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Fridays Musings

Aug 8, 2014

As you know I have been on the search for a mascara I love.  So far I have tried Loreal Voluminous, Chanel,  Benefit For REAL, 3d Fiber Lash, and Maybelline Great Lash.  They all have worked fine, honestly I didn’t love one much more than the other.  But while I was in Neiman Marcus last week buying some Chanel make-up the girl gave me a sample of the new Chanel Volume Mascara and I think this one is the winner.  It goes on great and I swear makes my eyelashes look so much thicker and longer than the others.  Try it I promise you will love it!  The girl working there was wearing it and I thought her lashes were fake that is how good they look. Love this stuff!

|| Chanel Le Volume Mascara

I also picked up my first tube of YSL Lipstick.  I am pretty darn happy with it.  I wanted a pink color and what I love is this one can be sheer or darker depending how much you put on.  Plus the packaging is gorgeous.

|| YSL Lipstick  05 Fuschia

 Excuse the selfie but this gives you an idea of the color on.  Its a really nice pink.

I just started reading The Hurricane Sisters by Dorothea Benton Frank and already I am sucked into it.  It is such a great read and I love that it takes place in Charleston.

If you are looking for an easy Summer Read pick this book up!


Matt and I tried a new Rose this week that was very good.  I think I have him starting to love Rose too.  I found this one at World Market, it is light not sweet and very smooth.

|| HogWash Rose

I am seriously in love with my mirrored Ray Bans- I want another pair in a different color- what is wrong with me??  I want to own like 20 pairs of Ray-Bans I love them so much!

 || Mirrored Ray-Bans

I bought Frances Moon her first headband, she finally has some hair so I figured it was ok to throw a headband on.  Loving this one from Progeny Shop, it is so cute!

|| Little Hip Squeaks Headband 

Sterling is wearing the Maracas Jumpsuit and it is crazy adorable

 I headed to GDC Home this week with Frances to get some fabric samples for my wing back chairs.  I don’t know what is about fabric but I have a hard time deciding which one to do- commitment issues I guess.  We browsed for awhile in there, they have so much great home stuff!

I picked out some good samples now its just narrowing it down and probably picking up more samples to compare.

Sterling has been in Tennis camp this week and for any locals it has been a wonderful camp.  I signed up thru the James Island Rec Center and will totally do it again next Summer.

I am getting ready to order a spiralizer- does anyone have one??  I am thinking of buying the $10 handheld one, but I know many people like the Paderno– I just am not sure I want to store it.  But I want one that works well.

Thoughts on one vs the other??

 Paderno Spiralizer |  Hand Held Spiralizer

I am dying to make this Zucchini Pasta!

Have a great weekend!



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  1. I'm in the need of a spiralizer too! I'm so glad you finally gave my #1 mascara a try!!! I love it! Chanel does no wrong!

  2. caycee says:

    YSL lipstick is my fav!!!! And could Frances get any cuter in that headband!?!?

  3. Liz says:

    Hi friend! I read the Hurricane Sisters and loved it, though its different than her other books – more serious I think. Parts made me so sad. and I have the handheld spiralizer and love it! easy to clean and small to store. it's awesome!! have a great weekend! xo

  4. Katie says:

    The spiralizer is amazing. I've had mine for over a year, and use it for everything. It's so nice that it has 3 different size blades. Sweet potato breakfast carbonara, zoodles, etc. SO fun, and honestly, I rarely miss actual pasta. http://www.inspiralized.com is a great resource for recipes. I'm pretty sure that she did a video on using both of the spiralizers you have shown.

  5. I don't think Sterling or Frances Moon could be any cuter if they tried! Love that sweet headband on her!

    That spiralizer looks amazing. I want one too, but we have negative cabinet space.

  6. Jillian says:

    her headband is SO cute!! have a wonderful weekend! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. Ashley says:

    I picked up the “Vegetti” from Bed Bath & Beyond for $15 and it works awesome!

  8. Stacey says:

    I have the Paderno spiralizer and love it. I hate kitchen clutter and "gadget-y" things, but this is actually easy to clean, store and use. Highly recommend. Also, I have tried the handheld ones and have just felt limited in what I can do with them.

  9. Frances is so cute in her headband! I want one in my size. And Ive been needing to go get a new book to read so Im thinking your recommendation will be it! Thanks!

  10. MegBirk says:

    I have the Paderno and it works amazing! My husband and I use it all the time. So easy to use and easy to clean. Does not take up much space. Love your blog and all your fun ideas!

  11. That is my hands-down favorite mascara ever! A tube of it lasts forever too! Those YSL lipsticks are also amazing! I have a handheld spiralizer which I like. It's not the best, but honestly I rarely use it. Have a great weekend!!

  12. Your son looks adorable in his little tennis outfit!

  13. We have the big spiralizer and I'm so glad we didn't get the hand-held one. This one is so easy to use and simple to clean. We got ours at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for 10 dollars cheaper. It is clunky to store, but the ease of use makes it a win. We barely miss pasta.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I have the paderno, and love it. It honestly doesn't take up that much space. My kids are also way more excited eating spiral veggies, so that is a plus!

  15. LeighAnn says:

    Natalie, I found your blog via Julia Ryan and I am so impressed with how authentic and kind you seem to be. Your family is adorable and you are a wonderful mother. God bless you and your sweet family.

  16. eelaroo says:

    I saw a review that said to buy a julienne peeler instead of a spiralizer. Haven't tried it yet, but looks easy.

  17. Unknown says:

    I'm obsessed with my Paderno spiralizer! We use it at least 3 times a week. Don't skimp and get the cheap hand held one, it's not as versatile.

  18. Katie says:

    We ordered the handheld spiralizer that you have pictured and it's perfect. I love the look of the Paderno but we just don't have the counterspace for it, and the handheld version works perfectly, cleans up easily, and tucks away into a drawer– easy!

    My only tip if you go with the handheld is to choose one that comes with the tiny scrub brush so that you can thoroughly clean it. Some do not and it's hard to get in the sharp spots to clean without it!

  19. Hickory says:

    If you are unsure if you are going to like the "zoodles" then go for $10 one…if you know you like them then go for the bigger one. I have the hand held and while it is wonderful, I am going to buy a better, bigger one that won't take so long. Good Luck!

  20. graywolff says:

    I got a handheld spiralizer (Brieftons) about a month ago and have used it practically every day since. I was intriqued by the pic of the WC one you posted.. but agree storage could be an issue. Might ugrade my handheld one however. My next purchase might be a "good" mandolin..currently using a hand held one from Walmart. Veggies can be fun!

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  23. Johann says:

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