE

How did the Ikea couch turn out?

The Ikea couch turned out as I expected. Not. the. best quality and came in. literally 15 boxes to be assembled. However it is for the playroom so I. knew I. didn’t want to spend a lot of money. We did white pleather so it would be super easy to wipe down and clean because my sofa in the den is basically ruined from my kids.

Where did you purchase blue dining room chairs?

They are from Lulu and Georgia but from probably 8 years ago and not in stock anymore.

Where is the black and gold artwork in dining room from and the wine rack?

Art is a Homegoods score! Wine racks One Kings Lane and you. can shop HERE (it’s currently on sale)

Favorite food?

Anything Mexican related!

What fridge do you have?

We have the Whirlpool Gold Series. We had this in our old house and I loved it so much I bought it again for the new house.

Spicy Pimento cheese recipe?

You can the. recipe HERE. It is so easy and yummy!

Favorite. items to. keep on hand for. salads?

Spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers. red onion, bell pepper, marinated artichoke hearts, hearts of palm. pepperoncinis, feta, salami

What size pillows did you. do for your couch?

I did 26 inches and used these pillows.

Favorite. jean shorts?

I swear by these. I went up a size.

Favorite. basic tank for Summer?

I love these Madewell tanks, the perfect basic tank.

What foundation do you use?

I alternate but right now I am using and loving the Kosas tinted face oil.

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  1. Megan A Parker says:

    That’s a funny story about how you met your boyfriend. I think good things happen when you least expect them to. I also love a good story. Wishing you two the best, you deserve it!

  2. ERS says:

    Thank you for answering my question The Madewell tanks look perfect!

  3. Jennifer Groves says:

    Very excited for you and your family. Love is a wonderful thing, especially after some bumpy roads:-) My now-hubby chased me online (Match, not creepy) for a month, I thought he looked mean in his pictures, and I ignored him. Then, I took a shot and he ended up being the perfect Southern gentleman that I was always looking for- and he loves my son. Funny how life works out. Your face looks so full of light and happiness!