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Go Get Your Shop On

Jan 21, 2012

For all you locals, please go visit Antiques of South Windermere this weekend. Look at all the goodies I spied there yesterday. I only wish I had a spot for all these beauties in my house, or that the hubs didn’t have me on such a tight budget so I could actually buy them. I am especially lusting over the Lucite Bar Cart. Someone please go buy these things and report back to me so I can viciously live through you! And you are welcome for me personally selecting the best items for you!

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  1. Oh how I would love that bar cart!!!! I really could use something like that. I am certain, however, it more than likely does not fit into my budget either….sigh…

  2. Love them all! Can you imagine how fab our houses would be if we had no budgets! Have a great weekend!

  3. Tess says:

    That bar cart is stunning!

  4. I love that bar cart but since I've been to that store before I know its NOT in my budget.

  5. Holy cats that place looks amazing. Between that and Stephen Colbert speaking on the Cistern, I am wishing I was in Charleston right now!

  6. Jill says:

    I would drive to S.C. just for that bar cart!!

  7. Great finds!!! Hope your weekend is grand, my dear!

  8. Bud and Leo says:

    that lucite bar cart is ridic~! LOVE it so much! I've never seen anything like it… and what a tease to find so many things you love when you're on a budget- it's always like that! xo Lisa

  9. Those finds! I grew up in Wappoo Heights and never did much in South Windermere shopping center other than go to Earth Fare. Next time I'm home, I'm checking it out… I'm sure I'll just have to window shop though. That antique store doesn't look too budget friendly! 🙂


  10. Michelle says:

    holy crap, those lucite chairs, I can't even deal.

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