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Friday, Friday

Nov 9, 2012

I knew it was going happen, what with a two year old coughing and sneezing in my face and wiping his runny nose all over me.  Yep, I caught the crunk from my little man.  I’m exhausted and just want to sip hot tea all day and watch trashy TV shows.   Sadly, that is not a reality so I will power on.  I guess after kids you never truly get a sick day!

Thank you for all your suggestions yesterday. I ended up picking up the JCREW Saturday pants and adore them. And best part they were on sale it’s like it was my lucky day and we were meant to be.  I highly recommend these. They are so comfortable.  I put them on yesterday at 5 and rocked them til I went to bed!

In other news, I enjoyed some delish red wine at my parents.  This was such a delicious red wine called Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet.

I am officially obsessed with Nashville.  It is one of my favorite TV shows on right now.  I love the whole cast and I may have downloaded a few of the songs for IPod!

I was however kind of disappointed with the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Everyone just seemed really fake and staged.  Don’t worry of course I am going to keep watching it but so far not as good as the first season.  Can’t decide what I think of David Foster’s wife yet…..

Have a great weekend!  I am off for some retail therapy with my mom and praying I feel better soon! 

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Friday Friday

Jul 22, 2011

I think Fridays are going to be my day for random posts. I have a million different things going on in my head, so bear with the randomness of this post.

I am so glad it is the weekend. I feel like this week has crept by. Today I am meeting my friend Stacy for lunch, she just had triplets in April!! I can’t wait to catch up. I honestly don’t know how she does at all, as my one baby is alot to handle! We are going to eat at this new place here called Black Bean Company. They are supposed to use all local and organic ingredients. I can’t wait to check it out.

I am thinking about cooking truffled mac and cheese with lobster for dinner this weekend. Lobster is usually not on the menu in the Mason household but the tails are on special right now at Harris Teeter for $5.99, a real steal. Problem is I have never made truffled mac and cheese. I am assuming you just add truffle oil to the mac and cheese. Any tips would be appreciated!

I just recently busted out my Pleasure Doing Business stripped mini skirt. I ordered this while I was pregnant after seeing a very pregnant Heidi Klum wear it. This is laughable for so many reasons, as while I was pregnant I couldn’t even get it up past my hips. I came across it in my closet and have been wearing it alot lately. It is super comfortable and really sucks you in. I really suggest these if you are looking for a cute versatile skirt to dress up or down. I ordered mine online at Singer 22 but that was probably 2 years ago so not sure if they still have the same style.

I am really wanting to go see The Green Lantern. Normally superhero movies are not my cup of tea, but I seriously love Mr. Ryan Reynolds. Anyone seen it? I read that Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron are dating and that makes me happy. I really didn’t like him and ScarJo together, always thought he could do better. Charlize is gorgeous and so is he, so they are a perfect match. BTW you are welcome for the shirtless pic of Ryan, the perfect eye candy for Friday.

I am devastated Tuesday was the last episode of Million Dollar Decorators. In the words of Martyn Lawrence Bullard the show was delicious. I just started watching the new season of Design Star but its not the same. I miss Mary and Ross.

Luckily Rachel Zoe is starting back in August, so I will have some other quality TV to watch and help me forget MDD.

I am loving the new fall 811 twill colored jeans J Brand just came out with. I never bought any colored jeans or jean shorts this summer. I like these more subdued colors even better than the summer brights. I am thinking the dark teal color is my favorite, thoughts?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xoxo



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  1. I love these random Friday posts!! You look amazeballs in that skirt, love it! And I already miss MDD, cannot wait for RZ. Have a great weekend miss. xoxo

  2. Andee Layne says:

    YES cant wait for Rachel Zoe Project in Aug!!!

  3. megan says:

    You are too cute in that skirt! I'm loving those dark red jeans..would be perfect for a fall Carolina tailgate!

  4. Mary Loyal says:

    black bean co is amazing! i always get the salad with goat cheese, pecans, and strawberries and a side of their cous cous. it seriously is delicious!!

  5. Kyle says:

    J Brand is my favorite by far! Love the darker shades for fall.

  6. Carly says:

    Love that skirt! Black Bean Co. is delicious – I've never gotten a bad thing!

  7. Now you have me on a mission for lobster mac! I think Charlize is one of the prettiest in Hollywood! Can't wait for rachel zoe!!!

  8. 1. I'm so bummed that Million Dollar Decorators is over, I absolutely loved that show. I'm happy to hear Rachel Zoe will be back soon.
    2. Let us know how your truffled lobster mac and cheese goes this weekend. One of my favorite restaurants has it, but I've always been afraid to try it on my own.
    3. Those dark teal J Brand jeans are perfect, definitely adding those to my fall must have list!

  9. Oh my gosh!! Your friend has triplets! Yeah, I don't know how she does it either. I have an 11 month old and I have my hands full šŸ™‚

    Oh and that ruffled mac and cheese with lobster looks delish!! I've never heard of that before.

    Happy Friday! Enjoy your lunch!

    xo, Chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  10. Agreed about Million Dollar Decorators! But Rachel Zoe will be a fine substitute! That skirt is really cute too!


  11. I am completely depressed about MDD, too! I know I totally trashed it after the first episode, but like everyone else, it grew on me (c: Mary and Nathan were my faves. That skirt is so perfect and I'm a fan of anything that can "suck you in"! Heaven knows I need it! Have a great weekend, girl, that pic of Ryan started mine off on a high note!

  12. Ummm that skirt is FAB on you! Love it! Lots of fun things going on…yay for the weekend!

  13. I just bought awesome AG brand skinny jeans but they aren't jeans, they are not textured, if that makes sense…point being, they come in colors, too – I really want the gray for fall. I got them at Saks but they have them at Anthropologie, too. You should check them out b/c they are similar to the ones you posted and SO comfy.

  14. Lisa Fergus says:

    What a fun weekend! And I'm loving the teal and Maroon!! Great picks!


  15. You look as good as Heidi in that skirt!!!

  16. I die for RZ! Isn't she the best? Actually I love all Bravo shows…they just suck me in!

  17. So much wonderful-ness in this random post! Ryan and Charlize–sounds like a match made in heaven to me! Love that skirt, though the tight look like that doesn't work around my booty! I saw some similar ones at Target if you want to stock up on a few more, cheap versions! And lobster mac-n-cheese is one of my FAVORITE things in the world!

  18. lizziefitz says:

    That skirt looks great on you! On me , well I would have to attach wide load flags on each side;) love Mary and Nathan So much ! That pic of Ryan , please , you could post that EVERY Friday. Cavierand Bananas has an incredible truffle Mac and cheese .

  19. I love Black Bean Co.! They have a fabulous chicken salad wrap that is made with fat free yogurt, rather than mayo. It's fantastic! I've been wanting to comment on your blog so often these days but my computer at work usually doesn't let me comment on any blogs, for some reason. LOVE the skirt!

  20. Laura says:

    that mac and cheese looks so good, i could totally have some right now!! i've loved million dollar decorators too. and yay for rachel zoe, thanks for spreading the good news!! šŸ™‚